November’s Astrological Forecast Brings Clarity in the Midst of Darkness

October 31, 2019

Last month ended with Mercury going retrograde in Scorpio, so we’re kicking off November with a dose of communication confusion. We’re dealing with everything you’ve come to expect from a Mercury retrograde, from technical glitches to communication errors. Because Scorpio is a water sign and deals with the deep well of emotions, we might also feel a sense of confusion about our feelings. Communication with others can be difficult during any Mercury retrograde, but the influence of Scorpio right now might also make it difficult to communicate, or even understand, ourselves.

Scorpio season dominates most of this month, imbuing things with depth and intensity. Now that the revelry of Halloween is over, we’re being asked to dig deep and not only do the work of getting real with our shadow selves, but also prepare for the coming darkness of winter. It’s important to take time to reflect on what fortifies us at a soul level when we don’t have the sun and warmth to nourish us. What inspires us in the darkness? It’s great to start asking these questions now, as we’re moving into Sagittarius season at the end of the month—a wonderful time for learning and growing our spiritual selves.

We also begin November with romantic Venus entering worldly Sagittarius. A great match! After the intensity of Venus in Scorpio last month, this placement is about fun, flirtation, and adventure. However, later in the month, things will take a more serious turn when Venus enters Capricorn.

Finally, Neptune will station direct, at home in the sign of Pisces. The planet of dreams and illusions has been retrograde since July, but now the cosmic masquerade ball has come to a close.

Astrological Transits for November of 2019

Venus enters Sagittarius on November 1, giving your love life a dose of whimsy and optimism. You’re inspired by what you can learn from—and teach—to your partner right now. This is the time for indulging in spontaneous adventures and all-night chat sessions. However, while Venus in Scorpio last month was all about connecting deeply, Venus in Sagittarius more focused on freedom and individuality. You might not feel like settling down right now, or you might feel smothered by a relationship that is too clingy.

On November 5, Mars in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn. This is an assertive placement, and you might feel like establishing a sense of dominance in your workplace, especially if you see any type of injustice.

There is a full moon in Taurus on November 12—it’s time to celebrate! Full moons are a time to reap what you’ve been sowing and celebrate abundance, and there is no sign more apt to indulge than Taurus. Try to activate all your senses, from touch to taste, and be grateful to the universe for what you’ve been given. Tonight, Mars in Libra forms a sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius, activating your optimistic and generous side. Remember, an important part of having this is being able to share them with others.

On November 14, Venus in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces. Your love life might seem foggy or confused right now. It might be difficult to understand your desires and your partner’s intentions. Luckily, there should be enough freewheeling Sagittarius energy to cool things off.

Mercury will go direct on November 20, making it easier to communicate and get things done. While Mercury is still in intense Scorpio, there will be a greater sense of ease and clarity. You’ll still be having those deep conversations, but they’ll start making a lot more sense.

We welcome Sagittarius season on November 22. After last month’s intense Scorpio vibes, Sagittarius season can be a breath of fresh air. If you’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching recently, this is an excellent time to deepen your spiritual self, learn about another culture, take a class, or book a trip. Sagittarius season is a time for exploration in both body and mind—embrace it!

It’s time to get serious—Venus enters Capricorn on November 25. There is a shift in relationships from fun and free-spirited to focused and grounded. You may start looking at your romantic relationships as business partnerships, evaluating how you can get ahead together. Venus also controls our idea of beauty and luxury, so the focus right shifts to not only how you can be successful enough to support your desires, but also the beauty of building up your personal power and independence.

A new moon in Sagittarius on November 26 is a great time to plant the seeds of what you’d like to accomplish this month. Areas of focus include education, travel, and spirituality. Commit to having an open mind and being willing to learn about different points of view. The more you seek to connect, the more you’ll learn about yourself.
After five months of retrograde, Neptune stations direct in Pisces on November 27. It might feel like a fog has lifted and we feel an increased sense of confidence and clarity. It’s okay to engage in the dream world again, as it is safe to navigate. Let your dreams inspire and inform you for the winter ahead. Longer retrogrades generally aren’t felt as intensely as a shorter retrograde (like Mercury), so pay attention to subtle signs of clarity.