This is the Crystal You Need to Carry This August

July 29, 2019

Our monthly Crystalscopes pair each zodiac sign with a crystal whose energies can support us through the coming month’s transits. We choose crystals that are accessible and widely available. You may see the same stone pop up from month to month as a medicine for a different sign—consider it an invitation to add to your toolkit!

Also consider low-impact methods like using gem essences and elixirs, buying used crystals, or starting a crystal share with friends. Real magic can only be accomplished by acknowledging our impact on the world around us.
Read these for your sun, moon, and rising signs to learn what you should wear, carry, or place on an altar to help boost your specific astrology for the month. These also work as remediations for specific houses in your natal chart.

Learn more about August’s transits—and what they mean for you!

August 2019 Crystalscopes



Dear Aries, on August 17 your ruling planet Mars enters practical and detail-oriented Virgo. Now is the time to channel your fire and attack the tasks at hand. To harness your energy, and to make sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted, work with fluorite. This crystal helps manage information and cultivates order and stability during times of deep stress. When there are too many ideas floating around in our head, fluorite will assist you in finding clarity, empowering you to make direct and informed decisions. Fluorite grows to form natural cube matrixes, which coincide with its ability to organize energy and data. It comes in many different colors, so choose one that resonates with you.



Dear Taurus, on August 8 your ruling planet Venus trines gift-giving Jupiter. Be open to blessings regarding love, friendships, and personal growth. You and your partner could be blessed by a deepened connection; a friend may offer you a free ticket to a concert; or you may just take a moment to realize how wonderful your connections are. Turquoise can further strengthen your relationships with those you hold dear by enhancing harmony, communication, and goodwill. Turquoise also helps you in seeing from another person’s perspective, which is a form of mental empathy.



Dear Gemini, on August 11 your ruling planet Mercury enters confident Leo, empowering you to speak from your truth. You have important ideas, big plans, things to get off your chest, and it is your right to be heard. To help you communicate directly and powerfully, work with ruby. Though not traditionally known as the stone of communication, ruby will help you embrace your inner nobility and overcome any shyness so you may fully step into your power and speak from a place of authenticity. Ruby will aid you in unearthing your potential for greatness, and it will inspire you to tap into the courage and strength you’ve always carried.


Mookaite Jasper

Dear Cancer, on August 15 your ruling heavenly body the moon is full in Aquarius. This aspect challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone and use one of your many talents to push yourself to reward and recognition. Mookaite Jasper can assist you in overcoming your fears and easing your anxieties in relation to throwing yourself into new experiences and the possibility of being seen. It contains shades of brownish red, orange, and yellow and stimulates the lower three chakras. Cancers are also prone to spending too much time in the past—mookaite helps shift your attention and energy into the present, which is where your power lies.
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Happy birthday August Leo! On August 29, your ruling heavenly body the sun trines rebellious Uranus. You will not only be inspired to adventure outside of your normal routine, your intuition will be heightened, too. Trust those moments of inspiration, follow your gut, and be open to anything that excites you. Charoite is a beautiful crystal that vibrates at the frequency of the divine violet flame. This crystal activates your crown chakra and can help you trust in your intuition. It will strengthen your connection to spirit, so you may be inspired to shake things up, but in a way that serves your highest good.



Happy birthday August Virgo! On August 23, the sun enters your sign and begins Virgo season. Celebrate the wonderful aspects of your sign. Be of service to others, enhance the energy of your home through cleanliness and organization, get on track by checking your calendar, your finances, and your to-dos. Celestite is wonderful for the Virgo who tends to worry, as it instills a sense of calm, peace, and protection. This heavenly blue crystal connects you to higher consciousness, and helps you release your stress and anxiety by focusing on the bigger pictures, your divine purpose, and letting go of the little details that do not matter.



Dear Libra, on August 11 Uranus goes retrograde in the sign of Taurus. It is a time to contemplate what freedom means to you in every sense of the word. Freedom in career, relationship, spirituality, etc. Look back at your experiences, and truly understand what made you feel caged, and what made you soar. Halite is a crystal made of salt, and is wonderful for purifying your home and your energetic body, as well as removing emotional barriers. It helps you realize that freedom starts from within, and anything heavy that we are holding on to from the past only weighs us down. Allow halite to cleanse you of energy and emotions that keep you tethered. If you cannot obtain halite, take a salt bath or carry a pouch of salt.


Black Kyanite

Dear Scorpio, on August 17 your ruling planet Mars enters Virgo, encouraging you to take stock of your relationships. It’s time to Marie Kondo your life. Use the energy of Mars and Virgo to take action, to nurture the relationships that bring you joy, and to take a hard look at the relationships that bring you pain and misery—and decide if you still need to participate in them. Black kyanite is a powerful crystal for cutting energetic cords. It helps protect your energy from those that drain you. It creates a psychic boundary, so people you wish to let go of do not seep into your thoughts or aura.



Dear Sagittarius, on August 11 your ruling planet Jupiter goes direct in your ruling sign. It’s time to claim your happiness and ride this new energy of luck and optimism. Jupiter retrograde was a time for you to review your spiritual truths, and you may have had some epiphanies by now. To take advantage of this fresh energy, work with iolite. This is the stone of journey and exploration, internal and external. Iolite will help you come to a place of truth; your truth and no one else’s. If your idea of success and joy is not what your parents wanted, if your spiritual beliefs do not resonate with your community, use iolite to help you forge ahead and gain the approval of the only person that matters: you.


Twin Quartz

Dear Capricorn, on August 2 an interesting Venus and Uranus square will challenge your values in romantic relationships. How does a monogamous relationship serve or hinder you? How does an open relationship serve or hinder you? How does not being in a relationship serve or hinder you? Ask yourself these questions in order to align with a partner that shares your same values. Work with twin quartz to call in your romantic soul mate, or to harmonize and get on the same page with your current partner. Twin quartz is formed when to terminated quartz grow together. It’s not about conventional vs unconventional relationships, it’s about agreeing on what you both need and desire.



Dear Aquarius, on August 15 we arrive at a full moon in your ruling sign. You will be encouraged to merge your heart with your mind. Aquarius rules humanitarianism and ideology, and the moon rules intuition and emotion. Allow your heart to inspire your new ideas and your passion to move the human race forward. Work with danburite to attune your crown chakra to your heart chakra, and vice versa. Your intellect is a powerful tool, but love must be its driving force. Danburite can assist you in using your genius in the name of compassion and healing. Use your brilliance to help as many as possible.


Blue Chalcedony

Dear Pisces, on August 1 Mercury goes direct in Cancer, encouraging you to get in touch with your emotions and to speak from the depths of your soul. Mercury in retrograde this past July may have made it difficult for you to communicate, but now you can relax. If you feel your words were misconstrued, or if someone said things to you that unintentionally hurt you, use blue chalcedony to help foster forgiveness, truth, and goodwill. This is the peacemaker’s stone, encouraging peaceful with relationships with other people and yourself. Often, we are our own worst critic, and we tend to forgive others before forgiving ourselves, use blue chalcedony to dissipate any negative energy that may have been influenced by Mercury retrograde.

Art by Johanna Martin