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Say Goodbye to Venus Retrograde

Say Goodbye to Venus Retrograde

This week, we emerge from turbulent waters into calmer seas, as Mars moves from Aquarius to Pisces and Venus ends her month-long retrograde.

Mars in Pisces is more concerned with spiritual exploration rather then brute force, and energetic fluctuations are common during this transit.  Venus direct in Libra brings peace and balance within relationships, and now that the planet of love is once again moving forward, love affairs are able to truly blossom.

While we do have to contend with the final Mercury retrograde of the year on November 16, it will likely be a welcome repose from the intense relationship trials of October’s Venus retrograde. The slow-down occurs as we enter the holiday season, so embrace a period of self-reflection after this tumultuous year of retrogrades.

You might need to speak up and patch up a few wounds this week (thank you Venus retrograde!) Let this playlist remind you of all the love in your life, and remember the importance of voicing gratitude to those closest to you.


Tune into the Transits

November 12 – November 18


Unravel by Bjork

Best Part by Daniel Caesar featuring H.E.R

Hold On by The Internet

Right Down the Line by Jerry Rafferty