Mercury Goes Retrograde in Gemini and Taurus: Here’s What to Expect

May 9, 2022

Out of all the retrograde planets in the sky, the one performed by Mercury is the most feared and talked about. 

Mercury’s close proximity to the sun, our very own star, speaks of the vital role this planet has in our lives. Every time we think, write, communicate, travel and interact with the outside world, we are in the realm of Mercury. And all these areas of life are affected when Mercury is functioning in this out-of-the-ordinary state, challenging us to think about things from a different perspective. 

About every three months, Mercury’s speed diminishes, and so we begin a process of deep introspection and stillness. An important concept to remember is that every single Mercury retrograde is different—because of the sign it is currently in and the planetary connections it will make to other planets in the sky. 

This time, Mercury will retrograde in two signs—beginning in Gemini on May 10 and ending in Taurus on June 3. Full of dichotomies, this Mercury retrograde will have two very different flavors. The first part of the retrograde, which goes from May 10 to May 22, will be extremely mental, as it happens in Gemini, an intellectual air sign that Mercury rules, and whose nature is inquisitive, expressive, and quick-witted

The energetic signature of the sign of the Twins is known for its restlessness—so, during this first part of the retrograde, we can expect to feel mentally nervous and all over the place. Taking breaks from work, technology, and social media will be crucial, which will allow us to reset our brains and regulate the incoming waves of data. Grounding techniques like meditation will be key in reconciling both sides of a situation or story in perfect harmony. After all, Gemini is the sign of sacred duality. A positive connection with Jupiter in Aries will instigate exciting ideas that can lead to new visions and develop successfully in 2022 and 2023. 

From May 22 to June 3, Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus, which is sure to stretch our patience. Unlike Gemini, Taurus is not a zodiac sign Mercury likes to be in, as its terrain is too slow for the swift messenger planet. From this moment on, the effects of Mercury retrograde will change, adopting a more tangible form. Because earthy Taurus is the sign of the body, Mercury retrograde here could feel like a disconnection between our mind and our senses, making it difficult to express and fulfill our desires.  

During this entire time, Mercury will be in a tight connection with Saturn, the planet of boundaries, adding another layer of difficulty, as Saturn is the planet of mastery. The last few days of Mercury retrograde will be about investing our mental energy, time, and effort in arriving at the essence of our Mercury retrograde story. This is when we get to ground the ideas that came to us during the first part of the retrograde, so they can soon begin to gain a solid footing. 

The area of your chart ruled by Gemini and Taurus is where your own personal Mercury retrograde story will unfold

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