Manage the Erratic Energy of the Aquarius Full Moon With This Chakra Clearing

August 11, 2019

When the full moon enters Aquarius on August 15, get ready for emotional and instinctual eccentricities that can leave you feeling cloudy or overwhelmed. We’re in for a great time of taking things too personally, trying to express who we are too frequently—and feeling like everything we do is somehow an example of our deepest emotions—and reaching out often for validation from other people.

All of that can lead to some confusion about the information we’re receiving and whether we should trust it or not. You’ll likely question your own intuition—which will be in hyperdrive this moon cycle. A ritual to help clear out the clutter and bring your intuition back in focus will help you move forward.

Athena Bahri from Crystal Reiki Healer has provided the following chakra clearing ritual to help you clean up shop and have sharper intuition during this lunation. Chakra clearing rituals can take a fair amount of time, so make sure you’ve got the free time to do this exercise

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  • A piece of selenite, or one crystal for each chakra:
    • Root: Red jasper, black obsidian, black tourmaline, hematite
    • Sacral: Carnelian, orange calcite, citrine
    • Solar Plexus: Tiger’s eye, citrine, yellow jasper
    • Heart: Rose quartz, malachite, jade
    • Throat: Blue lace agate, angelite
    • Third Eye: Lapis Lazuli, amethyst, labradorite
    • Crown: Clear quartz, selenite, amethyst
  • One essential oil for each chakra from this list:
    • Root: Cedarwood, rosemary
    • Sacral: Patchouli, cinnamon
    • Solar Plexus: Lemon, anise
    • Heart: Rose, eucalyptus
    • Throat: Peppermint, sandalwood
    • Third Eye: Lavender, jasmine
    • Crown: Frankincense, sage

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  • Find a quiet place where you can relax and focus.
  • Set the intention for each crystal that works with the energy of your chosen chakra.
  • Place the correlating crystals directly on your chakras or hold them in your hands as you begin to meditate. Crystals have unique energy of their own that will work directly with your own energy to clear your chakras of dissonant energy.
  • If you’re using selenite: Selenite has the unique ability to cleanse all the chakras and your aura of all negative energy. Brush your body front and back (from Root to Crown) with the selenite and then meditate, holding it in your less dominant hand about four inches from your body. If you don’t quite have the hang of meditating, place the crystal under your pillow and sleep with it for as many days as it takes to feel more balanced.
  • Do breathwork for each chakra. This is a method of pulling in and releasing energy with your breath as you visualize each chakra. With each inhale you take in fresh energy and with each exhale, you release the negative energy attached to each chakra. Repeat each breath cycle at least five times or until you feel yourself relax in the focused chakra. Repeat for each chakra.

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  • Complete a visualization exercise for each chakra next. Visualization is a tool for those who have a very good sense of self and are already familiar with where chakras are and which are off-balance. During meditation, beginning with the Root Chakra and working your way up, visualize in your mind’s eye the state of each chakra and then visualize each one opening and releasing dissonant energy.
  • Put your essential oils in a diffuser. Allow the scent to wash over you, inhaling it and directing it to your chosen chakra to cleanse and balance your energy in that area.
  • Repeat the following mantra. Mantras and their sound vibration can be very effective in balancing and cleansing your chakras. Start with your Root Chakra and work your way up to the Crown Chakra. Hold the sound until the end of each breath and repeat 5 times. You can use a singing bowl to assist you in creating the sound.
    • Root: LAM
    • Sacral: VAM
    • Solar Plexus: RAM
    • Heart: YAM
    • Throat: HAM
    • Third Eye: OM (or KASHAM, choose what feels best)
    • Crown: OM (or prefer AUM)

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  • Finish your ritual by repeating the affirmations below. Affirmations are incredibly powerful in clearing your Chakras of negative energy and self-doubt. Repeat these to yourself and believe them as you say them. Repeat as many times as you need until you really feel and believe your words.
    • I am safe and confident.
    • I am creative and full of joy.
    • I am strong and completely capable.
    • I am love and love freely.
    • I am expressive and speak my truth.
    • I am calm and can solve any problem.
    • I am connected and at peace.

Remember there is no wrong way, only what works for you. Choose what feels right and repeat. Change happens when you make the choice to change your life, and then make that same choice every day. Before you know it, you’ll look back and see how far you’ve come.

Happy full moon!

Art by Mr. Babies