The Oracle Delivers Courage, Ancestral Guidance & Red Flags for the 2023 Summer Solstice

June 15, 2023

Another day, another season upon us! Arguably the most anticipated season of the entire year, Summer, officially arrives on Wednesday, June 21, at 7:58 a.m. Pacific Time. Today, due to an astronomical anomaly that involves the Earth’s tilt over its own axis, we enjoy the longest and sunniest day of 2023 in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Mystics, pagans, witches, and stargazers around the world celebrate the Summer Solstice, which returns the position of our star, the sun, to zero degrees of the cardinal zodiac sign Cancer. At that exact moment, the sun illuminates this point in the sky; it unlocks energetic themes that will remain active until the next season arrives, which is the Fall Equinox on September 23.

An Oracle Spread for the Summer Solstice 2023

As the Summer Solstice warms us with its presence, multi-talented artist, spiritual teacher, and author Marcella Kroll graces us with an intuitive reading featuring her artistic creations. When asking for some collective insight for the upcoming season ahead, Marcella drew the Courage, Message, and Soulmate cards from her Sacred Symbols Oracle and the Shadow and Red Flag cards from her latest Roast Iconic Oracle.

Containing simple but incredibly powerful imagery and symbolism, Marcella’s pull is eerily reflective of the astrological chart of the Summer Solstice. “In this auspicious time, the universe offers us a generous dose of guidance, delivered through clear and concise messages. Wisdom flows from our celestial connections, our revered ancestors, our spiritual guides, and the benevolent beings inhabiting both the physical and astral realms. As we journey through the changing of the seasons, we are called to forge connections with kindred souls who share our path or mission.” For the next four weeks, the sun shines in watery Cancer, the zodiac sign representative of the Divine Mother, Roots, and Ancestry. The veil is now thin, and communicating with the other side is easier than ever. After all, Cancer season is a time to remember where we come from and how our DNA informs our entire experience and the clan we seek to surround ourselves with. 

However, the Sacred Symbols and Roast Iconic Oracles advise that “We must remain vigilant, wary of false prophets and deceptive energies that may masquerade as beneficial. Our discernment must be honed, and we must heed the red flags that flutter in our midst. It is important not to bleach those red flags white to make them fit our desired narrative.” Indeed, there could still be a lot of deception in the air now, as just a few days earlier, on June 18, the sun in Gemini formed its biannual square with Neptune, the planet of illusion. If a red flag appears now, avoiding sugarcoat it will save us disillusions later on, once Neptune goes retrograde on June 30. 

According to the Universal Law of Duality, meaningful moments of illumination are also reflective of the darkness within. Marcella affirms, “We should embrace the wisdom that our shadows reveal in the light of day, fearlessly acknowledging, entertaining their presence, and learning from them. Amidst this juncture, or what could be considered a crossroad marker for the year, there are countless opportunities for us to reflect and share with others our insights. For in doing so, we contribute to the building and healing of collective wisdom of our interconnected world, and in the rebuilding of our immediate and global communities.” 

As Marcella and her Oracles put it, the Summer will be a time in which we will sit in liminal spaces between the dual concepts of visibility and introspection, attention and seclusion, and light and darkness. Our other luminary, the moon, will be traveling in the fiery skies of Leo, activating what could arguably be called a Leo stellium—also including Venus, Mars, Black Moon Lilith, and asteroid Pallas. As the Summer Solstice kicks in, we will most likely feel Venus retrograde themes already creeping in, even though the actual retrograde doesn’t begin until July 22. Over the next few months, the craving to socialize and “feel seen” will collide with a deep need to be alone and embrace introspection. Leo season—starting July 22 and ending on August 22—is normally a highly social and romance-forward time. However, with the planet of pleasure and friendship diving deep into the underworld, we will be too busy “trying to figure ourselves out.” Our passions and desires will be changing, requesting to be upgraded to the current flavors and challenges of our times. 

When facing these themes, Marcella affirms that “embracing courage and audacity becomes crucial, for it is through these qualities that we can truly make ourselves visible, and reach towards our goals, the way the flowers reach towards the sun. The air is charged with the power of optimism and the allure of seizing the present moment.”