How Your Natal Venus Can Help You Cultivate Connection

May 9, 2019

With Venus-ruled Taurus season well underway and Mercury now also in the sign of the bull, it’s a good time to talk about love, or lack thereof, as is sometimes the case. This week the planet of desire, pleasure, and connection had meetings with Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, North Node, and South Node, likely evoking questions about what we need or crave most in our relationships.

And while many of us think about love in terms of romantic relationships, Venus reminds us of the beauty in all our connections—not just the erotically charged ones. Loneliness impacts all of us at some time or another, and some more than others (I’m looking at you Venus in Capricorn). Bringing focus to the Venus in our natal chart can offer loving clues and a deeper understanding of the ways we bond.

Archetypally, Venus rules the realms of friendship, romance, sensuality, pleasure, value, worth, and creativity. Venus energy craves affection and feelings of fondness and has much concern with how to add more sweetness to life. In a nutshell—or scallop shell in the case of the goddess’ birth—Venus seeks to love and be loved.

As the archetypal lover, Venus offers clues to our connection needs and what energies attract us to friendship and partnership. In this way, Venus can reveal our love language, reminding us of the unique combination of factors that lead to satisfaction in our relating. Knowing Venus placement can also help us understand why we have different ways of interacting with others and appreciate the nuances of our needs and theirs.
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As an example, a Venus in Aquarius person may crave excitement and novelty in relating, while their friend or romantic partner with Venus in Cancer needs to feel emotionally attuned before experiencing connection. Knowing this may help the Aquarius Venus person slow down to honor the Cancer Venus before suggesting a new place to explore.

And just like a person, Venus has layers. To learn the most about your natal Venus it is important to look at not just the sign but also the planetary relationships and house placement. I prefer looking at each layer individually and then as a whole unit to see how everything comes together—if we look at just one piece, then we may miss important planetary influences that could be vital to our relationship puzzle.

Understanding your natal Venus involves digging deeper into the needs of each layer, such as:

  • Sign: The basic energies that attract us to friendship and partnership, allowing us to feel connected.
  • Aspects: How we work with or can be challenged by our love language or loving nature.
  • House: Area of life where we most crave connection or want to apply our gifts of love.

To make things a little easier, here’s a list of possible relationship needs and manifestations of the Venusian vibes that could relate to the sign, aspects, and house in any combination. I included both the positive and potentially negative qualities associated to keep an eye on blocks to love:

Venus in Aries, Venus in aspect to Mars, 1st House

  • A lover and a fighter, this combination craves independence and freedom in relating.
  • You may feel pulled to motivated or inspired people or may feel most alive when you are doing something active with others.
  • Beware the need to be so self-sufficient that you miss out on meaningful connection.

Venus in Taurus, 2nd House

  • It doesn’t get much more lovey-dovey than double Venusian energy. You may feel most loved when receiving gifts or monetary gains.
  • Your creativity could be one of your greatest assets, so finding a place to channel it with others could help you feel more connected.
  • Watch out for the possessive side of Taurus energies, as love thrives in both freedom and containment.

Venus in Gemini, Venus in aspect to Mercury, 3rd House

  • Kind words or intellectual stimulation could be the way to your heart.
  • The desire to communicate or say beautiful things to those you love may be one of your best qualities.
  • It’s possible the social butterfly nature of this combination could have a lot of acquaintances and not as many stable relationships to lean on.

Venus in Cancer, Venus in aspect to the Moon, 4th House

  • Showing tenderness through sharing emotion or being there for those you love helps soften you into relating.
  • Affection and touch offer a way to melt any hard shells that form.
  • Cancer often craves familiar and family so meeting new people may not be your forte.

Venus in Leo, Venus in aspect to the Sun, 5th House

  • It’s possible you have a claim to fame for being a royal lover or make others feel that way.
  • Your warmth and confidence around connecting puts others at ease.
  • A reminder that being pulled towards the sparkly and shiny people may not be a good solution to loneliness.

Venus in Virgo, Venus in aspect to Mercury, 6th House

  • Showing love by helping people problem-solve or acts of service are superpowers for Venus in Virgo.
  • Your high standards for love can affect your discernment around where to invest your time and energy.
  • Virgo tends to want to be helpful— be sure to ask for what you need to feel connected and not just lead with critical nature.

Venus in Libra, 7th House

  • You may prefer one-on-one relating over groups to build intimacy, which can be a wonderful way to build connection more quickly
  • Having a romantic heart means you can show others the beauty of love—and flirtation.
  • People pleasing can be a shadow side of this placement. (and most Libra placement) so watch out for co-dependent tendencies.

Venus in Scorpio, Venus in aspect to Pluto, 8th House

  • Needing depth in relationships offers you and others the ability to go deeper.
  • You bring both vulnerability and empowerment to those you love.
  • Love can be tied to intensity with this combination, so be aware of the pull towards dramatic people.

Venus in Sagittarius, Venus in aspect to Jupiter, 9th House

  • Making people laugh may be your way of feeling adored—and others love it.
  • You feel most connected through experiencing or traveling together.
  • The shadow side of this combination could be self-involvement in relationships or focusing too much on what you need.

Venus in Capricorn, Venus in aspect to Saturn, 10th House

  • You take love seriously in friendship and relationships and value those you’ve known the longest.
  • You know relating takes work and aren’t afraid of difficulties—you know that it doesn’t mean the end of the relationship.
  • Feeling lonely could be a more common occurrence and you may feel pulled to those who are unavailable.

Venus in Aquarius, Venus in aspect to Uranus, 11th House

  • You want to be admired for your vision and future-oriented thinking.
  • There can be electricity and creativity in loving others that lights you up.
  • Love at first sight is a common occurrence with Venus in Aquarius, though it’s often simply the want of new and different.

Venus in Pisces, Venus in aspect to Neptune, 12th House

  • The award for hopeless romantic has your name on it. This placement loves to love.
  • Love takes on a dreamy quality ripe for seeing the best and most beautiful qualities in others.
  • A difficulty could be not seeing relationships for what they are where they actually are.

Art by Luise Bäumer