The Scorpio Super Full Moon Decodes Messages From You Subconscious Mind

May 5, 2020

On Thursday, May 7, 2020 (3:45 AM Pacific Time) the full moon will be at 17°20’ Scorpio.

Spring is in full bloom, but the Sabian symbol for this full moon describes “woods brilliant in autumn coloring.” And somehow, that just feels right: In their own way, both spring flowers and autumn leaves make the Scorpionic statement that nothing lasts forever, so we should enjoy life’s beauty while we can.

That’s a sobering message in the heart of Taurus season, when most of us would rather just chill. But ignoring life’s deeper, darker dimensions doesn’t make them any less real. The same is true for emotions: Instead of bottling them up, this full moon insists on bringing them to the surface.

What does this full moon in Scorpio mean?

The moon’s opposition to Mercury in Taurus can put us at a loss for words to express the depth and complexity of what we’re feeling. But that just makes it more important to try—even if we have to rely on nonverbal communication.

Fortunately, the moon’s trine with Neptune in Pisces boosts our extrasensory perception. And with Mercury and Neptune in an exact sextile, signs are all around us—all we have to do is pay attention. Messages can come from anywhere, from the natural world (plants, animals, stones, weather, your own body) to places beyond the earthly realm.

Mercury is also about to trine Pluto, who rules this lunation (May 9). Pluto stationed retrograde in Capricorn recently, and now Mercury is helping him undo old ways of being, thinking, and communicating that no longer support our evolution. Mercury trines Jupiter on May 10, giving us reason to believe we really can transform our lives for the better. And as the Scorpio full moon sextiles Pluto and Jupiter, we have ample opportunities to dig up “buried treasure” and find the gifts hidden within emotional challenges.

Still, it’s okay if we’re not quite there yet. After all, this moon is intense! So brood for as long as you need to—even if a square with Mars in Aquarius pressures you to get over it and just move on already.

With the Scorpio moon quincunx Venus in Gemini, we may look for ways to distract ourselves. But rather than trying to fill the void, we’re asked to sit with our discomfort—at least for a little while. As much as we desire variety and novelty, these may not be easy to come by (especially once Venus goes retrograde, May 12-June 24).  With a limited range of options, we’ll need to be more resourceful and creative.

Venus isn’t the only planet going retrograde after this full moon: Saturn in Aquarius (May 10-September 28) and Jupiter in Capricorn (May 14-September 12) will do so as well. The best use of this time is to cultivate gratitude for what we already have, instead of chasing after “bigger and better” things. We’re challenged to rein in our excesses, step up our self-discipline, and take personal responsibility for the sake of our collective future.

Read on for your sun sign and rising to learn more about the energies of this full moon.


Horoscopes for the full moon in Scorpio

May of 2020


That poker face is fooling no one, Scorpio—at least, no one who’s been paying attention. With this full moon digging up deep, intense emotions, those who know you best can’t help but sense that something’s up. You’re better off saying something, even if you’re not in a talkative mood.


Human behavior can be pretty mysterious, Sag. But at least this full moon is making your own hidden motives a little bit clearer. Daily habits and routines can either sabotage, or set you up for success—so be mindful of what you’re doing and why.


It’s true what they say, Capricorn: Slow and steady does win the race. Still, right now things may not be progressing as quickly as you’d like. Instead of trying to force it, this full moon invites you to take a well-earned pause and appreciate how far you’ve already come.


Roots and wings: Aquarius, we need them both. This full moon not only reconnects you with the memories and traditions that made you who you are; It reveals glimpses of the person you’re destined to become, as you shed certain aspects of your identity and step into new ones.


This too shall pass, Pisces: This full moon reminds you that the one thing we can truly depend on in life is change. You may not feel ready to let go of certain desires or emotional attachments, but your willingness to release them could make way for new opportunities.


Life has given you so much, Aries. And while this full moon encourages you to count your blessings, it also reminds you of your responsibility to share the wealth. After all, “your” money and possessions don’t really belong to you—they’re just the universe’s abundance flowing through you.


Relationships are mirrors, Taurus. And at this full moon in your opposite sign, they’re revealing a lot about you. Loyalty is a priceless trait, both in others and in yourself. But if longtime friends and partners aren’t evolving along with you, do they really deserve it?


By helping others, Gemini, you often help yourself—that’s what this full moon is all about. Still, it’s important to be aware of any ulterior motives. Your altruistic acts may not be quite as “selfless” as they seem—and that’s okay, as long as you’re honest with yourself about it.


The thrill is gone, Cancer: Lately, activities you’ve always enjoyed have either lost their appeal, or become less available. Still, you may be resistant to changing your plans. This full moon urges you to let it go, and find more creative and resourceful ways to amuse yourself.


From a distance, Leo, it seems like very little has changed. But this full moon goes up close and personal to reveal what’s really going on. As emotions are stirred up and illusions are dissolved, your life is being transformed. Let your regular routines be a source of stability and strength.


Ready for a paradigm shift, Virgo? As content as you’d be to keep looking at things the same old way, this full moon reveals that the old assumptions no longer apply. Empathy and compassion for others awakens you to new ways of understanding the world.


The bare necessities: More than ever, Libra, you’re realizing what they are. If it doesn’t meet a basic need or fulfill a deep, heartfelt desire, this full moon says it’s got to go. Releasing the things you don’t need allows them to find their way to others who’ll appreciate them more.