February's Forecast Includes a Clean Energetic Slate

January 31, 2019

With all planets in direct motion and a lot of cosmic energy invested into new beginnings, February is slated to be an exciting and invigorating month.

Venus—our lady of love and the planet of abundance and beauty—enters orderly, determined, and practical Capricorn on February 3, just a day ahead of the new moon in Aquarius. This new moon, which occurs at the same degree as the Great American Eclipse of August 2017, signifies the end of a long and likely somewhat arduous cycle of work along the Leo-Aquarius axis, which has attempted to teach us a balance between investing in self and investing in the collective. This new moon checks the ledger for what we have learned, then clears the slate and offers us an entirely new trail to blaze. This is an excellent time to set financial goals for the future.

February 7 A lively sextile of Mars to Mercury boosts all of our social skills and brews an air of excitement, which, when combined with the waxing crescent moon, creates perfect conditions for dreaming and scheming. Don’t be afraid to go big when it comes to your goals! The world feels solutions-oriented now; optimism polishes practicality and we’re beginning to get in the swing of the Capricornian mojo that rules so much of the mood of the next couple of years.

February 10 Mercury enters Pisces and awakens the dream state within us, inviting us to take a moment of reprieve from our responsibilities and onerous burdens in favor of blissed out daydreams and possibility. It is a great time to engage with the arts, mystic states, and manifestation magic.

February 13 Mars, the planet of ambition and war, is conjunct Uranus the disruptor at the anaretic degree of Aries. This very erratic and unpredictable energy may create waves in politics and global affairs. Mars is very strong in Aries. While Uranus lingers some weeks more before returning to Taurus for an eight-year stay in the first week of March. Both of these planetary forces—and this fiery meeting—are instrumental in reshaping our ideas of what is to come.

What do the stars have in store for you this year?

February 14 Mars enters stable and grounded Taurus, lending a certain gravity to our Valentine’s Day observations. Whether partnered or single, use the earthy nature of this transit to invite additional stability into your romantic intentions. Clarify your desires as the moon waxes toward fullness.

February 18 is one of the biggest days of the month: Chiron, the wounded healer, enters Aries for an eight-year cycle through our collective pain. Everything ruled by Mars will be under the centaur’s watchful and healing eye. Global peacekeeping will be thrown into the limelight at this time. Additionally, the sun enters Pisces which is typically a time when we may experience more imagination, sensitivity, and willingness to sacrifice or let go. Venus in Capricorn is conjunct Saturn, demanding that we get real about our desires. This all happens just one day before the full moon in Virgo, which hands us the keys to the kingdom and asks that we get to work.

The final notable aspect is Venus conjunct Pluto on February 22. This cosmic arrangement brings up one last temptation before we move forward with our plans. Do not be swayed. We have gained much insight from our struggles and we must carry those lessons forward without interruption.

Image by Anastasia Vityukova via Unsplash