Monthly Overview

An intellectual Gemini full moon on December 3 helps you take a logical approach to the things that are ending in your life right now, especially where your career is concerned. When one path is blocked off, find a new way around. Being detoured isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The sun’s inferior conjunction to retrograde Mercury on the twelfth makes it easy to reflect on the past and negotiate some changes if necessary. You may find secondhand information unreliable, so try to figure things out for yourself by doing your own research. Mercury’s retrograde ends on December 22, which isn’t soon enough for you. You can expect the brain fog to lift and clear thinking and communications to begin. If you’ve been experiencing technological difficulties, these should also cease. An easygoing Mars-Neptune trine lightens the mood on the twenty-eighth, just in time for a year-end party. You’ll also want to be a bigger part of your community, and going into the new year with that humanitarian drive can kick-start some really great plans. Think big when it comes to acting charitably! Selling yourself short is a mistake, because what you contribute to the world can be a game changer.

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Grounding Elements - Meditation of the Moment

Sun in Sagittarius: Life at Full Gallop

As the sun moves through Scorpio and into Sagittarius, we have a chance to manifest that wild, optimistic energy and live life at full gallop. Jessica Snow takes us on a run through the wilderness.

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