Make Sex Magic and Embody Desire this Full Moon in Scorpio

April 25, 2018

Full Moon in Scorpio
Sunday, April 29, 2018

This beautiful full moon comes to us April 29, unfolding and spreading out on a Sunday. Often called the Pink Moon, this name references the color field of hues we are lucky enough to witness in the Northern Hemisphere at this time.

We are in full force Springtime, walking around on an awakened Earth. She’s chartreuse and emerald and pine and sage and fuchsia and blushing and cherry blossoms and daisies and daffodils and so forth. She’s humming with energy, and at this time, you just might be as well! 


There is nothing more creative than the endless combination and displays that nature generates. Where are you ready to bring more creativity into your life? What different combinations will you experiment with? 

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When the moon is full in Scorpio, the sun is in Taurus. A Scorpio full moon can be a time of transformation. A time of recharging our strongest resolves. Supported spell workings on a Scorpio full moon include protection, ambition, psychic and intuitive ability, overcoming adversities and adversaries, death, and renewal. You may wish to do spell work around transformation, recreation, creativity in general, lust, sensuality, sexuality, and sex. 

This full moon comes in right before Beltane, or May Day: the Pagan holiday that celebrates life, love, pleasure, and sex. Beltane, the Sabbat between the Spring and Summer Equinox, is a marker of the earth’s awakening, and the union of the Goddess and the God. Traditionally, Beltane is celebrated with bonfires, revelry, dancing, drinking, feasting, and sex! 


Beltane reminds us how important fun and pleasure is to living. Embodying what you’d like to receive is an integral part of a magical practice. If threading around a May Pole or dancing around a raging bonfire isn’t in the cards for you this Tuesday evening, you can still work magic. Give yourself an evening off if you can. Focus on what makes you feel good.

Sinking into our pleasure can be a magical experience. After this winter, it can be a much-needed experience. Let’s reconnect with the tactile.

Eat some chocolate and rub your tongue all around your mouth. Stick your nose in some flowers and inhale the blooming into your own body. Give yourself a massage. Stretch your body all the way out. Cast a sex-magic spell. Take the time to reconnect with your physical self and what it needs.

Giving yourself the permission to feel pleasure for pleasure’s sake only is a beautiful reminder to your subconscious mind that you are deserving of all the goodness that you have, and all the goodness that is yet to unfold. Allow yourself to give. Allow yourself to receive. Reflect on whether you need more giving or more receiving in all the aspects of your life. 


Build a Flower Altar

Build a flower altar: purchase or collect flowers or other intriguing plant life from your neighborhood. Thank the plants for existing. You can put them on your altar, make a mandala, or put some of the petals in a bath. 

Light a candle and take a moment to meditate. Picture yourself as a flower. You are a beautiful bloom.

What do you need? To be seen? Appreciated? Do you need more hydration? More time? More space?

Give that to yourself with your words, thoughts, actions. Water yourself and your dreams by allowing yourself to unfold. Write down what you need, and slip it under the candle. Promise to give yourself what you need over the coming weeks. 

Embody desire

Take time to really think about what you want. No shame, no judgment.

Who or what would you need to embody to transform into this desire? Write down what you would need to embody.

What energy would you need to present? Do you want more love in your life? Maybe you need to be more loving to yourself and those around you? Do you need more harmony in your life? Maybe it is time to practice holding your tongue, or forgiving yourself more?

Admit to yourself what you want, and begin the practice of embodiment on this full moon. 

Create Sex Magic

Sex magic is a potent channeling of energy.

Cast a sex magic spell on this full moon Sunday evening. Clean your bedroom. Change your sheets. Clear your space by opening a window or lighting some Palo Santo. Light a candle. Get really clear on what you are invoking.

Allow this desire to fill your body up as you pleasure yourself. Try to only think about that which you are calling in and invoking as you masturbate. If you orgasm, when you orgasm, float your intention up into the cosmos. Otherwise, release your intention up with your breath.  

Happy full moon! 

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