4 New Moon Affirmation Examples

June 20, 2022

A new moon takes place when the moon is stationed between the earth and the sun, meaning that the sun and the moon are in the same zodiac sign.

Because the moon is essentially next to the sun, she isn’t able to receive any of the sun’s rays, causing her to go unseen from earth. Considering the moon carries no light of her own, she relies on the sun as a way to transmute light down to earth, but, during a new moon cycle, she goes dark, allowing for new seeds to be planted and fresh intentions to be set.

The moon remains in this dark phase period for about two days, and then as she gradually makes her way away from the sun, she increases in light, allowing for the intentions set during the new moon phase to be actualized. 

Affirmations and Intentions

During a new moon phase, it can be incredibly beneficial to set intentions. It’s best to consider the sign the sun and moon are in during this period so that you can align your purpose with the energy they’re currently subject to, as well as taking a look at where this sign falls in one of the twelve houses in your birth chart. Here are some examples of new moon intention setting: 

New Moon Affirmation Examples

Example 1

“I clear away any stagnant energy that’s no longer serving me and welcome any changes that need to occur in order for me to best align with my highest self.”

Example 2

“I welcome this new chapter with open arms and step into this new moon phase with nothing but acceptance and gratitude.”

Example 3

“I use this new moon phase to set intentions aligned with the current energy of the luminaries, and I release in worry or anxiety.”

Example 4

“What’s meant for me will never miss me. I am always aligned with my highest and greatest good.”

How to Set Intentions

During a new moon, you might find that journaling or writing your intentions down helps to set them in motion. You can also meditate on them,and visualize what it is that you’re trying to bring into your life.

It’s also incredibly beneficial to align your intentions with the sign the new moon is taking place in. For example, if the new moon is in Aries, setting intentions around self-awareness, independence, assertion, etc. When the new moon is in Taurus, you’ll likely want to set intentions around long-term security, stability, comfort, and pleasure. 


How long does new moon energy last?

New moon energy typically lasts until the moon changes signs—so for about a day and a half after the new moon is exact. 

Can you do a new moon ritual the next day?

Yes! Some actually find that setting intentions a day after the new moon is better and like to use the day of this lunation to get clear about what it is they want to bring into fruition.

Experimenting with the new moon cycle is a great way to figure out what works for you, but you can definitely do your rituals and intention settings the day after. 

What else should you do on a new moon?

During this cycle, it’s best to allow yourself to rest and recharge. While many people might feel as though they have to make some major changes the day of this lunation, it’s actually an ideal time to catch up on rest and allow yourself to reflect on what you’re looking to call into your life.

I personally like to cleanse my space of any stagnant energy by using smudging tools like sage, palo santo, bay leaves, cedarwood, etc. You can also take an Epsom salt bath to cleanse yourself in order to best align with what’s to come. 

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