October's Crystal Horoscopes Are Here to Enhance Your Energy

September 27, 2019

Our monthly Crystalscopes pair each zodiac sign with a crystal whose energies can support us through the coming month’s transits. We choose crystals that are accessible and widely available. You may see the same stone pop up from month to month as a medicine for a different sign—consider it an invitation to add to your toolkit!

Also consider low-impact methods like using gem essences and elixirs, buying used crystals, or starting a crystal share with friends. Real magic can only be accomplished by acknowledging our impact on the world around us.

Read these for your sun, moon, and rising signs to learn what you should wear, carry, or place on an altar to help boost your specific astrology for the month. These also work as remediations for specific houses in your natal chart.

Learn more about October’s transits—and what they mean for you!

October 2019 Crystalscopes



Dear Aries, on October 13, you are blessed with the full moon in your ruling sign. When competitive and forceful Aries enters the realm of emotions, there is a tendency to act defensive and short-tempered. But you can also use this energy to propel your dreams and aspirations forward. If you act from your heart space and from a place of authenticity, the aggressive and entrepreneurial power of Aries can work in your favor. To channel the more productive side of this transit, work with onyx. Onyx is a beautiful black stone that has been both feared and revered. It was thought of as a stone of bad omens in some cultures, and a stone of strength and protection in others. The dual nature of this stone allows one to integrate negative energy internally and externally into positive energy. If you are naturally impatient, onyx can help integrate that energy into quick decision making, giving intuitive suggestions on how to move things along. If you are naturally cutthroat and competitive, onyx can help focus that energy into inner drive and passion, instead of focusing on beating other people.

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Rose Quartz

Dear Taurus, on October 12, your ruling planet Venus forms an opposition to Uranus. The planet of love and relationship will be shaken up by the planet of innovation and unpredictability. A friend or partner may act uncharacteristically, and this would be an opportune time to understand how this makes you feel and why. Do you hold people to a certain expectation, not allowing them to be as they are? Do their opposing views on what friendship or love is make you feel insecure and question your own truths? To help you see things from a place of compassion, work with rose quartz. Rose quartz can ease tension. It radiates the pink light of unconditional love. True love means accepting people for who they are, and where they are, no matter if we agree with them or not. Rose quartz encourages one to choose love and healing over fear or judgment.



Dear Gemini, on October 3, your ruling planet Mercury enters deep and mysterious Scorpio. This will be a time of deep revelation. Small talk, surface-level conversations, and basic information will not suffice. Instead of asking what someone does for a living, you will want to ask what lights their souls on fire. Instead of judging someone for their faults, you will want to know the root of their pain, why they act the way they do. If you want to flow with this transit, work with tanzanite. This beautiful deep blue crystal helps one communicate and connect not just through voice and sight, but through spirit. It helps amplify your psychic and intuitive abilities, so you can understand the true meaning behind a word, or a glance, or a shrug – not to spy or to be sneaky, but to connect on a deeper level, to see the soul within the body.


Fire Agate

Dear Cancer, on October 13, your ruling heavenly body, the full moon, enters Aries. This is a challenging placement as the masculine and aggressive Aries energy naturally opposes the feminine and nurturing moon. However, there is a blessing in this. Aries will encourage you to come out of your shell, to productively release your anger, to set up boundaries, to use your emotions to empower yourself. How can you integrate the masculine and the feminine? Work with fire agate to awaken the inner fire. Fire agate helps you realign to your soul’s purpose. It amplifies your self-confidence and also helps surface the emotional blocks that prevent you from taking action and moving forward. Are you afraid of who you will offend if you speak your truth? Are you afraid of how powerful you truly are? Let fire agate propel you toward your true potential.


Blue Fluorite

Dear Leo, on October 14 your ruling heavenly body, the sun, squares Pluto. This transit will affect your pride and ego, it will amplify any controlling habits you may have. This will present an opportunity for you to practice surrender, and to understand your issues regarding control and security. To support you in understanding your issues, healing, and letting go, work with blue fluorite. This crystal helps you work through emotional and psychological traumas through segmentation – facing them one at a time so as not to overwhelm you. Blue fluorite helps you find your way through your inner wounds – “where did this fear come from? where did that judgment first manifest? etc.” Meditating with blue fluorite, and thinking of your control issues, obsessions, etc. may also bring you to a past life memory to help you heal energetically.



Dear Virgo, on October 14 your ruling planet Mercury, forms a harmonious sextile to Saturn. If you thought you were organized and disciplined before, wait until this transit. You will be thinking of ways to cultivate efficiency, cooperation, and responsibility. To amplify this productive and clear thinking energy, work with chrysocolla. This beautiful, rich turquoise blue and green stone encourages direct and thoughtful communication. If you are wanting to express an idea in a way that is orderly and easily digestible, chrysocolla can be a wonderful ally. It helps one use their creativity to come up with new solutions. It also helps you become more receptive to the ideas of others, and in collaborating to come up with the best possible outcomes. This stone can assist you in thinking clearly and fairly without personal bias.



Happy birthday October Libra! Mars enters your ruling sign on October 3, signifying a time of indecision. Confrontational Mars will challenge peace making Libra to pick a side. Or, you can use this energy to temper hot-headed Mars. You are allowed to fight for both sides, because you can see the positive and negative aspects. You know that not all things are black and white, for there are countless shades of grey. When you need to keep the peace but also make an informed decision, work with azurite. This indigo stone clears confusion, eases stress, and helps you make the best decision for all parties involved. Azurite brings deep wisdom, so that you can make sure that the truth, and not anyone’s ego, prevails.



Happy birthday October Scorpio! On October 3, your ruling planet Pluto goes direct in Capricorn. If you have been feeling less energetic, or less motivated than usual, know that you will get a healthy dose of ambition and drive. But now, you may want to do things differently. To integrate the lessons you learned about discipline, hard work, and responsibility from the Pluto retrograde, work with aragonite. This crystal is deeply grounding and stabilizing. It helps bring the wisdom of your higher chakras down to your lower chakras, so you move in unison with mind, body, heart, and spirit. This focused energy allows you to take action with discernment. Aragonite keeps things in perspective, so you pay attention to what is important in a task versus what is superfluous.



Dear Sagittarius, on October 13 the sun forms a sextile to your ruling planet, Jupiter. The sun is about self, and Jupiter is about growth and expansion. You are being asked to see the limitless potential within. No matter where you came from, or where you are now, this transit encourages you to put energy in who you want to be.
Sunstone carries the life-giving energy of the sun, and it inspires you to radiate your light. You are here for a reason, let sunstone shine a light on your talents, your interests, your passions, the qualities that make you unique. Sunstone activates your lower 3 chakras, so that you feel strong and grounded, creative and driven, confident and powerful.
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Dear Capricorn, on October 20, Venus forms a sextile with your ruling planet, Saturn. It is a wonderful time to be there for those you love. If someone needs a helping hand, or a favor, you can show them your love and support through service, as long as you don’t feel taken advantage of. Practicality is often overlooked in love language, as it is not necessarily exciting or romantic, but it is what builds trust, commitment, and harmony. To amplify this gentle energy, work with charoite. This violet crystal inspires one to be of service, it helps you realize your gifts, so you can give to others and promote healthy exchanges of energy. It helps you find your own ways of healing and uplifting others.

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Dear Aquarius, on October 7 Mercury forms an opposition to your ruling planet, Uranus. This transit may cause rapid development, a flurry of unexpected events that make it hard to keep up, leading to stress. We all have those moments when things seem to pile up out of nowhere. The key is to be realistic about what you can accomplish, and let go of the rest. To make sure your mind is in tip-top shape during this transit, work with chiastolite. This grounding stone increases your problem-solving ability, especially during times of change and chaos. It helps you balance your mind and your emotions, so you can think clearly and calmly. Chiastolite also benefits your body, infusing it with energy to strengthen your perseverance.


Orange Calcite

Dear Pisces, on October 14 Mercury forms a trine to your ruling planet, Neptune. This would be a wonderful time to work on a creative project, to let your imagination run wild, or to connect deeper with your spirituality. Share these aspects of yourself to those you trust. Work with orange calcite to help channel your creative energies, to create for the sake of creating, to remember the fun and joy of playing and having fun. When we are happy at play, we tap into our inner child – which is an infinite source of inspiration. Sitting down and chanting is not the only form of meditation, we can also enjoy active meditation when we get lost in the bliss and presence of doing an activity we love.

Art by Emma Rodriguez