Mercury Goes Retrograde in Libra To Help You Recalibrate Your Relationships

September 24, 2021

Mercury stations retrograde on September 26, 2021, at 25°28’ Libra,

and stations direct on October 18, 2021, at 10°07’ Libra.

Mercury will station retrograde in Libra on September 26 while forming a catalyzing square aspect with retrograde Pluto in Capricorn that will intensify exploration of internal perceptual patterns that have been shaping the way you interpret and communicate information. With Mars also present in Libra and forming a conjunction with Mercury while it is retrograde, it will be a cathartic time period for purging what you are ready to shed and regenerating your desire and determination to fulfill your purpose in life.

What Does Mercury Retrograde in Libra Mean?

Mercury retrograde in the sign of the Scales can help recalibrate your relationship with old issues to bring about greater resolution. Since Libra is an air sign, you will be most effective by remaining flexible and agile while penetrating relational dynamics, gaining increased realization for adjustments that need to be made. While there may be some quickly moving currents of change to navigate, by the end of Mercury’s period of being retrograde, you can recover a revitalized presence focused upon making steady progress on your goals.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Key Dates & Aspects

September 6: Mercury enters retrograde shadow zone (10°07’ – 25°28’ Libra)

September 13: Mercury at maximum elongation (begins to slow down)

September 26: Mercury stations retrograde at 25°28’ Libra

October 9: Mercury conjunct the sun at 16º35′ Libra (closest to Earth)

October 18: Mercury stations direct at 10°07’ Libra

October 25: Mercury at maximum elongation (begins to speed up)

November 2: Mercury leaves retrograde shadow zone

Mercury Retrograde in Libra—Effects

-Most intense for: Libra
Mercury retrograde in Libra can ultimately bring about a total rebirth of your purpose, but you will have to pass through intense experiences of releasing outworn aspects of your identity along the way. The more you can clear and purge during the first half of the retrograde, the better you will be able to open more fully to new desires.

-Most challenging for: Capricorn
Due to being an earth sign, you can become attached to your routines and resist making major changes, Capricorn. But it will be important for you to move as fluidly as possible with the currents that will be reshaping your life. In particular, you will need to rethink the role you have been playing in public.

-Most beneficial for: Gemini
Mercury retrograde in Libra will form a flowing trine to your sign, Gemini, making it an exciting period for experimenting with new ways to creatively express yourself. Make it a priority to be as inventive as possible, actively seeking out new sources of inspiration to explore.

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A Ritual to Harness the Magic of this Transit

On Sunday, October 3, Mercury retrograde in Libra will form a flowing and stabilizing trine aspect with Jupiter in Aquarius, while also being close to the same zodiacal degree as the fixed star Spica, which represents the wheat held by the goddess of the Virgo constellation. Since Spica is known as one of the most beneficial fixed stars and a source of brilliant gifts, you can create a ritual on October 3 in which you set an intention for an inspiring goal or skill you wish to develop during the rest of the time that Mercury is retrograde in Libra.

Create a vision board of images you collage together that represent the skills, goals, and desires you wish to ultimately manifest in your life. if possible, include an image of the goddess in the Virgo constellation holding the wheat marked by Spica. Set the vision board somewhere you will see every day so you can mentally reinforce the goals you wish to achieve.

Horoscopes for Mercury Retrograde in Libra


The three-week period of Mercury being retrograde in Libra will bring volatility into your relationships that will reshape your vision for the role you desire to play in society. You will become drawn toward the people in your life who share your aspirations and with whom you can collaborate on shared goals. Be mindful of your communication with others, especially when frustrated so that you do not create unnecessary conflicts. Make an extra effort to listen to the deeper meaning behind the messages you receive from others.


Being an earth sign, you have a grounded and practical side that will serve you well during the period of Mercury being retrograde in Libra. Pay attention to your daily routines and regimens and reflect upon how well they are supporting you in working toward your vocational goals. If you have a daily job that pays the bills but isn’t the kind of role you truly want to perform in society, make time to reflect upon how you can take steps toward aligning your daily work with your larger career ambitions.


Put your love of learning to active use during the period of Mercury being retrograde in Libra, seeking out new perspectives and viewpoints through your research into whatever topics have been capturing your interest. This can be a potent time for opening up your creativity and being willing to take risks in being more inventive and experimental with your creative expression. By trying new techniques and approaches, you will come across new sources of inspiration that will deepen your understanding of whatever you are working on.


You may feel like retreating into your private sphere or home during the period of Mercury retrograde in Libra rather than focusing on public concerns. Make time for internal processing through any practices that help you gain more awareness for inner emotional shifts that are taking shape within. You may also feel called to redecorate, rearrange, repair, or reorganize your living space. By tending to your inner needs, you will gain important realizations regarding major changes beginning to take shape within your relationship patterns with others.


Be careful to not roar so loudly that you cause unnecessary disruptions within your relationships, Leo. It may be necessary to stand up for yourself in certain situations, but make sure you are not communicating too sharply. This can be a powerful time for reassessing the way you communicate with others, including if you have an online presence through social media or your own website. Explore ways to make the way you network more aligned with your authentic values so that the way you are communicating will magnetize and draw people who resonate with your purpose.


Mercury retrograde in Libra will be an opportune time to reflect upon your finances and discern if you are spending money in ways that are aligned with your values or not. Work on changing any financial habits causing you to needlessly waste resources so that you begin making wiser investments. As you get a better sense for how you have been using your resources, spend time exploring what you truly feel passionate about working on with your creativity. See if you can make more time in your daily routines to focus on work that feels fulfilling.


With Mercury retrograding in your sign, Libra, you will have an opportunity to deepen your purpose and locate new desires emerging from within that will reshape the work you do in the world. Develop practices like keeping a journal that will help you track major shifts erupting on internal levels so you can gain clarity for how your sense of identity is transforming. Use this time to connect with your inner desires and find ways to express them through your creativity.


Rather than becoming overly focused upon external work in the world, draw back within the cave of your subconscious to tend to what is emerging from your imagination. You are in the middle of a process of strengthening your life on foundational levels such as through renovating your living environment or sifting through deeply entrenched emotional patterns. Mercury retrograde in Libra will call you to dig even deeper into the kind of hidden material that can only be accessed through making space for some time alone to reflect.


You have a talent for envisioning idealistic goals to pursue, yet sometimes, it is necessary to pull back your bow and arrow so you can reconsider what you have been aiming at. During the three weeks of Mercury being retrograde in Libra, it will be paramount to question and reconsider your aspirations and the hopes you have been harboring for a better future. As you gain clarity for your authentic ambitions during the course of Mercury being retrograde in Libra, seek friends, collaborators, and groups who are aligned with your purpose and can be supportive allies.


The three weeks of Mercury being retrograde in Libra will be a pivotal period for reconsidering the relationship between your livelihood with the role you desire to play in the vaster social world. Are you currently earning money through work that is aligned with your vocational calling and career ambitions? If not, take time to question your professional goals and come into a deeper relationship with the public role you truly desire to embody. By the end of Mercury’s retrograde movement, begin taking steps to realign with the authentic aspirations emerging into your awareness.


You have a unique gift for envisioning future plans, Aquarius, and the three weeks of Mercury retrograding in Libra will be ideal for letting your imagination run wild with the exploration of numerous potential pathways you could follow. Rather than fixating on a particular direction or point of view, be flexible so that you can fluidly assess various scenarios so that you can ultimately determine what feels the most authentic for you. The sky’s the limit for how wide-ranging the plans you cultivate out of this period will be.


The three weeks of Mercury retrograde in Libra will be an invitation for you to dive deeper into the ocean of your inner imagination, probing into the underlying structures of whatever you are interested in. You will be drawn toward discovering whatever information lies hidden beyond the boundaries of everyday societal conventions. While you may feel intense drives to conduct penetrating research, you may also need to reconsider the way you have been sharing resources with partners. Make a reassessment to make sure you are striking a healthy balance concerning the resources you are giving and receiving within your relationships.