Life Is a Dream Under the September Pisces Full Moon

September 17, 2021

On September 20, 2021 (4:55 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time), there will be a full moon at 28°14’ of Pisces.

Life is but a dream under the Pisces full moon. And with this one loosely conjunct its retrograde ruler Neptune, the vibes are especially dreamlike and surreal. Right now, there’s no escaping the sense that nothing is quite what it seems… and yet, somehow, everything is mysteriously interconnected.

As true as this is on a spiritual level, though, on the earthly plane, there are still important distinctions to be made—like where we end and others begin, or what is felt versus what is factual. That’s where the Virgo sun comes in, helping us find clarity amid the confusion. Still, we’ll have to resist the allure of overthinking, and accept that some mysteries aren’t meant to be explained.

After all, the real question at this full moon isn’t how we know things. It’s what we do with those insights and information that ultimately makes the difference. How can we use our intuitive gifts—as well as our gifts of logic and reason—most skillfully, responsibly, and effectively?

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Full Moon in Pisces Meaning

The answer, with Mercury in Libra, might be taking all perspectives into account before making any decisions or judgments. Mercury’s trine with retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius (exact just one hour before this full moon) supports us in seeing the big picture, keeping communication channels open, and engaging with each other in good faith.

Still, as Mercury squares retrograde Pluto in Capricorn (September 22), our fears of conflict and confrontation—or unequal power dynamics between ourselves and others—could get in the way of an honest, open exchange.  With Mercury also preparing to go retrograde in Libra (September 26-October 18), we might want to reconsider which is more important: keeping things nice and pleasant on the surface, or addressing the substance of underlying issues?

Venus in Scorpio strongly encourages choosing substance over surface. But her uncomfortable aspect with Chiron, exact at this full moon, could bring up some touchy subjects that we’re not necessarily ready (or willing) to get into with each other. Even in our most established relationships, the energy right now can be intense and unpredictable, as Venus opposes retrograde Uranus in Taurus (exact September 23).

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Fortunately, a “grand trine” between Mars in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius, and the North Node in Gemini offers an invigorating breath of fresh air. Not only are we open to learning from each other, we’re actively seeking out each other’s perspectives and working to find common ground. Any efforts we make to communicate, collaborate, cooperate, and compromise are likely to be richly rewarded at this time.

Still, with the Pisces moon going void of course for three hours immediately following this lunation, we shouldn’t rush to act on its emotional, spiritual, or intellectual insights just yet. Instead, we might give ourselves some time to process first. Sleeping on it—and perhaps even doing some dreamwork on it—can provide the clarity we need to begin moving forward.

Read on for your sun and rising signs to learn more about what this full moon means for you.

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Horoscopes for the September Full Moon


No one knows you better, Pisces, than you know yourself. Still, there are times when other people can help you see yourself more clearly—and this full moon is likely to be one of those times. Be receptive to observations and advice from those who know (and love) you best.


“Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream…” For you, Aries, the Beatles’ classic invitation is especially tempting at this full moon. And we see no reason why you shouldn’t say yes to it—as long as you can do so responsibly. Be mindful of the difference between self-care and self-indulgence.


Don’t postpone joy, Taurus! It’s important to have dreams, goals, and plans for the future. But putting happiness on hold until you’ve perfectly realized them all would be a huge mistake. This full moon reminds you that you are enough—and that there’s already so much in your life to celebrate.


“Instagram vs. reality”: For you, Gemini, the difference between the two may be painfully clear at this full moon. The question is, what needs to be adjusted at this time—your real life, or your possibly unrealistic expectations? Consider what you’d need to finally feel satisfied with your career, home life, and health.


Experiencing some cognitive dissonance, Cancer? At this full moon, some beliefs or assumptions you’ve accepted in the past may no longer be sitting right with your conscience—or standing up to your critical thinking. Don’t be afraid to question things, as this helps you choose consciously where to put your faith.


“What’s mine is yours.” When you say this, Leo, what does it actually mean? At this full moon, it’s important to be crystal-clear on what the boundaries, expectations, and arrangements are in any resource-sharing relationships. Otherwise, it’s easy to get entangled in situations that feel too close for comfort.


Someone’s got to be the voice of reason, Virgo. And since everyone else seems slightly disconnected from reality right now, it’ll probably have to be you. Still, not everyone wants—or needs—to be “fixed” at this full moon. Before offering any unsolicited advice, make sure others are receptive to your help.


Nobody’s perfect, Libra. So at this full moon, we might as well just accept each other as we are. Still, taking a forgiving attitude toward your own and others’ shortcomings doesn’t let you off the hook for trying to do better. What small improvements might you be ready to make at this time?


Let yourself go, Scorpio! You don’t always give yourself permission to be dreamy, silly, sentimental, or spontaneous. But at this full moon, it’s okay to lose yourself in daydreams and fantasies for a while. Follow your creative muse, reconnect with your inner child, and imagine some new possibilities for the future.


Total objectivity is impossible, Sagittarius. Still, at this full moon, it’s something to aspire to. Your personal feelings about certain situations may be clouding your perception, preventing you from grasping what’s really going on. Rather than assuming your version of the truth is accurate for everyone, try to understand other people’s perspectives.


It’s tempting to think you’ve got it all figured out. But at this full moon, Capricorn, you’re realizing that the answers to life’s big questions aren’t quite so cut and dry as you would like them to be. Perhaps the real question now is, can you be OK with not knowing?


Money and resources are like water, Aquarius: constantly flowing in and out. And for the most part, you’re happy to embrace this fluidity. Still, at this full moon, you’ll want to be mindful of which way the flow is going—and careful not to let things just slip through your hands.