This Is the Type of Magic That's Best for Your Zodiac Sign

June 2, 2020

There are many ways to approach magic.

Spell work has roots in history, mythology, and culture all around the world. And while the ways one practices can differ greatly, there are two constants: intention and focus. So which approach makes the most sense for your slice of the zodiac?

The following magical practices are curated based on the characteristics of your sun sign. Read for your rising, as well!

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Candle Magic

As the first creature of the zodiac and a cardinal sign, Aries is the ultimate initiator. Those born under the sign of the ram know what they want, and they probably want it now—or yesterday. In fact, Aries can really benefit from a constant reminder that magic takes patience, intention, and focus to manifest.
Candle magic is a simple yet powerful way to bring focus and symbolic transformation to spell work, making it the perfect form of magic for Aries. All it takes is some matches, a candle, and intention (but feel free to get elaborate). Choose a candle color that corresponds to your intention (green for money, or pink for love for example) and dress your candle in any oils that resonate with you and your spell. Cast away!


Natural Magic

The natural world is a powerful reminder of the presence of magic, and Taurus can tap into the cyclical energy of the Earth through nature-centric magic. This form of magic uses the seasons and cycles of the sun, moon, and even the time of day to inform its spell work.
This type of work is best performed outdoors in nature so that the practitioner is able to clear their mind and focus on the intention at hand. Sometimes these spells may take an entire season to work, which goes well with the slow-and-steady-wins-the-race mentality that Taurus treasures.

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Petition Magic

Gemini has one of the most active minds of the zodiac, constantly zipping through information and crunching data. This mental agility is Gemini’s superpower, and if harnessed and directed, these natives can create some potent magic! Petition magic is a wonderful type of spell work for Geminis, helping them to direct their mental energy and manifest a desired outcome.
This form of magic involves writing down what you are trying to achieve (a new job, healing for a friend, etc.) on a special piece of paper and reading it a few times until you’ve memorized the spell. Keep the language positive, and after you’ve internalized the petition, fold it and keep it on your altar. Once your magic has worked, burn the paper and spread the ashes at a crossroads to seal your spell.


Lunar Magic

As the moonchild of the zodiac, Cancer natives are especially moved by the subtle energies of the lunar calendar. Cancer can take advantage of this sensitivity by performing spell work that is linked to the cycles of the moon. As the moon waxes and wanes, the intentions of your magic should change as well.
The new and waxing moons can help bring in new opportunities and abundance, while full and waning moons are best utilized for banishing and healing work. Whether you use candles, petitions, or sigils in your spell work, be sure to time your ritual around the proper moon phase.



As the zodiac’s flashiest performer, Leo loves to put on a show. Lions can actually boost their magic by chanting or singing mantras and channeling their inner diva. Cultures and spiritual practices throughout the world utilize mantras, and whether you’re manifesting love, healing, or abundance into your fabulous life, your voice itself is the magical device.
Chanting elevates the energy of spell work, and repetition enhances the power of the words being spoken. Some mantras lack verbal meaning but contain tones that are said to hold spiritual power. Try creating your own mantra or explore the rich variety of mantras from different spiritual practices and find one that resonates with you.

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Practical Magic

Virgo has the natural ability to keep things real, grounded, and down to earth. These detail-seekers can make excellent magicians, joyfully creating the perfect environment for their magic to bloom. By utilizing practical magic, Virgo can benefit from spell work in both the spiritual and mundane world.
Practical magic is, literally, practical. Think deep cleaning your house after a break-up while visualizing the energy of your ex leaving as you physically remove any residue of them. This type of spell work can also be a wonderful reminder to bring a little more magic into every part of your routine.


Vision Boarding

Creativity can be a crucial part of spell work, and vision boarding is a great way for Libras to hone in on exactly what they want. A meditative and intentional act of creation brings focus and power to magical work, helping to increase its likelihood of success.
Finding images, symbols, and numbers can inspire your subconscious mind and bring clarity to your magic. Assemble the life you want and take the necessary actions each day to bring the images on your board into your reality. Be creative and think big for best results.


Sex Magic

Scorpio is the sign of death and regeneration, well-suited for working with intense energy. The sign of the Scorpion is also ruled by the sexual organs, so why not utilize your body in your magic? Sex magic uses the power of the orgasm to help manifest your desires and focus your intention.
Whether through chanting mantras or focusing on a symbol, sexual power has long been used by cultures around the world for centuries to bring in love, power, and energy. While you can engage in whatever elaborate rituals turn you on, sex magic is simply using your orgasm as the vehicle for your magic.


Chaos Magick

Sagittarius natives live for breaking out of the box, questioning the rules, and going their own way, making these fiery souls the perfect candidate for the elusive world of chaos magick. This is a relatively recent form of magic that dates back to England in the 1970s, with its roots in both occult history and the postmodern mindset of the time.
Chaos magick involves writing down an intention, turning it into a sigil, and then trying your best to forget about it. While this may seem counter-intuitive, chaos magicians believe that the act of focus followed by disassociation magically releases the intention into the chaotic nature of reality, helping your spell to manifest.

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Ceremonial Magic

If there’s one thing Capricorn excels at, it’s the enhanced ability to stick with a routine. Many magical practices are built along similar lines, especially magic that involves the use of ceremony. By using charged objects and specially prepared spaces and movements, ceremonial magic uses the power of specific actions to yield specific results.
Ceremonial practice is based on Judeo-Christian mysticism and involves creating highly charged events that evoke the senses through offerings, incense, incantations, and color. This form of magic is purposefully elaborate, meant to bring full focus to your intention.


Group Magic

Aquarians live for bringing people together under a like-minded cause, and this concept applies perfectly to magical workings. There truly is power in numbers, and when a group of people gather with a singular intention, the energy of its magic is greatly increased.
Ceremonies and rituals around the world utilize the power of numbers. Aquarians can amplify their intentions and connect with their community through intentional gatherings. This type of magic is best used for intentions which will benefit all involved.


Ritual Cleansing

As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces is perhaps most in touch with the spiritual plane, making them natural magic makers and sensitive beings. Clearing is an important part of any magical practice and an especially important one for Pisces.
The world can be a difficult, dirty place, and taking part in rituals that clear your body, space, and energy field is crucial when you have a magical practice. Ritual cleansing can involve baths, cleaning an object or a space with smoke, or using sound to remove stagnant energy.