A Full Moon in Aquarius Means Things Are About to Get Weird

August 14, 2019

At 5:29 a.m. on August 15, 2019, the full moon will be in Aquarius.

There’s no such thing as a “typical” full moon in Aquarius, but this one is unusual even by the standards of this most eccentric sign.

Full moons tend to bring out the more emotional, instinctual—you might even say, irrational—side of our nature. And although Aquarius can be quite intuitive in its own way, it tends to favor the head rather than the heart. As a result, even full moons in this fixed air sign can have an emotionally detached kind of vibe.

What Does This Full Moon in Aquarius Mean?

But with this full moon opposite a whole stellium of planets in heart-centered Leo, there’s nothing detached about it! Mercury, the sun, Venus, Juno, and Mars are all in the fixed fire sign, making us feel like everything is an expression of who we are at the deepest, most essential level. Everything feels extremely personal—and no matter how much we try to stay neutral, we’re likely to take things personally too.

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But is that really so bad? After all, as much as we aspire toward objectivity in science, research, or journalism, our experience as individual humans is a lot more subjective than we realize. It’s only natural for us to have feelings—and feelings are meant to be expressed.

With so much Leo energy in the sky, though, it’s easy to get a little extra—especially if we feel like we’re not getting the attention we deserve. Tired of feeling like a misfit or outcast, we may seek validation by conforming to other people’s standards instead of our own. With the Aquarius moon and Leo stellium in a T-square with Vesta in Taurus, we’re challenged to stay grounded and keep our inner fire burning brightly, whether anyone notices or not.

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Uranus, the ruler of this lunation, is also retrograde in Taurus, bringing strokes of genius and flashes of insight that can feel like lightbulbs going off over our heads. We may not know how we know things—we just do. And in Taurus, this special knowledge is likely to come through our bodies, the energy in objects, or the natural world.

But with Uranus square Mercury in Leo at this full moon, there’s some conflict between the higher mind and the lower mind. Which should we trust: our own reason and intellect, or the intuition that hits us like a lightning bolt from above?

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At the time of this full moon, retrograde Neptune in Pisces will be exactly trine the north node in Cancer. Important insights about our destiny, evolution, and spiritual growth are flowing in right now. But they’re likely to come through non-linear, non-logical channels, so to access them we may need to suspend our disbelief and put critical thinking aside.

Still, with the Jupiter/Neptune square still in effect, it is possible to deceive ourselves, whether through too much magical thinking or too little. One thing’s for sure: At this full moon, we’ll want to avoid the common Aquarian trap of letting groupthink or the hivemind override our own personal knowing.

Read on for your sun and rising signs to learn more about the energies of this full moon:

Horoscopes for the August 2019 Full Moon in Aquarius


No drama, Aquarius? You usually try to stay above the fray, but that probably won’t work for you this time. A family situation is challenging you to cultivate your emotional intelligence—and the only way out is in. Try to understand what they’re feeling, even if you disagree intellectually.


What affects one affects all, Pisces, and that’s something you understand better than anyone. But being so tuned in to the world’s suffering can get overwhelming, and it’s tempting to check out. Rise to the occasion anyway: Sensitive souls like you are humanity’s best hope to make things better.


Headstrong, or heart-centered? When it comes to leadership styles, Aries, those are your options—and by now, you probably know which one is more effective. Most likely, the ego’s agenda isn’t the real heart of the matter here. So why not put it on the back burner for now?


We all want to make our families proud, Taurus, but that in itself just isn’t enough. Real motivation comes from pursuing a goal that’s personally meaningful to you. If you’ve been following the fast track to someone else’s idea of success, it may be time to go back to square one.


Learning should be fun, Gemini. But even social learners like you need to buckle down and hit the books once in a while. A solitary deep dive into the subject of your choice could make you a bona fide expert—and even better, help you understand your own mind.


Your cup overfloweth, Cancer! And with more blessings than you know what to do with, it’s natural to want to share the wealth. Just make sure you’re not totally detached from your own wants and needs—and remember to save some of the good stuff for yourself.


You were born to stand out, Leo! Concerns about how other people might perceive you often have an undue influence on the way you “show up” in public. It’s time to cut the crowd-pleasing antics and start playing to the most important audience: Yourself.


You’ve never cared much about being in the starting lineup, Virgo—just being on the winning team. Still, it’s hard to ignore the fact that in a current work situation, you’re the real MVP. Go ahead and take the credit, but remember: You’re all playing for the same side.


Not fit for public consumption? We get it, Libra—sometimes socializing feels too much like a performance. And there’s a whole other person you get to be when no one is watching. Maybe skip the party this time and hang out with that person instead!


Haters gonna hate, Scorpio—intellectually, you get this. But as a project of yours nears completion and you prepare to put it out there, you can’t help worrying how it’ll be received. Try not to get too emotionally invested: No matter what, you know it’s an inspired creation.


Lighten up, Sag! Everyone already knows you’re a genius—but the more you belabor that point, the less inspired your ideas will seem. Instead of trying to prove you’re the smartest person in the room, adopt a spirit of inquiry and ask what others might have to teach you.


What’s your secret weapon, Capricorn? Hard work and self-discipline get most of the credit for your success, but rest and recreation are equally important. Take a break to celebrate your successes now—it may ensure you’ll have more to celebrate in the future!

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