Scorpio in 4th House: Meaning, Home, Family

June 13, 2022

In astrology, the 4th House holds the subterranean of our lives and private parts of ourselves we don’t necessarily share with others. When using the Shole Sign house system, if you’re a Leo rising, that means your 4th house is ruled by magnetic and transformative Scorpio. This zodiac sign’s symbolism will influence your upbringing and inner emotional world.

The 4th House represents family matters and emotional connections. Here’s what it means when it’s occupied by intense Scorpio.

What Does the 4th House Represent?

The 4th House is the area of our birth chart that governs over matters relating to home, family, our roots, ancestry, and our psychological foundations. It is one of the angular houses, which lends extra importance to its significations and planets located in this part of our chart can play a more active role in our lives.

“The 4th House is the subterranean sector of the chart, meaning that it is both intimate, privileged terrain,” astrologer Catherine Urban says. “While the 10th house is where we cultivate our professional self, not everyone has access to our private and familial life, where secrets, mythos and traditions are safeguarded within the family line.”

Marking the lowest part of our birth chart, this area defines our roots. It holds the stories of our ancestors, Urban says, which continue to survive and evolve through us. “The 4th House is our foundation for life, where we root to rise up to the most visible part of our chart, the 10th house,” she adds. “Nourishing this part of our chart helps us tend to our overall well being and sense of security in the world.”

These foundational experiences from our upbringing have a direct link to the other areas of our lives. “The 4th House holds our innermost experiences,” Kristina Bakrevski, Los Angeles-based artist and astrologer, says. “The parts of us that most of the world doesn’t see and the things we mostly keep private. The 4th House is like the soil we grew from and the foundational experiences that shaped our identity.”

Scorpio in 4th House

If you’re using the Whole-Sign house system, your 4th House will be in Scorpio if you are a Leo rising. Bold, confident and theatrical personalities, Leo rising’s flair partly stems from transformational depth they’ve experienced in their home and family lives. 

“When the 4th House is represented by Scorpio, it tells of a household which is extremely psychic—everything need not be explicitly verbal,” Urban says. “The vibes are strong! Resilient and enigmatic, Scorpio might describe a lineage which has endured much and possesses their fair share of mysteries and secrets. Scorpio on the 4th House can describe a tight-knit family unit prided upon fierce loyalties and layered complexities.”

The 4th House can also lend insight in the aesthetic one prefers within their home environment. “Folks with Scorpio on the 4th House might prefer a moodier color palette in the home, and a penchant for upcycled decor. Taking the space for down time is highly important for Scorpio 4th house people.”

There is no shortage of intensity when Scorpio rules the 4th House. “Perhaps the native was always moving or dealt with a lot of change and uncertainty around family matters,” Bakrevski adds. “This individual is usually quite protective of who means the most to them. Although they might have some deep insecurities and fears about life, their passion is unwavering and their will is undeniably strong.”


The meaning of the 4th House can literally show us things about our family of origin, the location of our home(s) growing up, and our upbring experience. It can also shed light on our inner psychology and internal processing. In ancient astrology, occult matters, or hidden things, also belonged to this sector of the chart. It’s a private place that we share with a select few.

Birth Chart

In the birth chart, the 4th House can speak to our lineage and what’s been passed down from our ancestors. It’s also an incredibly sensitive part of our chart. An area that we only let a select few in–people who consider family.

Looking at the 4th House in your birth chart can also reveal more information about your definition of safety and security. How do you like to be nurtured? What makes you feel comfortable and stable? This is the foundation of our life.

How to Find Your 4th House

To find your 4th House, first you will need to locate your rising or ascendant sign in your birth chart. There are many different house systems in astrology, some that divide each house up equally such as Whole Sign or Equal House systems, or there are other quadrant-based house systems like Placidus or Regiomontanus. It doesn’t matter which house system you’re using, you will want to start at the ascendant and count four sections over.

You won’t want to rely on the zodiac symbols associated with each house, as those can change depending on the house system you’re using. The 4th House is generally located at the bottom of your chart.  Count four sections over from the first quadrant of your chart until you reach the 4th House.


What House does Cancer rule?

Cancer does not rule a particular house. In modern astrology, some astrologers associate houses with specific zodiac signs, but the truth is everyone’s chart is unique. Even though Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign, you cannot say that everyone’s 4th House is ruled by Cancer. That is because everyone has a different rising sign. Each rising sign will have a different zodiac sign on the cusp of their 4th House.

It’s important to look at your unique birth chart and examine your 4th House to see which sign rules that sector of your chart. It’s true that the zodiac sign of Cancer and the 4th House do share some similarities, but their true meanings derived from ancient texts differ and it’s important to not equate the two.

How rare is a stellium?

Stelliums are more common than one might think, but they’re also rare enough that if you have one in your chart, it’s definitely something that stands out and should be given extra attention. Stelliums are defined by having at least three or four planets in one zodiac sign. Both Mercury and Venus travel closer to the sun, and it’s fairly common to have these two planets also show up in the same zodiac sign as your sun sign.

“Stelliums aren’t present in everyone’s charts, but if you see three to four planets in the same sign, it just represents a higher concentration of that sign’s energy in the individual,” Bakrevski says. “Bonus points if the planets are personal (the sun, moon, mercury, Venus, Mars) as opposed to the outer or generational planets. Personal planets that make up a stellium in someone’s chart have a lot more impact on the individual’s personality than, say, having Pluto, Neptune and Uranus together in their chart.”

Generational planets move slower and signify societal and generational trends and themes, so when a stellium contains personal planets—the planets closer to Earth, they have more of an effect on an individual. 

How can I find out my birth chart?

You can calculate your birth chart online. As long as you have your date of birth, year of birth, month of birth, time of birth and location of birth, you are good to go. There are forms online where you can input this information and it will automatically generate a birth chart report for you. Learning your placements and what signs your planets are in is one thing, but to grasp deeper meaning, it’s recommended to set up a consultation with a practicing astrologer. 

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