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Get Lucky with the Aries Full Moon

Get Lucky with the Aries Full Moon

Today, under the Aries full moon, our desire for connection (sexual or otherwise) can help us push past our fears, risk vulnerability, and let new people and experiences in.

But first, we might need to give our expectations a reality check.

If we wait for the “perfect” conditions to materialize before jumping in, we’ll be waiting forever. Whether it’s a fear of intimacy or a cumbersome action figure collection, watch out for the temptation to cling to your old baggage as a way of avoiding change and growth. Part of what’s so scary about relationships is how they tend to drag that stuff out into the light, forcing us to deal with it. But the good news is, if we let the right people into our lives, we don’t have to deal with it alone!

With Venus and Mars also aligning in Virgo today, that long-awaited opportunity or connection is finally within our reach. However, each of these planets will also square Saturn later in the week—so just like Andy (Steve Carell) from the 2005 comedy The 40-Year-Old Virgin, we’re likely to encounter a few delays or setbacks before our desires are fulfilled. Don’t sweat it; use the extra time to reevaluate if this is what your heart truly wants and if you’re taking the best approach in going after it.

If the answer is no, change your course. Don’t overthink things—be yourself, act naturally, and it’s just a matter of time before you “get lucky!”

Is love in the cards for you?