The New Moon in Sagittarius Sets You on a Path of Self-Discovery

November 23, 2019

At 7:06 a.m. on November 26, 2019, the new moon will be in Sagittarius (3°0’).

No matter how open-minded we believe ourselves to be, it’s easy to get locked in our own limited points of view. Fortunately, the new moon in Sagittarius is here to help us broaden our horizons—intellectually, spiritually, culturally, or even geographically!

Sagittarius is always seeking out new opportunities for learning and growth. These may come in the form of studious pursuits like reading a book or taking a class, but above all else, this adventurous sign is a student of life. What we’re seeking at this new moon is the kind of wisdom that can only be gained from experience.
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Chances are, each of us has learned something important from our experiences over the last month, or even the last year. And whatever it is, it’s something we’ll carry with us as we set off on this next phase of our life’s journey. Still, it’s wise to remember we don’t have it all figured out. There may be something more to learn or look at in a different way. What kinds of experiences might we seek out in order to gain that fresh perspective?

What Does This New Moon in Sagittarius Mean?

“Beginner’s mind” is an attitude to cultivate in the coming lunar cycle. But with this new moon forming a trine with retrograde Chiron in Aries, we may feel insecure or embarrassed about admitting what we don’t know. Luckily, this gentle aspect helps us not to take ourselves too seriously. After all, temporarily looking “foolish” is worth the risk if it eventually makes us wiser!

Gratitude is another major theme of this new moon, with benefic planets Venus and Jupiter just coming off their conjunction in Sagittarius (November 24) and lunation ruler Jupiter wrapping up his year-long transit of the sign. Whether or not we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving this week, we can all benefit from taking the opportunity to count our blessings—and more importantly, to share them.

By the time of the new moon, Venus will have moved on to Capricorn (Jupiter follows on December 2). Our heart’s desire at this time is to take all this new wisdom we’ve gained and start using it to improve our lives—and the world around us—in more concrete, practical ways. A Venus/Chiron square may trigger insecurities about our capabilities or competence in this new arena, but remember: Every “expert” in their field once started out as an absolute beginner.

As we set out on this path of discovery, we’ll also have Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in Scorpio to guide us. Neptune stations direct the day after this new moon, and Mercury trines Neptune on November 28. This combination of penetrating insight and deep intuition is like our own personal GPS system—so at this new moon, take a quiet moment to go within and focus on what you most want to learn this month, or where you’re hoping to go. Then set that as your destination for the journey ahead!

Read on for your sun sign and rising to learn more about the energies of this new moon:

Horoscopes for the November 2019 New Moon in Sagittarius

“Know thyself:” Sag, these ancient words of wisdom are the code you live by. But like any other subject worth studying, the truth of who you are is something that’s constantly expanding and evolving. This new moon invites you to discover new aspects of your identity by exploring new avenues of self-expression.
Sometimes, Capricorn, life can be a lonesome road. But when you know you’re following your true path, you’re never really alone. And when you’re at home in your own mind, you can feel at home wherever the road may take you. At this new moon, let your higher self be your companion and guide.
Finally, Aquarius, you’re seeing the big picture. What you may still be confused about, though, is just where you fit into it. Are you meant to stand out, blend in, or something in between? At this new moon, the answer can be found by putting personal will in service of the greater good.
Anything is possible, Pisces. But to bring your goal out of the realm of possibility and into reality, you’ve got to do more than just believe in it—you also have to do your homework. This new moon challenges you to be more proactive about filling in any gaps in your knowledge or skillset.
Oh, the places you’ll go! Aries, this new moon finds you ready to embark on a new path of study or travel that takes you far out of your comfort zone. As if that weren’t exciting enough, it also puts you on the fast track to achieving a long term, practical goal.
No strings attached: Taurus, you’re not always comfortable accepting others’ generosity—you hate the feeling of owing anything to anyone. But at this new moon, you’re invited to appreciate the support systems available to you… and expand your range of possibilities by actually drawing upon them.
Relationships are our greatest teachers, Gemini—and at this new moon, you’re wrapping up one set of lessons and graduating to a whole new level of intimacy and connection. Romantic or platonic, you and a partner are ready to discover new ways of joining forces, supporting, and empowering each other.
Count your blessings, Cancer—but please don’t keep them to yourself! After all, in the course of your day-to-day life, you’ve gathered so much knowledge and a practical skillset that others can truly benefit from. First, though, you may need to demonstrate how your experience applies to their lives.
What’s the point, Leo? The older and wiser you get, the more you look for meaning in the things you do. But at this new moon, anything that provides an outlet for expressing yourself and channeling your energies in positive ways is a worthwhile way to spend your time.
What does “home” mean to you,  Virgo? Above all, it’s a feeling of warmth, wellbeing, and connection with what truly matters. It’s likely you’ve already found or created this for yourself. But this full moon challenges you to extend it to others who’ve been left out in the cold.
You make it look so easy, Libra—but just like anyone else, you’ve dealt with your fair share of insecurities.  Now that you’re feeling more confident, you’re better able to empathize with those who are still struggling with their self-worth. Bravely sharing your journey may give them the boost they need.
So many blessings, Scorpio, so little time! How do you manage them all, take advantage of them all… and most importantly, share them all? This new moon invites you to practice gratitude for all the good things you’ve been given, created for yourself, and/or earned through your own hard work.

Art by Luise Bäumer