The Sky this Year, 2024

A completely new era is afoot! In more ways than one, 2024 functions as a gigantic portal to a brand-new epoch, as the three outer planets work in tandem to assist us in creating a new reality. In the second part of the year, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto will work together to elevate mass consciousness, anchoring the Age of Aquarius. Technology and spirituality will assist this shift into a completely new paradigm that triumphs individuality and personal growth as more of us unplug from the oppressive mental matrix of capitalism. 

Still, we must stay aware that for a brand-new epoch to be birthed, the old structures will, simultaneously, continue their process of collapsing, as they have been since 2021. With its thorough touch, master teacher Saturn continues this process as it remains in Pisces, being assisted by Jupiter in the Spring and Fall. The worlds of media and commerce, in particular, are set to change and evolve as Jupiter enters Gemini in May. 

But before this shift, Jupiter has an epic meeting with Uranus in Taurus, which is bound to enliven the financial and real estate markets in the early Spring. According to mundane astrologer Jessica Adams, this combination could see some countries introduce universal basic income, a real estate buyer’s market, and huge personal profits for some. 

At a personal level, the cardinal signs wrap up a fifteen-year cycle of transformation as Pluto ends its transit in...

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