Dream Big, Aries: Here's What's in Store for the Rest of the Year

April 3, 2019

Buckle up, Aries, because this year is set to be a wild ride. Luckily, you’re accustomed to a few twists and turns (you are the risk taker of the zodiac, after all). For you, 2019 is all about achieving those career goals you thought may have just been pipe dreams. If it has seemed difficult to get organized or stay motivated, it’s no wonder. Unconventional Uranus has been in your sign for eight whole years, making plans hard to execute. In March, however, Uranus moved on, allowing you to get down to business! Don’t be afraid to dream big—as the ram, you have what it takes to push forward and achieve your goals. This spring, it’s all systems go. That’s not to say it will all be smooth sailing straight to the top, however. With Mercury going retrograde two more times over the year, your straight talking could be misconstrued as brashness. Don’t be afraid to practice with friends and family before a big pitch or presentation.

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Aries energy burns brightly, but it can have the tendency to flame out. Learning to create momentum and conserve energy will be your biggest challenge this year. Think about the routines that give you a boost (rather than drain you) and integrate them into your life in a meaningful way this year. The asteroid Chiron re-entered Aries in February. The wounded healer highlights our weaknesses and helps us overcome them. For you, this may have served as just the lesson you needed to learn to overcome setbacks.

This year also promises eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn. Hard-charging Capricorn energy will supercharge your career goals, helping to keep you on track in that sector. Cancer is a particularly domestic sign, so you’ll also be presented with opportunities to create a home space that makes you feel grounded. In fact, your focus on job success could lead to a move (hello, upgrade). With a lot of hard work and determination, you could end 2019 as the CEO of your own life.

Art by Ana Novaes