2021 Chinese New Year: A Zodiac Guide to the Year of the Metal Ox

February 11, 2021

The year the metal Ox brings a desire for simplicity and to get back to basics. Ox energy is ready to strap on the yoke and plow the fields. It’s honest work, the type the Ox knows how to do and will continue until the work is done. So, in 2021, you can expect to labor intensely. But at the end of the year, there will be success and a sense of personal satisfaction due to the effort you made.

This year is about resetting your priorities, so it’s important to focus on what really has value in your life. The Ox energy strips away what is superfluous and distracting, leaving more room for clarity. There’s a desire to do things in a simple, more natural way. You’re likely to adopt a healthier lifestyle by eating whole foods and exercising more outdoors. In Ox years, you are reminded to put one foot in front of the other as you keep moving towards a goal. This leads to an abundant harvest.

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The metal Ox energy can be quite inflexible, and you may clash with others as you can be deadlocked in your opinions. You can feel so invested in your beliefs, it’s hard to hear others or allow for a difference of opinion. At first, you’ll likely be patient. But when you lose your patience, the irritation that follows can reach epic proportions.
In Ox years, there’s less romance in the air, but good solid relationships are valued. Two people are more likely to get together because of what they can offer each other rather than for some temporary attraction.

Therefore, most relationships will be built on loyalty, support, and steadiness. It’s a good idea to put a reminder in your calendar for birthdays and anniversaries because, with your busy schedule, occasions could be easy to forget this year. The important moments in your relationships won’t be bought with money. Being there for a friend, helping your significant other with the laundry, or running some errands for a family member will be considered acts of love.

Honoring Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year falls on February 12. It’s good to prepare for the celebration a few days before by giving the house a thorough cleaning. Consider sweeping the porch and shaking out the welcome mat to represent letting go of the old issues and getting ready for the new energy. On the day before the Lunar New Year, take out the trash, as it’s unlucky to be throwing things away exactly on Lunar New Year Day.

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On the night before Lunar New Year, at midnight, it’s good to make a lot of noise. Bang pots together, blow horns, light firecrackers, and this will scare away any negative energies.

Lunar New Year is a day of happiness and goodwill. Consider wearing what used to be called “your Sunday best.” Add a little bit of the color red for luck. Sit down to a meal consisting of long noodles. This represents longevity. Be careful to eat the noodles without cutting them. You may want to add a lucky bamboo to your dining table, a plant that is very much in harmony with the practicality of the metal Ox year. This fast-growing plant is considered lucky because bamboo can be used for food, medicine, and building materials. 

Here’s everything you need to know about your Chinese zodiac sign!

Year of the Metal Ox, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign


There’s lots of work to be done. Rat native, you are entering the second year of your 12-year cycle. This is like mid-spring during the planting season on a farm. Each new thing you try is a seed you plant that could grow into a future abundant harvest. By trying new things, you open up new opportunities for your career as well as relationships. And while the methodical, plodding energy of the metal Ox is very different than your Speedy Gonzales Rat energy, this is still quite a harmonious year for Rat natives. You’re likely to do well financially as you move briskly ahead of competitors. And when it comes to love, an acquaintance may become much, much more.


This is your year! You are beginning a new 12-year cycle, and this indicates lots of change. This is not the most comfortable situation for Ox natives. However, you are ready to throw off the old, and when necessary, to embrace the new. There’s a possibility of a new job, perhaps at your current company but more likely in a different company or even in a different industry. You might be moving although, there’s more energy towards planning the move this year and making the move itself in 2022. Ox natives already in a love relationship will find your love stays steady and strong. And if you’re looking for love, a coworker could introduce you to a great match.


Tiger native, you’re in the last year of your 12-year cycle. On a farm, this would be the last month of winter, when it’s too cold to go outside and impossible to plant crops. You may feel a great deal of impatience this year to do new things. But now it’s time to finish projects, deal with paperwork, and let go of what’s unnecessary in your garage, attic, or storage unit. This is a year of completing things. You could be finishing up school or taking an accelerated program you can finish within one year. If you’re looking for a job, it’s best to stay in the field you have been working in. When it comes to love, you could get involved with someone from your past.


In your 12-year cycle, Rabbit native, it’s like being in the middle of a cold, snowy winter. There’s a long way to go to spring. But in the meantime, you hold up in your cozy house with plenty of food and good company. You have more time for leisure, meditation, and creativity. This year can be quite enjoyable for Rabbit natives. You’re likely staying close to home, connecting with close friends and dearest family members. Working at home or having a home business is the most profitable option. If you’re looking for love or expanding your circle of friends, it’s good to stay in the neighborhood or ask a family member to help you make connections.


Dragon native, in your 12-year cycle, you have passed out of autumn and are now entering early winter. You are in the first year of your three-year seed-saving period. This is where you take stock of your position in the company, solidify your standing in the community, and count your level of success. This year, the opportunities you have been expecting flow to you. You’ll be called upon for your expertise and experience. You’re entering an easier time for making money and finding good career connections. When it comes to love, you are deepening your relationships through good communication. But this year, if you’re looking for love, it would be wise to seek out some assistance to help your search.


A very harmonious year is ahead for Snake natives. In your 12-year cycle, you are in the last year of your three-year harvest period. There are so many opportunities for you to make money, meet new people, expand your business, or check things off your bucket list. People step up to help. You come together with friends to support each other, and you challenge each other to succeed. You may run marathons together or help each other build something meaningful. This is one of your better years for love relationships, as you are one of the most romantic signs (and people will be hungry for romance this year). You’re likely to have many interested suitors.


There’s a lot of work and success for Horse natives. 2021 brings you to the mid-autumn harvest period of your 12-year cycle. You can attract a great deal of material success or a higher position in your job. But you may push back as you are asked to take on a lot more responsibility and work more hours. There will have to compromise on both sides. For Horse natives already in a love relationship, it can be strong and steady but could have periods when the timing is slightly off. Similarly, when looking for love, it is easy to get distracted and be late for a date. The good news is that things improve as the relationship becomes more established.


All eyes are on the metal Ox this year, which leaves you, Goat native, somewhat ignored. And for most signs, this could be quite difficult. But most Goat natives don’t mind working behind the scenes. In your 12-year cycle, you are entering early autumn on the farm, your first harvest year. This indicates that you can have a great deal of material success if you stick to what you know and where you have experience. You will need to ask for the raise or the promotion as it won’t be automatic. The same goes for love. If you ask for the date, you can find happiness. But if you sit by the phone, you may be waiting a great long while.


There can be some challenges for Monkey natives in 2021 as no two animals could be more different than an ox and a monkey. In your 12-year cycle, it’s late summer, like on a farm with the ripening fruits and vegetables that are not yet ready to be picked. There’s an abundance of small opportunities and lots of work to do. This is a good time to grow your business, expand your circle of contacts, or gain knowledge and experience. Big profits are still just slightly out of reach. When it comes to love, you may be bored with an old relationship. Consider spicing it up with some new ideas. The most success comes from getting into new relationships, especially romantic ones.


Rooster native, in your 12-year cycle, it’s mid-summer, and the conditions are perfect for growing things. You can make things happen. This is a great time to focus on expanding your business, connecting with influencers, and finding a mentor. It’s a great deal of work, and you’re very busy, but you have luck on your side this year. When you approach the door to knock, it flings open, and a red carpet appears before your feet. Small actions lead to success, including some financial success. When it comes to love, you’ll need to schedule it in your calendar, as it won’t be your highest priority. As far as your closest relationships go, they are steady and patiently waiting for you to return from the job.


You’re finally getting some results from the work you’ve done over the last few years. In your 12-year cycle, it’s early summer, and you are starting to see sprouts and signs of success. Things are starting to happen on their own, like social media growth or building your mailing list. At work, you know what you’re doing, and you’re clear about your goals. But there’s still a lot of work to do, and you’ll likely be tapped for a management position. When it comes to home and family, you’re doing a lot of management there too. Others are leaning on you heavily and asking for help. New love only comes if you find time for it in your schedule.


Pig native, in your 12-year cycle, it’s the last month of spring, and things are starting to bloom. Over the last two years, you may have started a new job, gone back to an old job, and then started a business. You may have also moved and found a new community. All of this has brought you valuable experience. In 2021, you’re much more confident. Opportunities start to flow in, first as a trickle and then with some pressure and flow towards the end of the year. When it comes to your love life, you have great opportunities for an excellent match. You’re one of the more romantic signs, and so you can have an excellent connection with your favorite person.