Your Leo Season Tarot Pull: You Have What it Takes to Rise Above and Bloom

July 23, 2020

Dear readers, as the sun shifts into fire sign Leo, the Tarot offers a collective message for all signs to ponder: Step up to the work presented by 5 of Swords, and invite the gifts of Knight of Cups. 

The 5 of Swords card depicts two figures walking away in defeat, their swords lay on the ground, as the third figure watches in satisfaction carrying three swords in their hands. In spirituality, there seems to be an overarching message that all we need is love and light, that rising above tribulations and becoming enlightened will end suffering. That message is not what this card represents. The energy we are being asked to experience is one of victory and defeat. We cannot bypass struggle and discomfort and all the “dark” aspects of life, we must move through them and allow them to fuel us. 
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At this moment, we can either fight or surrender. How do you know if what you are fighting for is right? The gift arrives with the Knight of Cups. This knight leads with their intuition, their empathy, and their heart. There is no analyzing, no intellectualizing when we know in our souls what is of love and what is of fear and hatred. Let your heart lead the way to create a juster, more peaceful, and harmonious world. But to do that, we may have to tap into our aggression, our anger, our indignation, and fight for the right side of history. 

Your Tarotscopes below will help you tune into what your soul needs to focus on or address during this Leo season. Read for your sun, moon, and rising.


The Work of 7 of Pentacles & The Gift of The Fool

Dear Aries, this Leo season, allow for natural unfolding, practice patience, and tune into your intuition to help you figure out when to take those leaps of faith.

The 7 of Pentacles invites you to work on tempering your natural urge to act first. This card, portraying a figure observing the fruits of their labor grow and mature, asks you to harmonize with divine timing. It is not always up to us to determine when something happens, and we must understand what in our lives is out of our control. Some things do require a push, and other things need time and space to evolve. The challenge is to be aware that our ego needs things to line up with our timeline, and instead, flow with the energies of the universe.  

The gift is offered by the Fool, which brings in the energy of adventure, lightness, and ease. Once balance is achieved with patience and urgency, you will be freed up to step into new and exciting projects and situations. If a project you have worked on is not moving forward, the Fool will help you release it if it no longer serves you or it will bless you with peace of mind in knowing that you’ve done all you can and now it is out of your hands. Above all, the Fool wants you to be present, to put one foot in front of the next, to fully experience what is happening now, knowing that the past cannot be changed and that if you’ve done your due diligence, and you’ve worked as efficiently and effectively possible, everything will be okay and fall into place; and if it hasn’t, it was not meant to yet—so be patient. 


The Work of The Lovers & The Gift of The Chariot

Dear Taurus, this Leo season, the relationships you heal and nourish will carry you to the next chapter.

The Lovers invites you to work on the soul to soul connections in your life; past, present, and future. This does not mean that we have to have loving and joyous relationships with everyone we know, but we must take responsibility for our parts in hurting others, and we must make peace with the people that hurt us and the relationships that have broken down. Then, harness the love and caring within you to nurture the relationships that you cherish. What can you do to let those people know that you appreciate them, that they make your life more wonderful, that you see the light in their souls? And how can you express this same gratitude to yourself?

The gift is offered by the Chariot, the major arcana of movement, momentum, and power. There is power is knowing that you are supported by the people you love, and there is forward movement in knowing that the traumas of the past will no longer influence and control you. The Chariot wants to help you step into the next level of your soul evolution, it wants you to integrate the lessons you’ve learned, to destroy the shackles that bind you to unhealthy relationships and victim mentality. Yes, you’ve been hurt, and yes, you’ve hurt other people, but cultivate the love available to you now, and let that energy propel you. 


The Work of 10 of Pentacles & The Gift of 3 of Cups

Dear Gemini, this Leo season, connect with your roots and with your community and celebrate the love of the collective.

The 10 of Pentacles invites you to work on your soul purpose. Believe it or not, your soul purpose is not to gain a certain title in your company, or to make copious amounts of money, or to become wildly famous. Your soul purpose is to help raise the frequency of this Earth, to be of service to your community, and to figure out your role in how to do that. This card asks us to show up for the world, to do our part, to understand that although we are individuals, we are part of the collective. This does not mean that you have to know exactly what you must do, or that you must devote your life only to others. Just have the awareness that there is important work you are here for, and ask Spirit to keep showing you the way.

The gift is offered by the 3 of Cups. In your quest for purpose, this card will align you with true soul connections, like-minded individuals who share your interests and your morality. You do not have to go at this alone, and the power you hold will be amplified when you find synergies with other people. Also, this work does not have to always be serious. The 3 of Cups states you can be celebratory, you can be filled with joy and laughter, as all of this energy will raise the frequency of the collective. If you feel those close to you do not support you and do not hold the same values (note the difference between values and opinions), please keep looking; your tribe is out there looking for you as well.


The Work of Page of Wands & The Gift of 4 of Wands

Dear Cancer, this Leo season be inspired, be curious, and find wholeness in your journey of creativity.  

The Page of Wands invites you to work on igniting the flame within. If you are feeling confused, lost, and unmotivated, acknowledge that but also take responsibility for it. It is no one’s job to tell you where you should focus your energy, or what you should do with your life. You must do the work to realize what sets your soul on fire. What interests you? What are you curious about? What do you spend your time researching? Allow yourself to take it one step at a time, knowing that not every pursuit will lead you somewhere worth going, but it’s not about that at this moment. The goal is to get you going. 

The gift is offered by the 4 of Wands. As you continue to discover how your soul wants to express itself, what it wants to create and experience, you will begin to feel more whole, more complete, more like your true authentic self. This card provides a structure for your brilliance, it creates stability in harnessing your energy and wielding magic. The card depicts two figures in celebration, something similar to a marriage, which could as well represent. But the deeper message is about the marriage of the self, because when you are aligned with your higher self, it’s an absolute cause for joy and celebration.  


The Work of The Hierophant & The Gift of 3 of Pentacles

Dear Leo, Happy Birthday! During your solar return season, continue to develop your own personal and spiritual truths.

The Hierophant invites you to work toward expanding your knowledge. What do you believe in? Question everything and take nothing at face value. Learn from inspirational leaders, brilliant entrepreneurs, and enlightened spiritual gurus, but do not be a mindless follower. It is too easy to subscribe to one way, because it does not challenge you to think more, to do more, or to be more. Your challenge is to take what you have learned, to see what else is out there, and to never stop nurturing and evolving your own knowing. 

The gift is offered by the 3 of Pentacles. In this card, there are figures discussing methods and techniques, they are exchanging ideas, there is no hierarchy. In your journey for learning and understanding, you will connect with people who truly want to learn, who truly want to teach, whose ego does not overpower their dedication to spread and absorb knowledge. Be wary of false prophets and embrace with open arms those that believe in the power of collaboration. There is never just one way to do anything, and those that are humble enough to admit that they don’t know everything will gain more than those who believe they are the one true source. 


The Work of Knight of Pentacles & The Gift of Knight of Swords

Dear Virgo, this Leo season, know when to act conservatively, and when to rush head into action. 

The Knight of Pentacles invites you to work on consistency, on staying grounded, on not bailing when the going gets tough. The horse in this card has its feet firmly placed on the Earth, it is at peace and unwavering. This knight is challenging you to just stick with it for a while longer. Hold on because there is still much to do. Your perseverance and loyalty are needed. Do not take chances just for the sake of it, sometimes a slow and steady pace wins over rushed efforts. 

The gift is offered by the Knight of Swords, who acts as the antithesis to the Knight of Pentacles. Once you have integrated the power of patience and steadfastness, you will understand when it is required of you to tap into your boldness. You must balance both energies, because there are times and situations when both are required. The Knight of Swords is abrasive, assertive, and cuts straight to the point with no room for diplomacy. Learn to wield the powers of Earth and steadfastness, as well as air and swiftness. These polarized elements will serve you when needed. 


The Work of 8 of Swords & The Gift of The Tower

Dear Libra, this Leo season, understand that sometimes, the path that leads you to freedom is destruction.

The 8 of Swords invites you to work on limitations, actual and illusory. Acknowledge the cages that limit your expansion. Were they self-created, or has someone or something place you there? If your relationships don’t allow for compromise, then it is limiting. If your job doesn’t recognize your true potential, then it is limiting. If your own thoughts prevent you from trying new things and taking chances, then it is limiting. The soul needs to run, it needs to evolve, it needs to fly. 

The gift is offered by the Tower. This card, which heralds destruction and upheaval, is often feared. And we do not have to sugar coat, it is terrifying when the things we’ve held on to, even if they were limiting, are being torn apart. The Tower does not act to instill fear, that is our human reaction, it brings down the lightning so we can awaken to what is no longer working, what our souls will not put up with anymore. Surrender to the Tower, it is your ally, use its power to free yourself from the comforts of your box.


The Work of Temperance & The Gift of 9 of Cups

Dear Scorpio, this Leo season, the middle path will lead you to authentic inner satisfaction.

The Temperance card invites you to work on balance and moderation. Where in your life can you cut back, and where can you add more? There is not only one answer or suggestion that will fit every person, it is purely individual. And it is not simply about curving our vices. A person can exercise too much to the point of exhaustion and malnutrition, and a person can certainly be too ambitious to the point of single-mindedness and narcissism. Acknowledge the aspects of your soul that need be fed, and the parts that need to be reigned in.

The gift is offered by the 9 of Cups. The figure in this card wants for nothing, not because they have everything they desire and not because they are inherently blessed with wealth and fortune. This figure is satisfied, and content, because they have cultivated that inner peace in their very being. They hold the universal truth that what they manifest in their outer world only adds to their joy, but it’s not the source of it, for that comes from within. When in balance, this truth will be more available to you. 


The Work of 9 of Swords & The Gift of Strength

Dear Sagittarius, this Leo season, reign in the monsters within and discover your lionheart.

The 9 of Swords invites you to work on taming the inner saboteur. We all have thoughts we cannot control. However, we do have the power to soften these voices, to engage with them in a way that acknowledges that they are there and at the same time understand that they are untruths. Just because we think it, does not mean that it is so. This is a lifelong practice, to feed the positive and loving and uplifting thoughts about ourselves, and to minimize the ones that serve to bring us down. Become more and more aware of this, and make sure you are in the driver’s seat. 

The gift is offered by the Strength card. Once you have begun to notice which thoughts come from your soul and which thoughts come from your fear, you will gain true Strength. This strength is not one that is used to control or sway others, it is the strength within that pushes you further, that says that you are more than enough, that declares that you are beautiful light and have incredible gifts that must be expressed. You are your biggest enemy, and you are your biggest ally. 


The Work of Page of Pentacles & The Gift of 3 of Wands

Dear Capricorn, this Leo season, develop the plan, chart the course, and set sail.

The Page of Pentacles invites you to work on the beginning stages of your new venture. You do not have to have everything figured out in order for you to begin, to draw a blueprint, to jot some notes down, or to begin your research. Wherever you are, the Page of Pentacles asks you to start there. This page looks for opportunities, they do not wait for it to fall on their lap. They ground their expectations in reality, knowing that they must start small and be humble, but they also acknowledge the majestic redwood that can grow from a tiny seed. 

The gift is offered by the 3 of Wands, which amplifies the energy of the Page of Pentacles. This 3 honors the realism of the Page, but expands the possibilities. The 3 of Wands knows the power of your soul, and all that you can achieve, and all the resources available to you if you tap into universal energy. Align with yo ur highest excitement, follow your intuition, invite your Spirit team to assist you, and believe in your own capabilities. The figure in the 3 of Wands looks out onto the horizon and knows that their potential is only limited by their vision.  


The Work of The Hanged Man & The Gift of 5 of Cups

Dear Aquarius, this Leo season, find peace in the stillness and hope in the darkness.

The Hanged Man invites you to work on your inner world and it asks you to practice surrender, whether your circumstances are joyous or difficult. If joyous, how do you keep grounded, how do you manage your expectations, how do you show gratitude and enjoy the present without clinging on to it and being engulfed in fear if it does not last? If difficult, how do you allow the emotions to breathe, how do you hold space for healing, how do you harness your strength and keep faith that this too shall pass? Be present, be conscious, be aware.

The gift is offered by the 5 of Cups. Typically, this card would be read as disappointment or frustration. As a gift, this card signifies that although there are hardships in life, although there are times we feel sorrow and despair, we know it is temporary. The integrated lessons of the Hanged Man teach us to cultivate our sense of inner peace, to ground ourselves, no matter what we are experiencing. We must process and be with whatever emotions arise, but we can also choose to look forward, we can choose to connect to our Spirit and our Spirit helpers, we can choose to have faith and hope.


The Work of 5 of Wands & The Gift of Justice

Dear Pisces, this Leo season, do not be afraid of conflict and chaos. If your truth is aligned with service and humanity, you must defend it.

The 5 of Wands invites you to work on your inner warrior. This life we live is not all about love, light, and peace. Sometimes we must fight. Sometimes we must throw ourselves into uncomfortable situations where we must use our power, not to oppress someone else, but to uphold our truths. If you face conflict, if someone challenges your sense of morality, keep your ego in check, and let your heart and intelligence fuel your fire.

The gift is offered by the Justice card. There are situations in life that fall in the gray area, and there are other situations that are completely black and white, completely right and wrong. Justice informs you when to be flexible and when to be firm. You can be a beacon for truth and honesty. You must call out the injustices, you must protect those who are being marginalized. The card of Justice has called to you, and you have the power to see this through. 

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