Sheep Yearly Chinese Horoscope

Year of 2024

You Are Writing Your Own Script

In the year of the wood Dragon, Goat, opportunities could come in fast and furious, and this might push you outside your comfort zone in the areas of love, collaboration, and career. Some of these are opportunities you’ve wished for, but as they tumble into your life, you might feel a little unprepared for how big they turn out to be. When things are good, they’re really good, and the rest of the time it would be best to think of life as a roller coaster. It will be quite a ride.

In 2024, you are in the tenth year of your twelve-year cycle and the first year of seed saving. If you think of your twelve-year cycle like a year on the farm, this is the beginning of winter. On the farm, a person might stock the pantry, pile up the firewood, and settle in to enjoy the fruits of your labors. For you,  Goat, this means you can capitalize on your skill set, call in favors, and parlay your connections to help you leapfrog to a higher position and status. In a lot of areas of your life, you now have seniority.

This year, your luck is in relationships, connections, collaborations, and partnerships. When you want to make something happen, simply reach out to people. The ripple effect will bring you what you need, whether it’s expertise, support, or funding. You have good luck when it comes to creating friendships and finding reliable people to be in your life. And you might reestablish connections with some good people from your past.

Your challenge during the year of the wood Dragon is to remember to have fun. You’ve been working so hard over the last few years. You might not even know what you enjoy any more. This is a good year to get back into hobbies, especially those that require some skill like golf, knitting, baking, or gaming. And you need to write some leisure time into your schedule; otherwise, your free hours will be eaten up by those around you (especially family members).

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