What Is the Law of Attraction (and How to Use It)

May 15, 2019

What if I told you that you can manifest anything you desire, just by asking for it? By using the Law of Attraction—and continuing to with your personal efforts, of course—you have the power to bring your thoughts and dreams into the physical realm.

What Is The Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is the law of the universe, that what comes into our lives is what we attract. That everything is built of energy, and thus thoughts are destined to manifest into realities. If you are thinking positively, positive things are likely to come into your life—and you’re more likely to notice. If you are focusing solely on the negative, negative things are bound to show up. By using the Law of Attraction, we are asking the universe for exactly what we want and trusting that they’ll show up. Ask and you shall receive.

Okay, there’s a little more to the Law of Attraction. You can’t just stand outside give the sky a list of your demands. To manifest things into your life, you need to change your thought processes. Here are some shortcuts to help manifest your desires faster to attract the life you want.

33×3 Manifestation Method

Using a pen and a journal, write down exactly what you desire 33 times using the present tense—as if you already have it. For example, if you want to manifest a job, write “I’m so happy and thankful for my new job” 33 times. While you’re writing, try to visualize the job you want and how good it feels to have it. Don’t focus so much on how you’ll actually get it. When you have written your desire 33 times, end the letter with, “So let it be, right now. Thank you so much for this gift. I know it is for my highest good,” and sign your name. Continue to do this for two more days, dating each letter before you begin. After three days have passed, forget about it. Live your life, trusting that what you want is coming. This method could also be done 55×5, 44×4 or 22×2 and even 11×1—whatever feels right to you.

Manifestation Playlist

If you’re a music lover, a manifestation playlist can be a great way to help attract what you desire. Make a playlist of all the songs that give you the feelings you want to be experiencing. For example, if you want to attract a new relationship, make a playlist of all your favorite love songs. If you want to move to New York City, a playlist of songs about Manhattan is in order. Listen to your playlist either when you first wake up, before you go to bed, or just throughout the day. Focus on the vibes of each song while listening.

Vision Board

If you are a more visual learner, a vision board is a perfect way to manifest your dream life. Grab some poster board and old magazines, or look for images online and print them out. Find pictures of what you wish to have in your life, like your dream house, places you want to travel, whatever you want. Then, collage them. Put the poster board somewhere visible, like hanging next to your bed, or at your desk. Don’t have space for it? Use a picture collage app on your phone to make a collage of the images you want, then put the collage as your phone’s background or screensaver.

Mantra Mediations

Mantras are great aids for manifestation because you are speaking what you want into existence. Decide on a simple phrase you want to use as your mantra (or use a mantra based on your zodiac sign). Then, for ten to twenty minutes a day, right after you wake and before you go to sleep, meditate on that mantra, making sure you’re saying it in the present tense. Clear your mind of everything but your mantra and the feelings that come with it.


Manifestation Tips

  • Detach from the outcome: The biggest problem people have with manifestation is that they are too focused on the outcome. Some people even give up if what they desire doesn’t happen instantly. Manifestation is a trust fall with the universe. Believe that what you ask for will happen and continue to go about your life while the universe works on it. Would you be happy if someone asked you to do something, then constantly nagged you about it? Of course not—and the universe doesn’t like it either. So be patient.
  • Use one shortcut per desire: You can use all these methods to attract what you want, but don’t use them all for one desire. For example, you can use the 33×3 method to attract more money and use the manifestation playlist to attract a new partner, but don’t use the 33×3 method and mantra meditation at the same time to attract a new job. It’ll show that you don’t trust the universe to give you what you want. Trust is key.
  • Express gratitude: If you receive a present from someone, the first thing you do is say “Thank you,” right? If you want something, remember to thank the universe for helping you out. Donating to charity, helping others, or even writing the universe a letter are great ways to express your gratitude. Remember, you are acting like you already have what you want, so give the universe gratitude in advance.

Art by Tay Pineda J