Moon Conjunct Eros: Natal, Synastry, Transit

April 2, 2022

The asteroid Eros indicates your sexual desires and attractions. Here’s what it means when it’s conjunct the moon in the natal and synastry chart. 

Eros Meaning in Astrology 

Even the most devoted followers of astrology might have never heard of asteroid 433 Eros. It’s the second-largest asteroid near Earth, located between our planet and Mars. Eros may not be as well known as Venus or Mars, but it packs a powerful punch in our lives—especially our sex lives. 

Eros is named after the Greek god of sexual desire, ruling over passion, physical pleasure, and creativity. Just like its namesake, Eros the asteroid rules over how we express desire: both sexually and non-sexually. Its influence shows up in our physical attractions, our turn-ons, and how we go after what we desire.

Eros shows us how are where we pour our passion it and what excites us—almost of being overwhelming. That’s why we need to handle, Eros with care. Too much of a good thing can drive us wild. 

Moon Meaning in Astrology 

The moon has such a profound impact on our lives. We use its phases to mark the passage of times, and her gravitational pull moves our tides. The moon also has a major role to play in astrology regarding our emotional lives. 

In our natal chart, our moon sign is part of our big three, holding a great amount of influence over our lives and personality. Our natal moon represents our deepest feelings, our habits and reactions, our moods, our internal needs, and our intuition. Our moon sign is who we are under the surface. 

The moon moves through a zodiac sign every two days, taking on the traits of that sign. This is why we get a little emotional when the moon is in a water sign, or have a shorter temper when the moon is in a fire sign. The moon rules over our feelings, pulling our emotions like the tides. 

Moon in Eros Meaning 

In astrology, a conjunction is when two different planetary bodies are in the same sign in the same degree or within 8-10 degrees of each other. A conjunction is a powerful aspect in astrology, in either very positive ways or very negative ways, depending on the sign and planetary bodies involved. This aspect often strengthens and intensifies the properties of the planets involved. 

When the emotional moon forms a conjunction with the sexually expressive Eros in your natal chart, things get a little intense in your life. People born with this aspect often confuse physical desire for emotional intimacy, as sex and emotions are so closely intertwined. They deeply desire intimacy to feel safe. They feel deeply and every relationship toughs their heart. Breakups are difficult, but they are quick to fall in love again. 

People with this aspect have a natural sensual quality that people are immediately drawn to. Their natural sex appeal can draw lovers in, which is good because the moon’s energy can make them shy. These people make wonderful artists, models, or something that deals with sex and intimacy. 

Natal Moon conjunct Eros Keywords 

  • Passionate 
  • Yearning 
  • Sensual 
  • Artistic 
  • Over-Emotional 
  • High Sex-Drive 
  • Obsessive


When a person’s natal moon forms a conjunction with someone’s Eros, or vice versa, this can be a very sexual—but very intense—relationship. This pairing can form a deep emotional bond, especially through physical intimacy. The pairing can easily fulfill the other’s sexual desires and unlock some of their naughty fantasies. There is a deep yearning in this synastry when the two are apart that they long for each other—for better or for worst.

While this can be a passionate and sexually fulfilling relationship, it can also easily turn obsessed if partners live too much on the emotional and kinky side of the relationship and not enough time in the real world. If they have no aspect that can ground them, it can turn very toxic very quickly. 


When the moon forms a conjunction with Eros during transit, this can be a very sensual aspect as we are all encouraged to dig deep within our emotional depth to find our kinkier side. While we may not unleash our inner freak in public, we become more comfortable with our sexual desires in private, spicing things up in the bedroom. We may also find pleasure in creativity, start new artistic projects, enjoy new music, movies, and TV shows, or just get deep into our feeling. Passion is taking the wheel right now. 

During this transit, it can be very hard to tell the difference between wants and needs, often confusing the two. It’s also easy to get very invested in relationships, even if they’re merely casual flings. Everything feels overwhelming, so it’s important to think before you act—especially in romance. 


Where is Eros in my Chart? 

You can find Eros in your birth chart by getting a birth chart reading

What planet rules sexuality? 

There are a few planets that influence sexuality. Mars rules over our sexual nature and how we pursue our desires. Venus rules over attraction, and Eros is an asteroid that rules over sexual desires. 

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