5 Leo Season Dates to Take Your 2021 Summer Over the Top

July 21, 2021

If you’re looking into channeling some serious magic this summer—look no further! We bring you the most positive dates for Leo season 2021!

Leo season is always a fan favorite, but why? Leo’s ruling planet is the sun, so it’s fair to say that the sun is quite literally happiest when moving through this zodiac sign. As we find ourselves in the peak of summer, we’re typically already embracing a carefree attitude and eager to sign off work early for some summer fun. Play and creativity are at the heart of Leo season. This is a time for us to embrace and explore our inner child and our inner child’s needs. And while we’re used to focusing on Leo’s happy-go-lucky, positive exterior, the truth is that this Leo season, in particular, arrives with some emotional speedbumps.

Throughout 2021, we’ve already been grappling with the year-long, tug-of-war between responsible Saturn in Aquarius and shocking Uranus in Taurus. Add Leo to the mix and we’ve got three fixed signs, known for their stubbornness and determination, at odds in the sky. It’s important to acknowledge the possible trigger points during Leo season so we can make the most of the bright and beautiful days sprinkled throughout the season, too. We’re about to experience five out of the ten planets in the sky in domicile, or in their natural ruling signs. This means the planets will be able to express their energies with ease and a natural hint of magic.

Let’s see what this Leo season 2021 has in store for us. But first, let’s make sure you can keep track of these enchanted upcoming dates. If you want to make the most of these aspects while out and about, subscribe to Astrology+, where you can sync these dates directly to your phone.

The Best Five Dates of Leo Season

July 22: Sun enters Leo: It’s no surprise the sun loves to be in Leo—it’s the center of the solar system, and we all know Leos love a little extra attention. When the sun is in Leo, we find ourselves able to channel a natural confidence. A positive mindset comes naturally and our creativity abounds. If you want to make your Leo season even more magical, the best way to channel a lion or lioness’ energy is to practice mirror work. Stand in front of your mirror daily and recite positive affirmations in the present tense: “I am beautiful.” “I am worthy.” “I have a big heart.” Taking the time to focus on yourself each day is a piece of Leo’s magic. It’s through self-discovery and self-reflection that we’re able to experience the most growth. Watch the changes unfold before your eyes.

June 24: Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces: In ancient astrology, Mercury is quite the magician. Today when we hear about Mercury, we almost automatically think Mercury retrograde and can instantly recall all of our most recent retrograde horror stories. But the truth is that Mercury can transcend worlds—from earth to the depths of hell, and that requires otherworldly magic. When our mystic messenger meets with spiritual and idealistic Neptune, our intentions, minds, and thoughts can take on a powerful role. This is a day to be mindful of what you say—as you may speak something into existence. This is a wonderful day to journal, set intentions, create sigils, or spend time doing dream work. If you’re an artist, you may receive some inspiration in the form of cosmic downloads!

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August New Moon

August 8: New Moon in Leo: New moons are ripe for manifestation and magick work. Leo new moons, in particular, offer a unique chance for us to focus on ourselves. What do you want to call in this Leo season 2021? What do you want your life to look like in six months? This isn’t about manifesting love or a job promotion—this is much deeper. It’s time to put yourself first on the pedestal and be selfish for a second. It’s a chance to craft your dream world and call it into existence. A wonderful way to spend this lunation is by catering to your inner child—visit a playground and hop on a swing, play a board game, or fingerpaint. What’s most important is that you release the ego-centered beliefs that usually limit us in adulthood. Be playful and allow yourself to relax, despite your responsibilities. It’s that feeling of natural fun and joy that is quite fertile and can bring more magic into our lives.

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Communication & Love Get a Boost

August 11: Mercury enters Virgo: We know Mercury is magical, but when Mercury enters Virgo, it enters its domicile and its exaltation all in one. There’s a reason Virgos are so thoughtful and careful with their words—there’s an inherent sense that words carry weight. Our analytical minds take center stage and become laser-focused on what matters most. Virgos are often referred to as the editor of the zodiac, naturally knowing how to pinpoint what’s excess and distill a message down to its core. This is a wonderful time to do a mental inventory—what’s cluttering your brain and taking up emotional space? What can you release? Refining your thought process and concentrating on what truly matters in your life will create space for new thoughts, paths, and adventures to thrive.

August 16: Venus enters Libra: Prepare for the season of love! Venus thrives in social and sweet Libra, as it is one of the signs that it rules. When Venus is in Libra, our senses become heightened and it’s hard to avoid listening to our heart. Intellectual stimulation becomes foreplay, and our wardrobe becomes our playground. There is beauty around every corner—art, makeup, furniture, textures—you name it! Venus in Libra will lend a creative eye. This is one of the most magical and potent times for self-love work. Dedicating time to building up your self-esteem in both an emotional and physical way will work wonders. If you want a mani-pedi, treat yourself already! If you could use a confidence booster—be mindful of how you communicate with yourself! Venus is a benefic in astrology that delivers blessings, all you have to do is take a leap of faith and ask.