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11/11: Sacred Synchronicity

11/11: Sacred Synchronicity


In numerology, 11 is a master number. It alone holds a special significance as the number representing spiritual awakenings and powerful new beginnings.

We have all been told to make a wish when we happen to look at the clock as it hits 11:11. It is believed that, if we repetitively see 11:11 on the clock, we are being called to pay attention to our intuition and the synchronicity around us.

In these moments, we are being asked to pay attention to the kind of magic that appears in just one minute… but actually has the power to stay with us much longer.


The month of November is a sacred time of year. Ruled by Scorpio, the sign of regeneration and transformation, the eleventh month features the darkest energy of the entire year. As the days start getting shorter and shorter, we feel driven to confront our shadows so we can shed what no longer serves us and make room for a new version of ourselves in the upcoming season.

When we combine the energies of the eleventh month with the eleventh day, the result is a powerful vibration that allows us to awaken our mind to a new potential.

Numerology holds the keys to making sense of life’s mysteries – what answers can you find? 


Now, 11/11 happens every year. But this year, the already magical date receives a special cosmic bonus when serious Saturn forms a harmonious and cooperative aspect with revolutionary Uranus. These opposing stars will be forming the third and final trine in a rare series that first occurred in December of 2016.

Think back to where you were in your life then, nearly one year ago. Where were you emotionally? Spiritually? Romantically? Creatively? What has shifted over time, and what have you carried with you?

Saturn is about structure, restriction, and tradition. It is seen as the comic teacher who is always forcing us to grow. Uranus is all about innovation, rebelliousness, and revolution. Think innovation meets tradition: we don’t usually see these two cosmic energies working together. However, tomorrow, they are working together during this series of trines.

With that in mind, what have you carried with you from last year that could benefit from this rare transit?


Tomorrow, set aside some time at 11:11am and 11:11pm for some self-reflection. There is no right way to do this: meditation, crystal or psychic healing, energy work, or any of your divination techniques, simply setting time aside for your ritual of choice when the clock strikes 11:11 will open incredibly powerful cosmic gates for you.

Whichever spiritual work we focus on, harnessing the 11/11 vibration consists of monitoring one’s thoughts and focusing on the positive spectrum of what one wants to manifest. Similar to mantra work, unlocking this frequency becomes possible as we focus our minds on what we desire rather than what we want to erase or what we want out of our lives.


As we head into what appears to be a more calming and grounding year, it helps to remember to do the math as we plan our next moves. 2 0 1 8 = 11, making 2018 the perfect year for you to harness the magic that you set in motion tomorrow.

Remember: this is not an easy or a one-time affair. This activation we create is not a quick fix and should not be seen as that. Its effects are far more long-lasting. From a minute, to a day, to a year, the sacred magic of 11 is all around us.

2018 proves to be a powerful year for all of us – but what does it hold for you?