This Tarot Pull Powers You Through the Gemini Season Confusion

May 19, 2020

Dear readers, as the sun shifts into Gemini, the Tarot offers a collective message for all signs to ponder: Face the challenges presented by 8 of Pentacles and invite the gifts of 3 of Wands. 

This Gemini season, the 8 of Pentacles calls us to practice patience and perseverance. This energy is testing our will, it is testing our sanity, it is testing our strength. The key is not to power through it, not to use force or aggression. Instead, be present, put one foot in front of the other, count each inhale and exhale, cultivate awareness, and think of this as a journey. Even if your physical mobility is limited, this is a journey through struggle and trauma. A journey to find peace, love, and joy wherever we can. 

The 3 of Wands promises expansion and offers a vision of beautiful possibilities. If we muster the power within to keep going—and we will, we will truly see how infinite the soul is, how capable it is of compassion and kindness, how much we can endure. And we will be better for it. 

Your Tarotscopes below will help you tune into what your soul needs to focus on or address during this Gemini season. Read for your sun, moon, and rising.


The Challenge of 10 of Wands & The Gift of Ace of Pentacles

Dear Aries, this Gemini season, the burden of illusory responsibility gives way to new opportunities.
The 10 of Wands is the card of exhaustion, of taking on more than you can handle, of testing your limits. The Ace of Pentacles is the seed of potential as it relates to the body, material wealth, and career.  

The 10 of Wands challenges you to release what is not yours to carry. It challenges you to lighten your load, to find ease, grace, and surrender as opposed to struggle and friction. Truly to understand who and what you are responsible for. Determine what truly needs to get done, and be wise as to how much energy you feel you need to offer to something or someone. As the old saying goes, “work smarter, not harder.” 

If you learn to discern the necessary versus the frivolous, you will have more energy and focus to receive the Ace of Pentacles. An influx of fresh energy will be available to you, to begin projects and seize opportunities that allow for greater nurturing of the body, mindful management of resources, and putting effort back into your personal goals. 


The Challenge of The Tower & The Gift of The Lovers

Dear Taurus, this Gemini season the destruction of false structures gives way to deeper connections and love.
The Tower is the bolt of lightning that shatters what no longer serves us, not always pleasant but necessary for our soul evolution. The Lovers is the card of relationships between friends, family, lovers, and, of self. It is the card of reflection and mirroring.  

The Tower challenges you to let go of your false sense of security. A certain job, a title, a house, all of the things we feel we could not live without; all of the things that feed our ego and build a superficial image of our identity—these things will crumble if it is all we have and all we hold on to. 

Your worth is not tied to your work resume, your bank account, or the material wealth you’ve accumulated. Go deeper. Declare the intention and begin or continue your journey to receive the Lovers. Not the love of someone else, but the universal love that can’t be taken away, the love that lies within. People will spend their entire lives trying to find validation from outside sources, but it will never be enough until you declare that you are enough, until you decide that you are worthy.


The Challenge of Ace of Swords & The Gift of Strength

Dear Gemini, Happy Birthday! During your birth season, the difficulty of seeking truth gives way to an infinite reserve of inner strength.

The Ace of Swords is the gust of wind that blows away confusion and indecision. Strength is the card of power and perseverance through grace. The Ace of Swords challenges you to think for yourself, to do your own research, to make your own conclusions based on the best resources available to you. You must seek your truth, Gemini. This truth lies in your entire being. If something or someone makes you feel uneasy, dive into why. If the information that comes to you only amplifies stress and anxiety, decide if that information actually serves you. To think clearly, you must discover who or what makes your thoughts cloudy, and through this unveiling, you will receive Strength. 

This card offers you the power to face whatever comes. Strength will infuse you with confidence because you will know in your mind, body, heart, and soul what is true for you. You will know what you stand for, what hurts, or nurtures your mental health, and from this place of fortitude, you will tap into a deep strength that cannot be shaken.


The Challenge of Knight of Pentacles & The Gift of 2 of Pentacles

Dear Cancer, this Gemini season the slow and meandering pace of time and activity gives way to heightened productivity. 
The challenge comes in the form of Knight of Pentacles, it is the only knight in the deck which does not move. The horse is still, and the energy is stable but perhaps stagnant. The Knight of Pentacles challenges you to work and flow with what is. Life may be at a standstill, and that is increasingly frustrating. But is it out of your hands? Can you do something to move time forward? Or can you surrender to what you cannot control and find stimulation in other ways?

The gift is offered by the 2 of Pentacles. Though you may not feel inspired, though your energy reserves may be low, and you are bombarded with difficulties, this card still declares there is much that you can do. Now is the time to be adaptable. Now is the time to dip your toes in different avenues of interest, not necessarily so you can achieve something or gain profit, but so you can exercise your skills and capabilities and feed your soul. You have the choice to stay where you are like the Knight of Pentacles, or to throw yourself into an activity like the 2 of Pentacles.


The Challenge of The Chariot & The Gift of Page of Wands

Dear Leo, this Gemini season, leave the past where it is to move forward with wonder and inspiration.
The Chariot challenges you to determine what is weighing you down and what is holding you back from truly moving forward? Are old ways of thinking limiting your true potential? Is non-forgiveness keeping you from feeling love and positive energy? Is ruminating on what could have been and how things could have changed blinding you from what is actually possible? You cannot fly if you are weighed down by heavy boulders.

The gift is offered by the Page of Wands, which depicts a figure seeing new life growing from a staff. The Page of Wands is filled with enthusiasm and promise. It is the excitement of beginning a new adventure, the envisioning of grand new ideas, of magic and possibility. Allow your curiosity to fuel you by feeding energy into what sets your soul on fire. Take the wisdom and lessons from the past, but allow the Chariot and Page of Wands to take you to the next levels of your soul journey. The key is lightness.


The Challenge of 4 of Swords & The Gift of Justice

Dear Virgo, this Gemini season, restlessness gives way to rationality and discernment. 
The 4 of Swords challenges you to pause and recuperate when needed. Even during times of quarantine and limited mobility, some people are still finding ways to exhaust themselves. More often than not, rest and relaxation are just what you need to calm the whirlwind inside your head. You are being challenged to cultivate inner peace, to recharge your batteries, and to take it as seriously as all the other things on your to-do list. It doesn’t have to be stillness and quietude, if an intense workout helps you feel rested and recharged, make that a priority. 

The gift is offered by Justice, who holds the sword of truth in one hand and the scales of balance on the other. Through proper self-care, you will come to a place of more clarity, you will be able to make more sound decisions driven by compassion and intelligence versus irritation. You will be able to communicate more clearly. As it is different for everyone, determine the steps you must take to act from that place of wisdom, fairness, and truth.


The Challenge of 4 of Wands & The Gift of The Moon

Dear Libra, this Gemini season the unhealthy expectations you have of yourself gives way to embracing the unknown.
The 4 of Wands challenges you to find fulfillment wherever you are. So many of us declare that we will only be happy when we meet the love of our life, when we start a family, when we buy a home, when we land our dream job, etc. If we keep looking for completion outside of ourselves and the present moment, then it will always be beyond our reach. Even if life is not wonderful now, how can you cultivate a sense of wholeness? Can you celebrate the little things? Can you find stillness and gratitude in your breath? Can you thank ourselves and whoever has supported us for making it this far?

The gift is offered by the Moon, which asks us to surrender to what we can’t see. We all have lists of things and situations we want to manifest and that is wonderful, but the Moon brings forth what is hidden. The Moon reminds us to be humble because we don’t always know what is in our highest good. We don’t always know what it is we are actually seeking. Is it that specific person or job title, or is it something else entirely? We do not have to know everything all the time and the Moon makes sure we don’t. As sometimes the paths that we walk which allow us to evolve on our soul journey, are paths we may not have taken if we knew where exactly they would lead us. 


The Challenge of 5 of Swords & The Gift of 9 of Swords

Dear Scorpio, this Gemini season, you have the opportunity to heal, only if you don’t pick at the wounds.
The 5 of Swords challenges you to find your inner pacifist. Not all battles are worth fighting. And truthfully, the only way to win some battles is to not engage at all—to be the bigger person. Do you have the opportunity to forgive, to make amends, or to apologize? If so, what is stopping you?

The gift is offered by the 9 of Swords. This card shows a figure waking up from bed crying, perhaps having experienced a terrible nightmare. In this life, there is pain and suffering. But more often than not, we feed that pain and suffering. We allow our minds to run rampant with fear, worry, and paranoia. The gift offered is discernment, to know when that darkness is real, or when it is just living in our heads. 

The gift offered is knowing when to engage with it or when to just let it run its course and observe it, like the figure in the 5 of Swords card who has disarmed the combatants and watches them walk away. Take away the power of your fears, and you win. Be the watcher, not the participant. 


The Challenge of King of Pentacles & The Gift of 5 of Pentacles

Dear Sagittarius, this Gemini season, try to connect to your soul and the collective through service and charity.
The King of Pentacles challenges you to ask how you can serve the greater good. This card depicts a figure of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Wealth does not always mean money. A person can have a wealth of friends and family, they can be prosperous in joy, they can have an abundance of love and compassion. How can you share your blessings, whatever they may be, with others less fortunate?

The gift is offered by the 5 of Pentacles. By helping others, you will, in turn, receive what you feel has been lacking. The beautiful energy of being of service, of being there for others in their time of need, is a wonderful gift. Some sit in their ivory towers, accumulating everything yet still feeling empty, who will never know the power and grace of putting others before yourself. Now, that is a true lack of abundance. 


The Challenge of 2 of Swords & The Gift of 7 of Wands

Dear Capricorn, this Gemini season, understand that the right decision is not always the easiest.
The 2 of Swords challenges you to use all your senses—not just your sigh—to determine what is true and how to move forward. Does this decision feel good? Am I listening to my gut, my intuition? Does this decision align with my values? Do my heart and soul feel expansive if I go this way, or do they contract and feel tense and anxious? The figure in this card is blindfolded not because they don’t trust their sight, but because they must integrate and use their whole being.

The gift is offered by the 7 of Wands. The figure in this card is in defense, it is standing its ground, courageously defying the odds. When you have conviction, when you’ve meditated on your decision and acted from a place of true authenticity, people will often judge you. The truth scares a lot of people, and some may try to bring you down. But you will be grounded, you will be strong, and you will have the strength to back yourself up.  


The Challenge of King of Wands & The Gift of King of Cups

Dear Aquarius, this Gemini season, balance your fierce determination with heart and compassion. 
The King of Wands encourages you to step into your power, to lead with passion, to inspire others with your vision and brilliance. However, this figure also challenges you to temper your flame. There’s an important difference between strong leadership and cold tyranny. 

The gift is offered by the King of Cups, the perfect balance to the Kind of Wands. As you ride toward the stars, do not forget your heart. The King of Cups integrates intuition, this figure knows that empathy is a strength, not a weakness. It inspires loyalty and cooperation by truly listening, by connecting to another person’s soul, by saying to them “I see you, and I hear you.” This card knows that to be truly successful, to truly lead, one must allow others to shine, we must allow others to express themselves and show their strength. That is how the collective rises, instead of just the individual.


The Challenge of King of Swords & The Gift of 3 of Cups

Dear Pisces, this Gemini season, surrender to silliness, to celebration, to the joy available to you.
The King of Swords challenges you to master your mind. This mastery does not come from intense studying, and it does not come from completing any sort of curriculum. This mastery comes from knowing when to use your intellect—and when to move more into your body, your heart, and your spirit. Be aware of overthinking, as some experiences in life require us to just be present and leave our minds at the door. 

The gift is offered by the 3 of Cups. This card illustrates three figures, joined together in love and merriment. In these difficult and tumultuous times, it may seem impossible to find happiness when the media constantly bombards us with terrible news. The 3 of Cups reminds us that we must try to feel the light, we must fight for it. If you can’t go to your favorite restaurant, create a beautiful dinner and set a mood for yourself or others in your home. If you can’t grab a drink with your friends, set up a virtual happy hour. There are still reasons to celebrate, allow yourself to find them.

Images by Born Under Saturn