Taurus New Moon: It's Time to Reconnect With Mother Earth

April 21, 2020

On April 22, 2020, at 7:26 p.m. Pacific Time, the new moon will be at 3°24’ Taurus.

The Taurus new moon invites us to upgrade our experience of the material world—from bare necessities to creature comforts, from our own individual bodies to the body of Mother Earth herself. With this new moon falling on Earth Day, our relationship to nature takes on a special significance.

Right now, each of us has something we’re eager to embody or manifest. But like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (this new moon’s Sabian symbol), it feels just slightly out of reach. Still, there’s reason for hope: As long as we’re pursuing something real and lasting, our persistence will pay off.

What does the April new moon in Taurus mean?

Just don’t be surprised if the rainbow’s end looks a little different than you pictured: With this new moon conjunct Uranus, our values and desires are shifting to reflect our rapidly changing circumstances. Our job is to stay fully present with what’s happening, embrace the new reality, and let it change us for the better.

True, with the moon also squaring Saturn in Aquarius, that may be easier said than done. But we can trust that whatever obstacles Saturn places in our path are there for a reason. After all, when rewards come too easily, we don’t always appreciate them. Saturn keeps our focus on the things that are worth waiting for… and working for.
Yes, we’re dealing with some unexpected challenges. But together, we’re up to the test—as long as we’re willing to think beyond existing structures and frameworks which keep us separated and set in our ways. Look for ways to turn obstacles into opportunities, without being selfishly opportunistic.

With this lunation’s ruler Venus in Gemini, we’re feeling a lot more flexible and adaptable than we typically would under a Taurus moon. We’re taking pleasure in creating new ways to stay connected and informed.

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Still, while we’re eager to feed our curiosity, we should be selective about what we’re feeding it. A building square between Mercury in Aries and Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn (April 25) cautions us to choose our words and information sources carefully, and steer clear of anything sensationalistic or fear-based.  Before we speak, text, or post, we should ask ourselves: “Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?”

It’s equally important to resist hoarding resources—a shadowy Taurus tendency that can be all too tempting these days. With Pluto stationing retrograde on April 25, we’re encouraged to dig deep and unpack the underlying fears that keep us from sharing our wealth. From now until Pluto stations direct on October 4, we’ll have the opportunity to turn this “trash” into treasure and make the inner changes that support lasting, outer transformation.

After all, the Taurus new moon isn’t just about enriching ourselves. It’s about sharing whatever we have—time, energy, knowledge, skills, money, and other resources—in the hopes of improving both our personal and collective fortunes.

Horoscopes for the new moon in Taurus

April of 2020


Things aren’t what they used to be, Taurus—but then again, neither are you. And if there’s one thing you can count on in the midst of all the uncertainty, it’s that this new person you’re becoming is someone the world needs now.


You’re already over this, Gemini. But as eager as you are to skip ahead, the only way out is through.  Focusing on what supports and sustains you spiritually can help you stay open to the valuable gifts this time has to offer.


Everything’s up in the air right now, Cancer. But in a strange way, that’s bringing you down to earth. Plenty of resources and support are available to you, and always have been—you may just have to do some digging to find them.


“Not me, us.” For you, Leo, this is more than just a political slogan—it’s your new-moon mission statement! Fighting for other people’s safety, security, health, and happiness (whether you share a personal connection with them or not) is where your leadership truly shines.


It may be the end of the world as we know it, Virgo. But all that means is that it’s time to build a better one! You can put your skills to good use by getting in on the ground floor of much-needed change.


You didn’t choose this situation, Libra. But one thing you do have the power to choose is how you’ll show up for it. Be present with what’s dying off in your life, what’s being reborn, and all the emotions that brings up for you.


The more things change, Scorpio, the more they stay the same—at least when it comes to your oldest, closest relationships. Sharing your hopes and fears through this time will help to deepen these connections so they continue to support and sustain you.


They may be long overdue, Sag, but suddenly those changes in your health and wellness routine seem a lot more important to make. It’s not just about you anymore; It’s about your ability to be fully present for the people you love.


When inspiration strikes, Capricorn, you have a responsibility to follow the muse—even if it leads you somewhere unexpected. After all, innovative ideas that seem to come out of the left field at this new moon could end up serving a practical purpose!


“Adulting” takes different forms for different people, Aquarius. So while the universe is clearly saying it’s time to grow up, there’s still room for interpretation about what that looks like for you. Step up your responsibilities at home, while keeping the mood playful and light.


Check your assumptions at the door, Pisces: Where you’re going, they no longer apply! As scary as this may sound, stay open to the possibility that the future you’re moving toward is actually way better than whatever it is you’re leaving behind.


What’s in it for you, Aries? With so much up for grabs right now, it’s a natural question—but maybe not the most important one to ask. Instead, ask how you might change your own habits around money and resources to support sustainable solutions.

Art by Lori Mena