What You Need to Know About February’s Full Moon in Leo

February 1, 2023

While all full moons always act as reflections of the sun, quite literally, these sentiments will be pronounced when Luna shines brightly under the sign of the Lion on February 5. Leo is the only member of the zodiac ruled by the sun, embodying themes around ego, confidence, creativity, and warmth. Leos adore attention, charming their family and friends with playful antics and a shining disposition, at least when they’re in the mood to! Unfortunately, the shadow side of Leo can be a bit self-centered or dramatic, causing them to lash out whenever they’re feeling insecure or temperamental. 

The fiery energy of the Lion will be available for everyone to draw from during this full moon, which means you’ll likely see an influx of strong personalities. On one hand, these ego-inflating vibes can help you connect with others in a fun-loving manner, as long as you surround yourself with positive and supportive influences. 

Competitive or insecure individuals, on the other hand, may look for opportunities to tear others down, misdirecting their disappointments toward unassuming victims. Don’t feel guilty about letting your claws out if someone tries to chip away at your sense of self, though it would be wise to keep a tight grip on how deeply you scratch. Avoid hitting below the belt should you find yourself in a conflict, lest you find yourself in a full-fledged catfight. 

An unpredictable element will come into play during this astrological event, as the sun and moon form a harsh T-square with rebellious Uranus. This cosmic clash will bring a stubborn, yet restless energy to the table, and people may be difficult to please. Foundations will be rocked, and there’s also a distinct possibility that funds could be lost or mismanaged. Be sure to curb your appetite for spending right now, as it would be easy to lose count of how many dollars are being withdrawn from your accounts. 

As if full moons weren’t intense enough on their own, Venus and Mars will bring some added drama to the day, as they enter a harsh aspect in the heavens. Emotions will be heightened right now, threatening to trigger mood swings, agitation, and conflict. These sentiments will be felt most strongly within romantic entanglements, bringing strain to relationships that may already be on the rocks. 

Words could do some serious damage right now, making it important that you maintain a diplomatic and reasonable disposition should you find yourself butting heads with your darling. Unfortunately, not everyone will be in the mood to reach a consensus, and many will struggle with self-awareness and accountability. Do your best to walk a higher path and be the bigger person by willing to admit when you’re wrong or have crossed a line that maybe you shouldn’t have. 

Whether you find yourself laughing the night away with friends, working on a passion project, or untangling a dramatic argument, be sure to exercise respect for yourself and the people around you. Delivering kindness will allow you to receive it in return, even when you encounter tense or irritable companions. Your actions and words will shape you more than ever right now, making it important that you show the world your best side. 

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