Asteroid Vesta in Libra: Rekindling the Flame of Our Desires

July 16, 2021

Vesta in Libra Dates: July 19 to September 20 of 2021

In the early morning hours of July 19, Vesta, the goddess asteroid of sacred devotion, enters peace-seeking Libra. The second largest asteroid in the asteroid belt, and the brightest asteroid visible from Earth, Vesta was discovered in 1807 and named for the Roman goddess of the hearth.

Vesta speaks to our passions: how we tend the flame of inspiration that gives our lives meaning. This might seem like symbolic territory already covered by Mars and Venus. But while Mars placements represent our motivations and will to succeed, and Venus placements denote how we connect to our pleasure principle, Vesta’s astrological position by sign and house defines passion relative to service.

Making contact with divinity requires a sacrifice. Even if we do not sacrifice something material, interacting with the sacred changes our priorities, and our identity by extension. Therefore, our former Selves are offered to the pyre as we pursue greater knowledge and growth in our chosen practices; a true sacrifice.

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Vesta’s Passage From Virgo to Libra

Vesta has been transiting Virgo, a sign where it is quite comfortable, since October 22, 2020. Over the past nine months, committing ourselves to a personal mission has been of paramount importance. Yet equally important has been our willingness to divest from work or service situations where our contributions are not valued or respected. This symbolism has been made abundantly clear as we continue to negotiate ongoing economic uncertainty amidst a global pandemic. At this juncture, how can we rationalize working for low wages or no benefits? Or even commuting to a job site when it is possible to work remotely? As a culture, we find ourselves questioning whether to sacrifice common-sense Virgo considerations like wellness and safety for work that fails to align with our ethics.

Keeping our creative visions afloat requires that we alter the rules of engagement. This has not been an easy task, demanding that we burn the candle at both ends while trying to stem the rising tide of exhaustion. We have been pushed to our mental and physical limits, and we might now wonder whether our fire even merits continual care and careful protection. To proceed, we must be in the right relationship to our passions.


Vesta in Libra Meaning

And just at this moment, Vesta makes its ingress into Libra, suggesting that our sacrifices have not been in vain. By taking intelligent precautions and developing protocols, we are in a safer place to connect with others again. Reunion has been the goal all along. Vesta in Libra holds aloft the sacred flame of justice, equality, and accountability. It serves to remind us that what we do has more meaning when we share it with others.

At this time, we will increasingly be able to exchange the visions which we have been perfecting for the past nine months. It’s natural that we might compare our progress to our peers at this point, yet we can do so without being competitive or calculating. Be fair with yourself and stay focused! A disciplined approach to synthesizing and sharing our passions will benefit us when Vesta forms a grand trine with Saturn and the moon’s North Node on August 7 and 8.

Be cautious not to sacrifice your inner peace for others’ approval while Vesta transits harmonious Libra. Instead, concentrate on sacrificing imposter syndrome, and the inclination to judge yourself against those who appear to be “further along” on their path. These feelings may be especially prominent around August 15, when Vesta clashes with Chiron in Aries. Don’t deny your talents or trade your unique vision for flashy distractions or outside validation.

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How to Work with Vesta in Libra

We have spent the greater part of two years in isolation, and we may have forgotten what it feels like to belong. Remember that as we reenter public spaces, we need not mold ourselves to the form that others expect. Part of the cosmic intention of the past year was to connect us so strongly to our purpose that peer pressure and social expectation cannot divert us from our soul’s mission. Nevertheless, we need each other in order to grow. We need like-minds to share in our excitement, and we need dissimilar perspectives to keep us thinking critically. Vesta in Libra affords us both, especially once it conjoins Venus on September 3. This connection offers communion in the hope that we might stretch the definition of our desires.

Finally, September 9’s square between Vesta and Pluto reveals the spiritual nature behind our devotional practices. Be willing to let go of rituals that no longer serve a purpose and permit your vision to change shape. While Vesta is in Libra, we may have difficulty making decisive choices, but fighting change will fight the medicine of this square. Making wise elections ultimately promises healing and renewal, and a deeper relationship to what inspires us.