Asteroid Vesta In Scorpio: Tower Moments and Transformations

September 30, 2021

Vesta in Scorpio Dates: September 20 to November 16, 2021

On September 20 at 10:54 a.m. PST, Vesta, the asteroid of devotion and sacrifice, entered passionate and penetrative Scorpio. Named for the Roman goddess of the hearth, Vesta’s transits define how we connect to our divine purpose and access illumination.

Over the past two months, Vesta in Libra held aloft the sacred flame of justice, equality, and accountability, reminding us that what we do has more meaning when we share it with others. Our commitment to diplomacy and fairness helped us to establish balanced partnerships and creatively potent work dynamics. However, it may have been difficult to recognize the essentiality of our offerings. Our task has been to avoid comparing our progress to others who seem further along on their respective paths.

Vesta in Scorpio Meaning

Now, Vesta shifts into Scorpio, signaling that our conduit to inspiration lies in healing through elimination and transformation. This is a time when we can get hung up on the absolutes or the “all-or-nothing” nature of our relationships and passion projects. A willingness to embrace shadow work and endeavor deeper communion with our spiritual side will act as a psychological anchor as we work to define our boundaries and limits.

Additionally, we have the power to transmute sexual shame and empower ourselves through sexual sovereignty while Vesta transits the sign of the scorpion. However, paradoxically, this can only be achieved through restraint. Mindfulness is needed to avoid merging so much with others that we stumble into states of codependency. While passion might transport us to ecstatic states in union, it is no substitute for transparent communication, which forms the basis of true intimacy.

Every romantic alliance that we enter into should be a conscious choice where our will overrides our desire impulses. A distinction should be made between repression/denial and self-mastery, so we can engage with our pleasure principle in the most transformative way possible. Because of this, the energy of Vesta in Scorpio not only lends itself to manifestation magic but also to breaking free of addictions.

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vesta scorpio 2021

Working with Vesta in Scorpio

During these months, make sure what you are devoting yourself to is provoking deeper self-awareness. This is not the moment where everything will look balanced, rosy, and beautiful, and that’s okay! During Vesta in Scorpio, boundaries will be tested, passions aroused, emotions heightened, and ethics redefined. In short, it’s a time when things get real, and when things get real, they inevitably get a little messy!

Work or relationships which we thought were paramount in our lives may reveal themselves to be superficial, requiring wholesale revision or a parting of ways. Expect to face temptation and potentially make some missteps. We are better off meeting challenges than living life unaware of the extent of our own power. If we fail to learn how to handle stimulating experiences, we can be controlled by our animal instincts, unconscious urges, and fears.

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Vesta in Scorpio Transits

Vesta will square off with Saturn in Aquarius on October 3, frustrating our access to inspiration, perhaps due to professional responsibilities or standing obligations to our communities. A duty to seek progress and innovation (going broad) clashes with our intense nature (going deep). Although we feel our potential is limited, this aspect calls us to be deliberate in how we engage with our passions, so we cannot be exploited by them. A certain degree of abstinence will teach us to honor ourselves more completely.

On October 16, Vesta opposes Uranus, a catalyst for transformation! Expect the unexpected! Information that comes to light will redefine how we participate in work and love. Frustrations force us to take divisive action, switch up our rituals, and negotiate our intuition and gut instincts. Embracing change may be uncomfortable in practice, but the awareness gained will be felt not only on a psychological level but also within our bodies and our bones.

Finally, Vesta squares Jupiter in Aquarius on November 2, a transit of temptation, suggesting that we capitalize on our power without abusing it. Gains can be made here, materially or by a boost to our popularity, yet this influence can cause us to bite off more than we can chew. An eagerness to say “yes” to new opportunities may find us accepting more work than is wise or committing to several romantic prospects, ultimately ending in embarrassment. Remember that temperance, paired with considerate action and mental clarity, is the key to success.