June’s New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini Gets You Closer to Your Destiny

June 9, 2021

June’s new moon and solar eclipse happens on June 10, 2021 at 3:53 a.m. Pacific Time at 19°47’ of Gemini.

“A cafeteria with an abundance of choices.” According to the Sabian symbols, that’s where we find ourselves at this eclipse! And with so many different options enticing us, we might not feel ready to fully commit to any one of them just yet. For now, we’re enjoying sampling them all—a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

Still, we’ll want to be intentional about it.  After all, as a North Node eclipse, this new moon is deeply connected with our soul-level learning and growth. Pay attention to what’s sparking your curiosity right now. It could be key to understanding who you are in this moment… and who you are becoming.

Just keep in mind that during Gemini season, learning should be fun! Let yourself enjoy this eclipse’s educational experiences, without being in any particular rush to figure out what they mean. With eclipse ruler Mercury currently retrograde in Gemini (conjunct the sun and moon), it’s smarter to take a playful, curious, and carefree approach.

What Does the June New Moon Solar Eclipse Mean?

After all, eclipses are generally times where life stops making sense. Add Mercury retrograde to the mix, and the energy gets even more mischievous! So logic and reason may not be the most useful tools in our mental toolkit right now. Poetry, metaphors, and other forms of witty wordplay might be better at making sense of it all.

This is even more true as the sun, the moon, and Mercury square off with Neptune in Pisces. Right now, we’re unusually intuitive. But whatever we’re picking up with our psychic senses, it’s likely too vague to pin down in words. We might understand that something is true, without being able to prove why—or even explain how we know it at all.

Fortunately, with Pallas Athena conjunct nebulous Neptune, we have the wisdom to think strategically and recognize recurring patterns. Some synchronicities may be truly significant, while others are mere coincidence. Ultimately, though, we’re the ones who have to sort it out and decide for ourselves what it all means.

Then again, we might prefer to leave things open-ended for now. We don’t necessarily need or want to tie up every loose end, or close every plot hole in our personal story. Sometimes it’s more fun to let the mystery be, and leave ourselves a little something to wonder about.

It might be more practical too, as retrograde Saturn in Aquarius prepares to square Uranus in Taurus for the second time this year (exact on June 14). After all, if this aspect has taught us anything so far, it’s that uncertainty is the new normal—so we might as well get comfortable with being a little uncomfortable.

Mars is also uncomfortable at the time of this eclipse, as he sits in the last degree of Cancer and waits to make his dramatic entrance into Leo on June 11. And right now, we too might be feeling the urge to break out of our shell. This energy can be used for creative purposes, or for creating drama—the choice is up to us!

Read on for your sun and rising signs to learn more about what June’s new moon and solar eclipse menas for you.

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Horoscopes for June’s New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini


Identity is a complex thing that can be tricky to navigate. But Gemini, who says it can’t be fun? At this eclipse, playing around with different personas can help you experience the full spectrum of who you are—and find clarity on how you wish to present yourself going forward.


Two things can be true at once, Cancer. Still, right now there may be some tension between what you understand on an intellectual level and what you resonate with spiritually. At this eclipse, don’t be afraid to dive more deeply into these questions. Ultimately, it could bring a deeper sense of wholeness.


It’s said that when people come into your life, it’s either for a season, a reason, or a lifetime. But Leo, it’s probably too soon to tell which is which when it comes to your recent acquaintances. At this eclipse, be open to whatever these new connections are destined to become.


When you need to be, Virgo, you’re a master multitasker. But right now, you may be wondering if that’s the most effective use of your time and talents. This eclipse brings your attention back to what feels meaningful and purposeful to you, so you can stop scattering your energies to the winds.


Getting curious, Libra? This eye-opening eclipse season has shown you how much more there is to learn. And now, you have so many questions! But you may feel silly asking them, especially if they seem like things you “should” already know. Don’t let that fear keep you from finding out!


Now entering a judgment-free zone! Scorpio, you’re known for being one of the zodiac’s most sex-positive signs. But at times, you might take intimacy so seriously that you forget it’s supposed to be fun. At this eclipse, having a sense of humor about sex will make it easier to enjoy yourself.


We all have our areas of expertise, Sag. So if this eclipse reveals any gaps in your understanding, seek out someone who’s more knowledgeable on the subject. Don’t feel obligated to take their word for it, though—you’re always free to seek a second (or third) opinion.


Time is money, Capricorn. So it pays to have some structure in the way you spend your days. Still, at this eclipse, it might pay more to mix things up a little. Look for ways to build more flexibility into your regular routine, so you’re not all work and no play.


Variety is the spice of life, Aquarius. So at this eclipse, why settle for the same-old, same-old? With your eclectic array of interests and acquaintances, you should have no trouble finding something new and interesting to do. Take a chance and try something different—even if you’re not convinced it’s your thing.


Family is a funny thing, Pisces. But we can sometimes get so caught up in our family history and patterns that we forget to see the humor in them. At this eclipse, be willing to laugh a little at your family—and at yourself. It could reveal some surprisingly deep insights!


Words have the power to shape your reality. So Aries, if you’re looking to understand or experience something in a different way, why not try playing around with different words to describe it? At this eclipse, changing your vocabulary can radically change your perspective—and perhaps even your life.


Interested in diversifying your assets, Taurus? At this eclipse, the answer may lie not in acquiring new resources, but in reevaluating and reimagining what you already have. Chances are, you can do much more than you think with your existing resources—especially intangibles like energy, knowledge, talents, and time.