The June Full Moon in Capricorn Renews Our Commitment to Growth

June 23, 2021

On June 24, 2021 (11:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time), there will be a full moon at 3°28’ of Capricorn.

Because it’s the polar opposite of her home sign, Cancer, the moon is never quite comfortable in Capricorn. And at this full moon, we might be feeling similarly out of our element.

Cardinal-earth Capricorn, after all, is a sign that craves structure and order. But the moon rules over those “watery” parts of ourselves that resist organization—the endless ebb and flow of our emotions, instincts, and moods.

Still, water needs a container to give it shape and form. And this is exactly what the Capricorn full moon provides: a safe, supportive structure to hold our emotions and channel them in constructive directions.

With the Cancer sun bringing conscious awareness to our unconscious feelings, we no longer have to be at the mercy of our moods. Instead, we can take responsibility for our emotions, and respond in mature and self-disciplined ways.

Remember, though, that there’s a balance between Capricorn’s tough love and Cancer’s TLC. And as Venus in Cancer opposes retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, we might find that we’re going to one extreme or the other. The realizations being unearthed right now can transform our relationships for the better—as long as our desire for connection is stronger than our desire for control.

What Does the June Full Moon in Capricorn Mean?

Fortunately, the sun and moon’s harmonious connections with retrograde Jupiter in Pisces are giving us a renewed appreciation for our own interconnectedness. Our faith in ourselves and each other is also being renewed, and we’re encouraged to back it up with concrete, practical actions.

After all, with retrograde Saturn ruling this lunation, our responsibilities to each other are just as important as our responsibilities to ourselves.

Saturn recently made his second square with Uranus (June 14), and around this full moon, Mars reenergizes this aspect. While retrograde Saturn in Aquarius can cut us off from our emotions, Mars in the opposite sign of Leo tends to take things personally—whether or not this is justified. As both planets square off with Uranus in Taurus, the challenge is to remain centered in ever-shifting circumstances, and not get too hot-and-bothered when something or someone throws us off.

Saturn and Mars also participate in a kite formation, along with Chiron in Aries and Juno in Sagittarius. While a kite is mostly made up of easy aspects, it’s the Saturn/Mars opposition that lights a fire under us to actualize its potential. We’re being presented with opportunities to heal yesterday’s wounds and rekindle our hopes for a brighter tomorrow. But we can only do this in partnership with each other. So we’ll need to keep our egos in check, and direct our personal power toward a shared sense of purpose.

Solitary striving might come more naturally under the Capricorn moon. But with Neptune stationing retrograde in Pisces (June 25), right now our sense of boundaries is a whole lot blurrier. Give freely of your energy and time, as you feel inspired—just make sure that it’s within reasonable limits.

Read on for your sun and rising signs to learn more about what this full moon means for you.

Horoscopes for the June Full Moon in Capricorn


Have you been strong for too long? If so, Capricorn, it’s time to be a little gentler with yourself. After all, sometimes it’s hard being human. The good news, though, is that no one’s expecting you to be anything else. Accepting yourself at this full moon makes it easier to accept others, too.


Pull yourself together, Aquarius! With your energies constantly flowing outward in acts of service, it’s important to gather them back in from time to time.  Retreat to your “fortress of solitude” at this full moon, even if it’s only for an hour or two. You’ll emerge much stronger and more supportive for others.


You can tell so much about a person from the company they keep. And Pisces, this full moon finds you reflecting on your own community connections. Leaving certain groups and linking up with others can be an act of self-preservation right now, depending on how safe and supportive the group dynamics feel.


Success isn’t always an uphill climb, Aries. Indeed, sometimes you can accomplish more in your career by letting things evolve organically than you can by struggling and striving. If the old ways of doing business aren’t working for you, this full moon shows you how to take a more intuitive and instinctive approach.


Learning can’t always be measured in diplomas and degrees. And at this full moon, Taurus, there might be more meaningful ways of tracking your intellectual or spiritual progress. Wherever you are on the journey, celebrate the mastery you’ve achieved—and then start thinking about how you can take it to the next level.  


Caterpillars don’t become butterflies out in the open, Gemini—their transformation unfolds inside a safe and cozy cocoon. So if this full moon finds you going through a metamorphosis, make sure that you have a protective container of your own. Shield whatever’s evolving in you from outside influences, until it’s ready to emerge.


You give and give and give. But for certain people in your life, it never seems to be enough. Sound familiar, Cancer? If so, then it might be time to start giving out some tough love. Setting boundaries with loved ones at this full moon makes it possible to love them and yourself.


Doing vs. being: Leo, that’s the dilemma this full moon may find you facing. While it’s good to be purposeful and productive—and indeed, you might benefit from working harder at this time—it’s also important to balance task-oriented activity with unstructured time and rest. Sometimes, doing nothing is doing something.


Having fun is serious business, Virgo—and at this full moon, it’s much too important to be left up to chance. It might seem counterintuitive, but being purposeful about building free time into your busy schedule and planning adventures in advance creates more space for you to be spontaneous.


Sometimes it’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve. But at this full moon, Libra, it might be safer to keep your private emotions out of the public sphere. Your personal and professional lives are equally sacred spaces, and compartmentalizing them right now could protect the integrity of both.


Struggling to collect your thoughts, Scorpio? If so, having some basic structure or framework to hang them on may be useful for you at this full moon. Remember, though, that the point is to organize information—not to exclude it. Be open to emotional insights that might not fit the paradigm.


A little bit of frugality can go a long way toward achieving your financial goals. And if you’ve been scrimping and saving, Sag, this full moon could bring some hard-earned rewards. If you’ve been a little lax lately, though, now is a good time to get yourself back on a budget.