Hello, Darkness! It's the November New Moon in Scorpio

November 5, 2018

On November 7 at 8:01am PST, the new moon will be in Scorpio.

When we talk about new moons, we usually emphasize the “lighter” side: starting fresh, setting positive intentions, and making magic. But at the new moon in Scorpio, we need to talk about the darkness.

After all, those few nights each month when the moon is invisible are where the real magic happens. At this time, we naturally withdraw from outward-directed activity and focus our energies within. Everything falls away but the essential core, which becomes the seed for our creative vision in the next lunar cycle.

What’s in store for you this coming month? Find out now!

Yes, death and rebirth go hand-in-hand at any new moon—but while some signs are uncomfortable facing this reality, the November 2018 new moon in Scorpio looks it straight in the eye.

What Does the New Moon in Scorpio Mean?

With intense focus and penetrating insight, Scorpio sees it all. But with this fixed water sign, what we see is often just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a whole lot more going on beneath the surface: subtle energies, subconscious motives, and suppressed emotions.

Scorpio plays its cards close to the vest, and at the November 2018 new moon in Scorpio, we’re likely to do the same. We know what we desire, and we’re determined to get it. But we’re wary of discussing our intentions with anyone else—that might take away their power.

And power is a big deal to Scorpio. What else would you expect from a sign ruled by both Mars and Pluto? Mars, the ancient ruler, represents the personal or “lower” will. Modern ruler Pluto represents the “higher” will—whether that’s destiny, evolution, or our belief in a Higher Power.

The secret to mastering Scorpio’s energy—and rising above negative expressions like manipulation and possessiveness—is putting the lower will in the service of the higher.

Horoscopes for the November 2018 New Moon in Scorpio


Rising from the ashes: You’ve done it before, Scorpio, and like your spirit animal the phoenix, you’re about to do it again. The question is, what new reality are you “rising” into? It doesn’t have to be a final destination, just your latest incarnation. But don’t be afraid to aim high—at this new moon, you’ve got the wind beneath your wings.


The brighter the light, the darker the shadow, Sagittarius. But the shadow isn’t all bad, you know—in fact, we bet there are more buried treasures than skeletons in your closet. And at this new moon, it’s time to start digging for gold. Reclaim something you’ve repressed or disowned about yourself, and let it finally see the light of day.


You’re really going places, Capricorn, and your intense focus and determination are guaranteed to get you there. But by the time you reach your objective, will it still be what you want? After all, people change—so for your goals to stay relevant, they’ve got to evolve along with you. At this new moon, get real about what’s driving you now.


Patti Smith was right, Aquarius: “People have the power.” But your ability to tune into collective energy is more like a superpower.  The only question is, do you use it for good or evil? At this new moon, you can channel the energy of the group to achieve anything you set your mind to—so please, keep the greater good in mind.  


“Love and light” may sound like New Age fluff to some, but you know better, Pisces. You’ve been through some dark nights of the soul, and emerged on the other side of those experiences with a new and undeniable radiance.  This new moon offers spiritual experiences that could be just as transcendent; sharing them with others makes them truly transformative.


Forbidden fruit just tastes better, doesn’t it, Aries? But some taboos exist for a reason—so before you break the rules, ask yourself just what those reasons are. After all, once you’ve crossed the line, the damage is done. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take risks at this new moon… but if you’re going to do it, do it with your eyes open.


Power couples have each other’s backs, Taurus—but what they don’t do is hold each other back. A real “dynamic duo” is one where both people are free to evolve. True, there’s always a chance you might outgrow each other (and we know that’s a scary thought). But at this new moon, for the relationship to grow, you’re gonna need some space.


Burning the candle at both ends—you can get away with it better than most of us, Gemini, but that doesn’t make it any better for your health. Sooner or later, that candle’s going to burn out if you don’t balance activity (both mental and physical) with rest. This can be a healing new moon, if you take time out to recharge your batteries.


You’re not as shy as you pretend to be, Cancer—you’re just waiting for the right moment to come out of your shell. Being selective about when, where, and with whom certainly adds to your mystique. But still, you’ve got to let your guard down once in a while to have a good time.  This new moon might be the moment you’ve been waiting for!


Pride isn’t everything, Leo, especially where family is concerned. Sure, you may hold the moral high ground in a family dispute, but there’s a lot more power in forgiveness than there is in nursing a grudge. Putting the past behind you may not be easy, but at this new moon, it’s something you can really pride yourself on.


Little details can make a big difference, Virgo. But not all of them are worthy of your attention. Some of them are just red herrings… and if you fixate too much on those, you could disappear down an unproductive rabbit hole. This new moon awakens your inner detective—but make sure the mystery you’re obsessing over is actually worth solving.


It’s not polite to talk about money, Libra, but that’s one rule of etiquette you can afford to break. After all, money itself is neither “good” nor “bad”—what matters is how you get it, how you use it, and what that says about your values. And at this new moon, it’s time to take an honest look at your own finances.
Art by the amazing Manzel Bowman.