6th House Stellium: Composite, Transit, Natal

May 23, 2022

The 6th House represents daily life, work environment, and health. Here’s what it means when you have a lot of planets (three or more) in the 6th House.

There is a lot of information you can glean about someone if they have a lot of planets in the 6th House. Not only does this mean that they are hardworking, but they also may be fixated on health, duty, and their job. 

But to get into the nitty-gritty of what this means, we asked astrologer Julia Mihas to help us identify everything you need to know about a 6th House stellium—including in a birth chart and in transit … as well as what it means in each sign and when certain planets are involved. 

How Many Planets Make a Stellium?

A stellium is when three or more planets occupy the same House.

What Is the 6th House in Astrology?

The 6th House is symbolic of work, health, service, habits, routine, and generally, “the grind” of day-to-day life. For example, brushing your teeth, going to the gym, taking your medicine, and engaging in all the daily operations of life are representative of the 6th House, according to Mihas. 

But it’s not just about you and your routine. “It describes your daily habits and how you are of service to others, so that’s why it explains aspects of your job and your approach to routines,” she says.


A composite chart—or synastry chart—is basically two natal charts cast on top of one another in order to determine romantic compatibility. So, what does it mean when there are more than three planets in the 6th House? 

Because the 6th House is practical and helpful, this suggests a relationship that lays a foundation of service, respect, and loyalty. “It may not be the ‘sexiest’ House,” says Mihas, “but it can be quite useful.” 

Mihas gives a few examples of how this kind of aspect could play out:

  • A couple who assists one another—like caretaking or medical assistance
  • A couple whose love language is “acts of service”
  • A couple who enjoys doing errands together and tidying the house
  • A couple who enjoys working out together

On a separate note from romance, if you share this composite placement with a person who you work with or associate in health (such as your physician or personal trainer), this could be a wonderful relationship.


If it occurs where many planets are traveling together through your 6th House, it likely indicates that you’re going through a period where your job is extremely important. “Venus transiting your 6th can mean you are getting along with coworkers or crushing hard on someone you met through work,” Mihas says. “Having Saturn travel through your 6th can mean your job feels like a slog.”

Since the 6th House also represents health and routines, it can indicate a time in your life where you’re really focusing on getting healthier—like deciding to sign up for the gym or finally going through with a needed surgery. 


With many planets in the natal 6th House, Mihas describes this kind of person as “helpful” and “hardworking.” In general, this is the kind of person who would never give up on a task—even if it kills them in the process.

Mihas uses a some examples to describe a 6th House person:

  • The type of friend you could call at 6 a.m. to help start a car
  • The type of person who actually enjoys work or errands
  • The type of friend who takes on your problems like their own in order to help solve them faster

While many people consider this placement to be a sign of work—and work only—Mihas challenges this by adding that this is a very spiritual part of the chart. The 6th/12th axis in the birth chart reflects places of healing and service. Ultimately, Mihas believes there’s a deeper quality to the 6th House. “It acknowledges the mysticism of your mundane rituals and everyday, practical services.”

In the Planets

Sun in the 6th

The sun represents ego and identity. So, if it lands in the 6th House, it means we live and breathe work. “We must recognize that being of service to others, such as through daily work, is vitally important to our identity,” says Mihas, “and establishing orderly habits and rituals can help us feel more self-actualized.”

Moon in the 6th

The moon is all about our emotions—how we experience them and how we express them. When our moon sign is in the 6th, it means that we take our emotions (as well as the emotions of others) very seriously. In fact, we could find that emotional healing is innate in our personality if this placement is in the birth chart. 

Mercury in the 6th

Mercury represents communication and the mind realm. According to Mihas, “If Mercury is in the 6th house, then our mind may be focused on helping others, our job, or making lots of lists and getting organized.”

Venus in the 6th

Because Venus represents love, her placement in the 6th House represents duty and loyalty in love. Practical assistance is how this person shows their affection. 

Mars in the 6th

Mars, the planet of passion, in the 6th House means that this person is driven to help others.

Jupiter in the 6th

Jupiter represents expansion. According to Mihas, this placement can indicate that you find joy in the work that you do and you’re a keen learner.

Saturn in the 6th

If Saturn is in your 6th House, according to Mihas, “your great work in life is to find a job that is meaningful.” You may also find it all too easy to deny your joys.

Uranus in the 6th

Uranus is innovative, so this could mean that you’re erratic in your routines.

Neptune in the 6th

With Neptune in the 6th, “Your health may be sensitive to outside influences like temperature, drugs, foods, and allergies,” says Mihas. 

Pluto in the 6th

Finally, Pluto in this House can indicate that you approach work with intensity. You might also prefer to work privately, says Mihas. 

In the Zodiac Signs

Mihas gives us a couple keywords to describe what these zodiac signs are like in a 6th House stellium:

Aries Stellium

  • Impulsive with habits
  • Pioneering in the workplace

Taurus Stellium

  • Habits are entrenched
  • Service to animals/nature

Gemini Stellium

  • Multitasking at work
  • Scattered habits

Cancer Stellium

  • Serving your family
  • Working in a family business

Leo Stellium

  • Job performance
  • Leading others in routines

Virgo Stellium

  • Health-conscious
  • Orderly service

Libra Stellium

  • Beauty rituals
  • Working with a partner

Scorpio Stellium

  • Health transformations
  • Researching at your job

Sagittarius Stellium

  • Optimism about health
  • Working outdoors

Capricorn Stellium

  • Traditional medicine
  • Working for status

 Aquarius Stellium

  • Cutting-edge medicine
  • Working with groups 

Pisces Stellium

  • Healing or creative work
  • Spacing out on routines


How do you know what House your stellium is in?

Just use our free birth chart calculator!

How rare is a stellium?

Stelliums are not as rare as you’d think. And that’s because Venus, Mercury, and Mars travel closely with the sun. 

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