The Ascendant (Rising) Sign Meaning in Astrology

April 20, 2022

Your ascendant sign—or “rising sign”—is the zodiac sign that was ascending the eastern horizon at the time you were born. It sets up your birth chart. 

The birth chart is divided into 12 sections of life, and the rising sign is where the first section of your birth chart begins. This part of the birth chart that represents you, your health, your personality, vitality, and even your appearance. 

What Is the Ascendant Sign?

The ascendant sign is the zodiac sign that your ascendant or rising sign is in. “Astronomically, the ascendant is the constellation that was rising (or ascending) on the Eastern horizon at the time and location of your birth,” Laura Chung, Reiki master and astrologer, says. “Energetically, the sign of the ascendant or rising sign is imbued into your energy and therefore, is how you outwardly project to the world in your physical form.” 

The rising or ascendant sign can also speak to your physical appearance and traits. “If the sun is the self or ego and the moon is the heart, the ascendant is the outfit and hairstyle or appearance,” Amaris Morris, energy reader, content creator and artist, says. “It’s how you show up, your surface-level personality and your first and lasting impression to the world.”

To better explain, Morris compares the rising sign to a book. In this case, the rising sign would be the book cover and intro. 

When analyzing a birth chart, the ascendant is an important place to start, according to Gabriela Rosales, The Stylist Witch. “The ascendant is what dictates your first house and the subsequent sequence of the rest of your placements, as well as your planetary chart ruler,” says Rosales. 

Why is that important? The planet that rules your rising sign, also known as your planetary ruler, plays a significant role in your life. For example, a Pisces rising will attune more to the planet Neptune, above all other planets. In many cases, you may identify with it more than your sun sign. 


The ascendant depicts your personality and themes related to your sense of self. “The ascendant plays a significant role in first impressions and greatly defines the innate energy that one exudes,” says Rosales. 

Basically, it can speak to your essence or spark. Planets that are located within the first house of your birth chart also add color and descriptions of your personality and recurring themes you may encounter in your life.

According to Chung, the rising sign is not just important for personality traits but it’s also wonderful for understanding first impressions. She says this sign represents how others perceive you at a very “basic” level. 

Furthermore, Chung adds that the rising sign can be representative of the physical body. “Your ascendant will also give clues about your physical appearance and what gives and depletes your energy,” she explains. 

Learning as much as possible about the ruler of your ascendant can tell you more about yourself. She also notes that it’s especially important to “take into consideration the sign, House position, and other planets that aspect it.” 

In the Zodiac Signs

Aries Ascendant

Aries ascendant people are go-getters. This is active and passionate energy. “Aries risings have an innate primal knowing. They feel, do, and think about it later,” Chung says. “They are the pioneers and leaders. They don’t wait for a role model, they are the role model. They want to separate from where they have come from to venture into new territory.” 

Aries energy is great at initiating, but can easily lose momentum, Chung adds. She suggests adding calming activities like meditation into your daily life if you are an Aries rising—as this can help you move forward with patience and grace. 

Taurus Ascendant

People with a Taurus ascendant exude beauty and creativity. Taurus is a sign that’s ruled by the planet Venus, which represents beauty, balance, and creativity. “There is an innate understanding of the importance of nourishing one’s desires in the name of joy and bliss,” Rosales, says. “Earthly Taurus prioritizes quality in the material, with the purpose of adorning themselves and their surroundings in order to nourish through the earthly senses.” 

There is a strong connection to the tangible and physical world. Spending time in nature, creating things with their hands, and cultivating more sensual experiences matter greatly to this rising sign.

Gemini Ascendant

Those born with a Gemini ascendant are natural seekers of knowledge. Gemini rising is a placement that loves to dialogue—to share and exchange information. 

This is an air sign, and as such, communication and intellect are the name of the game. But as a mutable air sign, even though there is plenty of thinking and talking, that fluid aspect of the mutability can entice Gemini ascendant people to change their mind quite often. 

They are open-minded and can see both sides of any issue. There is also a child-like curiosity to Gemini that never seems to wear off. Soaking up new experiences is key, as they can bore easily and prefer constant stimulation. Ruled by Mercury, they are prone to mental anxiety with their minds moving a mile a minute. Grounding exercises are critical for this placement. 

Cancer Ascendant

People born with a Cancer ascendant move with the tide of the moon. With the moon as their ruling planet, their feelings and energy levels shift alongside the moon as it changes signs every 2.5 days. It’s no surprise why this sign gets a reputation for being “moody!” They are tied into the cycles of the Earth and Universe on an incredibly intuitive level. 

This is the sign of the caretaker and home. Family life, for better or for worse, may have left a lasting impression on these people. Developing a sense of emotional security and a group of family they can rely on and trust is what this placement seeks throughout their lives. 

Leo Ascendant

Those born with a Leo ascendant love to make an impression. They are bold, loud, and generous. As a zodiac sign known for its dramatics and theatrics, Leo rising people don’t do anything half-heartedly. Leo rules the heart, so this is one of the most generous and compassionate signs. 

These people generally have a positive, cosmic cheerleader demeanor and love to spread their light with those they love most. This sign can also be incredibly stubborn. 

Physically, Leo ascendant people tend to have stunning hair. Think of a lion’s mane! 

Virgo Ascendant

Virgo ascendant people can be reserved at first. Ruled by analytical Mercury, Virgo rising people soak up every detail and piece of information before letting someone in. Virgo energy loves to be of service and to help others. They feel best when they are useful. 

Similar to Gemini rising, which is also ruled by Mercury, Virgo has a big focus on communication. Virgo’s methodical mind craves to filter and distill information, rather than amassing every piece of information. Unlike Gemini, Virgo finds only the most critical and most relevant information. Virgo rising people know how to keep a routine and know that small habits change lives, which ultimately makes many of them very successful.

Libra Ascendant

People born with a Libra ascendant are natural communicators, creative, and can charm like no other. They have tact and intuitively know how to approach a situation to maintain peace and productivity in any conversation. 

There is no shortage of interest in love, beauty, and indulgence as they are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and aesthetics. “Airy Libra prioritizes quality in social dynamics, intellectual retention and interpersonal relationships,” Rosales says, “making art of the manner in which they acquire knowledge and conduct themselves.” 

Their strong communication skills lead to strong social skills—one of the ways they rise to the top. Libra is a cardinal sign which also lends them natural leadership qualities.

Scorpio Ascendant

Scorpio ascendant people have such an allure about them. They exude charm and mystery. You can get lost in their eyes and feel their energy physically. There is a depth to this placement that is unparalleled. 

Scorpio risings are incredibly resourceful. Ruled by the planet Mars, they are very conscious of how to use their energy effectively and strategically. It’s no surprise to see a lot of Scorpio rising people as business owners or leading high-up = management positions. Scorpio ascendants know how to lead. 

One thing though: Trust takes time with this sign. Don’t expect to be their BFF overnight. You will need to earn your keep with them.

Sagittarius Ascendant

As a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius ascendant people crave adventure and aren’t afraid of taking risks. 

“Sagittarius risings have a hunger and a need to explore, adventure, and learn,” Chung offers. “The mutability of Sagittarius usually means that the native goes on a windy hero’s journey. […] They gain wisdom through their failures and mistakes which oftentimes, makes them great teachers.” 

This rising sign always maintains a sense of optimism and hope (thanks to its ruling planet, abundant Jupiter), despite any setbacks. They are big-picture people, always seeking out life’s next big twist and turn. 

Capricorn Ascendant

Those born with a Capricorn ascendant are cautious and calculated. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of boundaries, they keep an emotional wall up. Before they let you in, they need to know that the investment will be worth it. 

Capricorn risings are focused on building a successful future and legacy. They are wise beyond their years, have likely experienced responsibility at a young age, and know how to protect their energy. Their guardedness and ability to hold strong boundaries with others leads to much of their success. Overall, they are more than proficient in their area of expertise and are natural leaders.

Aquarius Ascendant

As a fixed air sign, Aquarius ascendant people aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe. “Aquarius risings are known as eccentric, humanitarian rebels,” Morris says. “They are friendly and want the best for the collective, yet can detach and be total loners. Surpassing status quos, restrictions, and limitations, Aquarius risings greatly value freedom and individuality.” 

Owning one’s authenticity is key with this placement. “Their paths in life won’t look like others and in order to survive they must not conform,” she adds. “They do have a darker side where they can be extremely stubborn and even control freaks.”

In general, though, Aquarius risings offer a never-ending amount of possibility and knowledge. They are dark and deep, without restrictions—and thus, open new ideas for those around them. 

Pisces Ascendant

People born with a Pisces ascendant are some of the most energetically open, receptive and creative people you can meet. “Pisces risings are mystical beings with a light yet hazy, magical aura,” Morris shares. “They are dreamy, kind, and compassionate. They often overthink and can be very hard on themselves which can lead to escapism.” 

Their ability to absorb so much energetically can have them taking on the energy of others, which will lead to the desire to escape. It can also have them struggling with boundaries. 

Morris calls Pisces risings “perceptive, soft-spoken, and givers.” That’s because they can be very in-tune with their senses. So, they recognize when someone else needs help. They have a natural tendency to bring comfort when it’s needed. However, they could use some work on setting boundaries and establishing “me time.” 


Is my ascendant the same as my rising sign?

Yes, your ascendant sign is the same as your rising sign. They are two different terms in astrology that have the same meaning.

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