Mercury in Virgo: It's Time to Focus and Plan

August 18, 2020

Mercury enters Virgo on August 19, 2020, at 6:30 p.m. and will leave Virgo to enter Libra on September 5, 2020, at 12:46 p.m. 

As we have faced conflicts in recent months that have manifested in our minds, our cosmic messenger planet is ready to step out of the passionate kingdom of Leo to find solutions elsewhere. As we approach newfound hurdles in our 2020 storybook, Mercury knows that it is time that we come up with a plan to make it through the year. Every detail must be looked at before the coming Mars retrograde catches wildfire and runs rampant through our lives. Focus. Prepare. Organize.

Mercury in Virgo Meaning & Effects

When Mercury transits Virgo, our cosmic messenger is at full strength. Mercury is in its domicile here, meaning that it rules this zodiac sign. As an earth sign, Virgo harnesses Mercury’s power in practical, decisive, and physical ways for us going forward. We are focused on integrating information so we have precision in all communications, especially thought and speech. Our analytical strength is amplified, so we will better assess details in a factual and truthful manner. Ambiguity is more easily eliminated so productive plans can be made.

However, a challenge with this transit occurs when we lose perspective of our ultimate vision and become consumed in a labyrinth of perfection. It is best not to become obsessed with every detail but to understand how the parts integrate to make the whole picture. Our communications may also come across as critical, cold, or banal.
To fully utilize this energy, engage in detailed problem solving or research. Focus on the facts. Organization now can also enhance our lives for the long-term.

During this transit, Mercury will make several harmonious alignments with planets in other earth signs. A trine with Uranus on August 25 may bring exciting news and flashes of insight. Our cosmic messenger will trine Jupiter on August 29, infusing further luck and optimism into our endeavors. September 1 will bring Mercury into alignment with Pluto, adding power and influence to our communications—so deliver important messages then. Last, Mercury reaches out to Saturn on September 3, helping us focus on building long-term and lasting results in our lives.
Mercury will also connect with two planets in water signs during this time. On August 30, Mercury will oppose Neptune. Confusion and deception are possible, so focus on creative tasks instead. Later in the transit, Mercury links in a sextile with Venus and encourages us to be social, charming, and welcoming. If seeking to ask for a favor, do so then.


How Will Mercury in Virgo Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

-Most beneficial for Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn.

-Most intense for Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

-Most challenging for Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Mercury in Virgo–Astrological Aspects

August 19 – Mercury enters Virgo

August 23 – Moon in Scorpio sextile Mercury in Virgo

August 25 – Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus

August 26 – Moon in Sagittarius square Mercury in Virgo

August 28 – Moon in Capricorn trine Mercury in Virgo

August 29 – Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Capricorn

August 30 – Mercury in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces

September 1 – Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn

September 3 – Mercury in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn

September 3 – Moon in Pisces opposition Mercury in Virgo

September 4 – Mercury in Virgo sextile Venus in Cancer

September 5 – Mercury enters Libra

All times are listed in Pacific Time.
Art by Amanda Lynn

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