7th House Stellium: Meaning, Synastry, How to Find It

March 3, 2022

A stellium is three or more planets grouped in one astrological House. Here’s what a 7th House stellium means in a transit and for your relationships. 

We chatted with astrologer Kim Woods to explain how stelliums work. 

What Is a Stellium?

A stellium has three or more planets grouped together in one House of a natal chartsynastry chart, or transit chart. Woods says that a stellium simply boosts the energy in a particular area in your chart. 

“There’s a congregation of energy in a particular zodiac sign, the characteristics, inner beliefs or flavoring to a personality or in an astrological house, depicted as the actions and behaviors as seen in the outer life.”

What Does the 7th House rule?

We all recognize this House as the sector that defines romance in our charts. While that much is true, Woods explains that it goes a little further than that. 

“The 7th House is traditionally known as the House of marriage, but a more apt title would be ‘committed relationships’—as the relationships may involve romantic partners, long-term business alliances and life-long friendships,” she says.

The 7th House is ruled by Libra—and therefore Venus. Both Libra and Venus connect via love in all respects: love for a partner, love for friends, love for family, love for art, and love for life. But Wood says that specifically, the 7th House is all about “soulmate-type relationships, identification with others, partnerships, social contracts, relationships, awareness of others, sensitivity to others and connections with the general public.”

7th House Stellium

On the one hand, the 7th House can bring equality and respect. But on the other, it can establish co-dependence or bossiness. So, it really matters what kind of planets are collecting in the stellium—and what kind of astrological aspects they are making to other planets. 

Regardless, with a stellium in the House of love and partnership, a lot can happen. Here’s what it means in a synastry (compatibility) chart and in a transit. 


To see a stellium in a partner’s 7th House in a synastry chart tells us that there is much intensity in this relationship for the need to be committed and connected. And while that sounds nice, unfortunately, sometimes it can put “tremendous pressure on the importance of relationship for one of the partners, [and] on the relationship itself,” says Wood.

If both partners are serious about the relationship and willing to commit, this can be a great thing! But if one of them is on the fence (hey, maybe it’s a twin flame relationship), this can cause tension. 

Wood says, “The 7th House isn’t casual; it’s ‘commitment’ with a capital C.”


The planets in the sky often form stelliums quite naturally because many planets don’t stray far from the sunMercury is never more than 28° behind, and Venus is not more than 60°. And because the moon travels through the zodiac in 29.5 days, it’s bound to find the sun during any new moon. 

So, really, stelliums are not all that uncommon. And when they do happen in your 7th House of commitment, you better believe things are about to get serious. “A transiting 7th house stellium will influence a couple’s tendency to get serious – it could even mean a proposal in the traditional sense,” explains Wood.

What’s more is that this will also bring out reality checks for couples who need it. Wood says that a 7th House stellium transit will showcase a couple’s pitfalls or areas of improvement. It may make you question whether the relationship is balanced or respectful (Libra themes). You may also start to wonder whether you’re receiving the same level of commitment that you’ve been putting in. 

In the Zodiac Signs

Here are a couple keywords that Woods uses to describe each zodiac sign stellium:

Aries Stellium

Bravery, independence, bold moves, passion, adventure, action, impatience

An Aries stellium brings the competition. Wherever this falls, you’re bound to make everything feel like a test or a race in that area.

Taurus Stellium

Sensual, grounded, stable, dignified, simple pleasures, wise, stubborn

Taurus stellium brings the stubbornness. You won’t budge from the themes in the House it resides. 

Gemini Stellium

Quick-witted, lively, curious, youthful, adaptable, talkative, fickle

Gemini stellium will bring the intellectual stimulation and childish attitude to the House it falls under. All games, no work here!

Cancer Stellium

Loving, nurturing, sensitive, family-oriented, emotional, patient, overly protective

Cancer stellium will bring moodiness and sensitivity to the area it falls in. Prepare for love-bombing, snuggles, and crying in the House it falls under.

Leo Stellium

Cheerful, fun-loving, generous, romantic, creative, faithful, proud

A Leo stellium brings the fun and entertaining vibe. This sign likes to make things lighter and less serious, so it’ll do so in whatever House it’s in. 

Virgo Stellium

Practical, intelligent, humble, discriminating, responsible, skillful, critical

The energy of a Virgo stellium can be stuffy, serious, and overly practical. But it can also be incredibly giving and over-the-top benevolent. You’re bound to be all these things in the House it falls under. 

Libra Stellium

Gracious, charming, balanced, attentive, cooperative, people-pleasing, indecisive

With a Libra stellium, you won’t be able to make quick decisions in the area it falls under. So, if it’s in the 7th House, there’s no way you’ll settle down until thinking it all the way through. 

Scorpio Stellium

Intuitive, intense, magnetic, sexy, dramatic, alluring, possessive

Scorpio stellium can make someone quiet, secretive, or stoic. You’ll find that power means everything to you in the House it falls under—and those themes are how you enact your power over others. 

Sagittarius Stellium

Outgoing, social, explorer, philosopher, hope, faith, careless

Sagittarius stellium speaks about learning. So, wherever it falls, you’re most likely to want to study, cuddle up to, or analyze.

Capricorn Stellium

Successful, ambitious, leader, powerful, committed, honest, aloof

With a Capricorn stellium, you’re all work and no play in this area of the chart. You mean business and you expect everyone else to take you seriously here too.

Aquarius Stellium

Original, intellectual, friendly, inventive, freedom, idealistic, radical

An Aquarius stellium promotes freedom and originality. Wherever it lands, you’ll want to be different in that area.

Pisces Stellium

Imaginative, creative, understanding, talented, dreamer, compassionate, lacking boundaries

Pisces stellium brings healing to others. But it can also lack personal boundaries. So, it’s important to take time for yourself in this area of your chart. 


Do I have a stellium?

The best way to tell if you have a stellium is to look up your birth chart. Are there a cluster of three or more planets in one section?  

How do you find your 7th House?

It’s seven Houses away from your rising sign—which is located at the left of your birth chart. Start in your 1st House, then count clockwise from there. 

Which House calculation should I use?

This is always a controversial question. Should you use placidus? Whole sign? Most astrologers start with placidus, then work their way through learning the rest. 

The difference between placidus and whole sign charts is that placidus takes your exact time of birth into account and defines where your rising sign is based on that—casting the chart from there. So, if you are an Aquarius rising in the later degrees, your 1st House would primarily be embodied by Pisces. But if you casted a whole sign chart, your 1st House would be fully Aquarius, then your 2nd House would be fully Pisces. 

What House is Sagittarius in?

Sagittarius rules the 9th House of travel, philosophy, learning, and cultures. Here’s a quick guide on all the Houses and their zodiac signs:

1st HouseAries

2nd HouseTaurus

3rd HouseGemini

4th HouseCancer

5th HouseLeo

6th HouseVirgo

7th House: Libra

8th HouseScorpio

9th HouseSagittarius

10th HouseCapricorn

11th HouseAquarius

12th HousePisces

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