Mars in Virgo Is Here to Upgrade Your Life

August 13, 2019

Mars will be transiting Virgo from August 17 to October 3, and brings with it opportunities to make your life better. This transit affects everyone, not just Virgo natives. Mars can be quite happy traveling through Virgo, as Mars likes to get things done and Virgo favors efficiency. You can access this positive energy to improve your day-to-day life. Here are a few things you need to know to get the full benefit of this transit.

What’s in the stars for you this month?

What’s Mars in Virgo?

When action is needed in some aspect of your life, you tap into the energy of Mars, associated with determination, courage, and will-power. At times Mars can be impulsive, even ruthless—after all, this planet was named for the god of war. It takes around two years for Mars to travel through around the sun through the 12 signs of the zodiac. And now, in its cycle, Mars has reached Virgo.

The energy of Virgo is diligent and careful. There can be a focus on cleaning, decluttering, and tidiness. Virgo governs your daily work, routines, and habits of a more practical nature, along with health, exercise and eating habits. This is the energy for creating improvement in your life. It takes what is—whether that be a process, a product, or a person—finds the flaws and then tries to correct them. These minute course corrections are what takes your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

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How does this energy affect the world?

When Mars transits Virgo, everyone is a critic. There will be people who are lining up to tell others what they are doing wrong—in detail. This may sound like something that happens all the time, but with Mars is in Virgo you can see (and experience) it on a whole new level. The amount of detail people will go into about what others are doing wrong can fill volumes. Think of it as criticism on steroids.

If taken constructively, this criticism can be beneficial; sometimes becoming aware of what’s not working and looking for new ways of doing things can lead to fantastic results. But the delivery of the information during the period of Mars in Virgo may not be to everyone’s tastes. There can be more of a focus on calling out the problem rather than being diplomatic and constructively working on solutions. That we will experience when Mars goes into Libra.

How does this energy affect individuals?

Mars rules your survival instinct. In ancient times, a person may have been fighting off hordes of wild beasts, but today, you may be fighting with your partner or competing with others on your office team for a promotion or showing your anger when another driver takes your parking space. Mars represents your willingness to fight for and protect what’s valuable to you and to protect the people who are important in your life. Sometimes it’s necessary to stand up and fight, but you can choose how you express these feelings so that irritation doesn’t morph into mushroom clouds of fury.

When Mars transits Virgo, you become aware that your life is divided into two distinct parts. On the one side are all of the areas in your life where you feel confident in your execution, self-assured of your accuracy, and in your knowledge that you can produce quality results. This transit can be a very productive period.
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On the other side are all the areas of your life where you feel unappreciated or incompetent, brining difficult emotions which can result in you using your verbal weapons to defend yourself like being snarky to a coworker or sarcastic to your partner. Others can accuse you of being overly critical or insensitive while you’re feeling they are doing this to you.

The best part of Mars in Virgo is you can make great strides in improving your daily life. Mars in Virgo encourages healthy eating, exercise, and tidiness. You may have a sudden urge to “KonMari” your sock drawer—or your entire house. You have enthusiasm for projects and the workday breezes by. At the end of the day, you still have energy for yoga or hike with friends. Answers you’ve been searching for suddenly come to mind and you see how small tweaks can improve your life in many areas. At this time, others will be your mirror. If you recognize what irritates you about others you can receive a message of what you need to change in yourself. Overall, you are likely to come out of this transit richer, healthier, and wiser.

Art by Becca Reitz