Trust the Universe With Your Taurus Season Tarot Pull

April 16, 2019

As the sun shifts into Taurus, spirit offers an encompassing message for all signs to ponder.  The guides whisper the word “anxiety.”

We are now a third of the way through 2019, and there is a collective frustration and feeling that people are not where they thought they would be by now. Perhaps you thought you would have that promotion, or new romantic relationship, or ideal body by now. Perhaps you see everyone around you progressing and getting what they want—and you can’t help but feel stuck.

All of this can make you feel that sense of anxiety, like time is running out. Take responsibility for where you are. Be honest with yourself—are you doing enough? If so, have faith and trust in the universe and in divine timing. Perhaps that new promotion does not serve your highest good, perhaps that person you are crushing on is not your soul mate, or perhaps you are being blocked from certain things because better things are on their way.

Your intuited Tarotscope will help you tune into what your soul needs to focus on or address during this Taurus season. Read for your sun, moon, and rising signs in mind.

What do the stars have in store for you this year?


6 of Cups and The Fool

Dear Aries, this Taurus season, look to the past with fondness and gratitude, so you can move toward the new with hope and optimism.

The 6 of Cups is the embodiment of spring—there is a sweetness to this card, sunshine, and flowers, and it harkens to those childhood memories where we felt safe, loved, and joyful. The Fool charges forward toward new adventures and to the unknown with wonder and excitement. This card asks you to take a leap of faith.

As you continue on your journey, do not lose the inner child. You can learn so much about yourself and where you want to go by looking at what made you smile when you were young and carefree. When we become jaded by adulthood and responsibilities, we have to pause. A new cycle awaits you, Aries—enter it with love and jubilance, and with the trust and enthusiasm of a child.


The Hierophant and Ace of Wands

Dear Taurus, during your birth season, create a spiritual practice that is all your own, something that excites you and lights the fire within.

The Hierophant comes to guide you toward spiritual knowledge. People often try to box spirituality, saying you must read this text, or practice this mantra, or follow this teacher. Spirituality is a deeply personal journey to understand and come back to ones’ self and ones’ place in this universe. Each persons’ practice is truly their own.

The Ace of Wands ignites your search. Whatever spiritual teaching resonates with you, whatever path you choose to explore, it should make you think, make you question, and make you excited to learn more. If what you learn confuses you, or feels limited and constricting, pick up something else. However, if what you learn expands your awareness, strengthens your personal power, and heightens your compassion, continue.
What’s your sun sign’s twinning Tarot card?


The World and The Emperor

Dear Gemini, this Taurus season, you have the opportunity to stand in your power and define how you want to show up for yourself, your loved ones, and the world.

The World brings ultimate fulfillment, the completion of a major life cycle, culminating in the wisdom of self and the universe, and understanding ones’ purpose on this planet. The Emperor speaks to the divine masculine, how you take action, how you relate to your own sense of self and your innate power.

You are not here to shy away, to hide, or to apologize for taking up space. Notice how you walk—is your head held high? Notice how you speak—is your voice clear and confident? The Emperor wants you to be a mountain, not a pebble. He wants you to be seen, and heard, not in a boastful or arrogant way, but in a way that says you are worthy. When we step into our power, we say yes to opportunities, yes to growth, yes to healthy boundaries, yes to self-love. The blessings of The World are yours, now prove to yourself that it is your divine right to receive them.


5 of Cups and Ace of Cups

Dear Cancer, this Taurus season, understand that you must let go of the disappointments of the past, in order to open up to the magic and love that await you.

The 5 of Cups says it is okay to feel hurt, it is okay to feel let down, and it is okay if you have not fully healed yet. We must mourn, and we must cry, and we must honor all of the emotions we feel. However, we cannot get stuck here. The Ace of Cups brings the promise of new, emotionally fulfilling experiences. Know that there will be new romance, new friendships, and new reasons to smile and love. In order to align with this energy, you must start focusing on the present—on what makes you happy now, and how you can feel that love now.

You must thank the past, thank the pain for their lessons, but let them know that it is time to release. You have to make room for the amazing things to come, and you can’t do that if you are constantly focusing on the negative.


8 of Pentacles and Queen of Pentacles

Dear Leo, this Taurus season become a master of tending to your self.

The 8 of Pentacles asks you to concentrate, to be meticulous and skillful, to pay attention to the task at hand, and the Queen of Pentacles declares that the task at hand is self-care. Do not make yourself an after-thought—give yourself the time and attention you deserve. If you are tired, honor that: rest, meditate, turn your phone off, do whatever you need to do to recharge. If you are full of energy, honor that: create, socialize, be active, and get that energy flowing.

Get to know yourself. What does self-care mean to you? How can you nurture yourself in a healthy, loving and compassionate way? We must nurture our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. The more you care for yourself, the more you will be able to care for others.


5 of Pentacles and 7 of Cups

Dear Virgo, this Taurus season find the balance between worrisome thoughts and wishful thinking.

The 5 of Pentacles speaks to poverty, loss, and the feeling that there is never enough. When this card appears, take note of how you view wealth. The 7 of Cups speaks to illusion, the thought that something outside of you can make you happy, the feeling that if you just had this one thing, you would feel whole

Virgo, understand that wealth is not a number in your bank account. Know that even the most financially wealthy people are not always the happiest, and this is because happiness truly comes from within. Get out of the mindset of “I’ll be happy if (fill in the blank),” because it’s a trap, an endless rabbit hole. Life may be easier if you had endless funds and never had to worry about money, but even then, it may not be happier. Look for things that make you feel wealthy now. Wealth and happiness are states of mind.


10 of Cups and The Empress

Dear Libra, this Taurus season, find harmony and unity with the divine feminine in you.

The 10 of Cups depicts a happy family rejoicing in nature against a beautiful rainbow, a symbol of bliss and emotional fulfillment. The Empress calls to the divine feminine, creation, beauty, and sensuality. How can you find alignment in your divine feminine? When you create, do you feel elated, inspired, motivated? When you look in the mirror, do you look yourself in the eyes, and see the beauty within and without? When you think of sex, can you enjoy it and acknowledge it as a divine physical practice?

If anything said above triggers you, become aware of your judgments, and find out where they came from so you may heal. The divine feminine has nothing to do with being girly and everything to do with being in touch with your self.
The Tarot can help you navigate your love life.


King of Wands and The Hermit

Dear Scorpio, this Taurus season, understand that great leaders make history not because they held power over others, but because they knew themselves so deeply and understood their power over themselves.

The King of Wands is the great motivator, the inspirational public figure who rallies others with his conviction, creativity, and enthusiasm. The Hermit is the lone wolf, the seeker, the spiritual figure who retreats to discover who they are. In order to lead and connect with others, you must connect with yourself. You must know your motivation, what you stand for, what you believe in, and who you are.

The Hermit and The King of Wands ask you to be pure in your intention, to be guided by your soul—not by greed or ego—and to inspire others. In the Tarot, the Hermit carries a lantern, symbolizing his journey through his inner world. When he emerges from the darkness, he can share what he has learned, and pass the lantern on to others on their journey.


Justice and 2 of Wands

Dear Sagittarius, this Taurus season you are asked to explore what the idea of truth and justice means to you.

Justice speaks to cause and effect, objectivity and ethics. The 2 of Wands speaks to exploration, leaving the safety of home for new experiences. As your soul ascends, you realize that things are usually not black and white. We live in a complicated world, with complicated people, living in complicated systems and circumstances.

Challenge yourself, have the humility to admit you do not know everything; there’s a different side to every story. Justice wants you to be aware of your judgments, and to check yourself when you start to feel holier than thou. The 2 of Wands urges you to explore, to speak with people you are unfamiliar with, to go to places you’ve never been. In expanding your horizon, you expand your awareness, your view of the world and the people in it. You understand that justice is not an eye for an eye, that there is more than what you see, and that truth and fairness is a conversation, not a set of rules in a law book.


Page of Cups and The Lovers

Dear Capricorn, this Taurus season, let’s rejoice in the magic of love.

The Page of Cups is the dreamer, the creative, the intuitive, and the artist. The Lovers is the union, the balance of masculine and feminine, the soul mates.

In the beginning, love is magical. We feel the butterflies, we see the sparks fly, we are ignited with lust and passion. Our life is a romance novel. Then we get to know the person, not just their lovely wonderful sides, but their dark sides as well. We get into fights, they lose their sense of perfection, and we go through the ups and downs of an actual evolving relationship.

Love is not about “the honeymoon phase.” True love is an exploration, it’s a healing, a mirroring. It’s a practice in trust, respect, and vulnerability. This is the real magic. To get to know someone on the deepest level is magic, to unearth our shadow selves and realize what we need to heal is magic, to accept each others’ flaws and imperfections is magic.


Ace of Pentacles and Page of Pentacles

Dear Aquarius, during Taurus season wonderful energies of manifestation are available to you.

The Ace of Pentacles signals a new opportunity to gain wealth and abundance, whatever that means to you. The Page of Pentacles strengthens this message, as this card brings good news when it comes to new ventures. When we begin something new, we carry so much enthusiasm and passion. What happens when problems arise? What if we hit a roadblock? Does that mean we it was not meant to be? Of course not, what it does mean is that progress is usually not a straight line, it goes up, dips down, goes backward, then goes forward.

Be patient with yourself, and know that when things get difficult, it is not always a sign from the universe telling you to quit. You were inspired for a reason, the opportunity presented itself to you for a reason, you were chosen for a reason.


The Moon and Temperance

Dear Pisces, during this Taurus season you are gifted with the middle path: the path of moderation.

The Moon can make some uncomfortable, because it speaks to that which is not seen, the subconscious, the shadow self. Temperance is the medicine, it is balance, non-judgment, and mediation. In spirituality, people often only focus on our higher self and the light. However, to become whole and come back to who we are, we must honor and integrate our dark sides as well. We must spend time with our wounds, our insecurities, as this is where growth happens.

Temperance asks us to be aware of our shadow, but not to be swallowed by it. We can observe our “negative” thoughts but not associate with them, we can get involved in a heated argument but not feed the aggression. We can transcend our triggers by knowing ourselves on a deeper level, accepting our feelings, and becoming conscious of our reactions.

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