This Tarot Card Wants You to Say Yes to Life

May 7, 2019

In this series, Jamie Richardson of Ember + Aura Tarot explains how to embrace the message of each major arcana card. 

The Chariot card arrives with the pounding of hooves (or paws) and the sound of rushing wind. This image is about winning at all costs. No compromises. The road has been mapped out in the mind of the driver; she has laid the necessary groundwork and has trained hard. Her entire focus is now all about getting what she wants and what is hers to claim.  Empowered by a fiery sense of competition, the driver of the chariot is radiating matchless autonomy and confidence. With a very specific goal in mind, she senses that now is the perfect time to push through towards her victory. The Chariot signifies superb self-control. The one who holds its reins has mastered her energies, perfectly channeling her aggression and will-power towards its highest good.

When The Chariot shows up in a reading, you are getting a big “Go For It!” from the universe. Up until this point, you’ve likely known what you want and possibly even how to get it. Unfortunately, many of us tend to second guess ourselves and make long lists of who might suffer if we actually put ourselves first. We get mired in analysis-paralysis as we painstakingly dissect the process and worry about how we will be perceived: aggressive, competitive, inconsiderate, selfish, ambitious? Most of us get light-headed at the thought of coming across as anything less than kind and considerate 100% of the time. Note, however, that this card is called The Chariot, not The Driver. This is about harnessing the power of the universe, recognizing opportunity, and stepping into a vehicle of absolute certainty and strength. This is about saying, yes, it’s my time and I deserve it. It’s about picking up the reins, holding them firmly, and feeling at ease in the driver’s seat.

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Prolonged feelings of self-doubt will often result in a reversed Chariot. When we are feeling out of control of our own lives and denying what we want, the reversed Chariot will show up again and again, offering us a new chance to rise up and claim our own power. It’s true, that sometimes the Chariot topples over. With any undertaking, there is always the risk of a stone catching our wheel. However, the experienced driver of the Chariot has learned to direct her focus on her final destination with a steely intensity. More often than not, the stones simply fly out of her way.

To bring The Chariot into your life, start saying yes. Yes to yourself, yes to your abilities, yes to your worthiness, yes to divine timing, and yes to what it yours. Envision the victory that is waiting for you and allow yourself to feel the pride that comes with accomplishment. Once you’ve made this commitment, feel yourself taking the reins and being pulled directly toward your objective.

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Shifting into warrior mode can mean stepping outside of your comfort zone. On The Fool’s Journey in Tarot, we are introduced to every aspect of our persona—some that we naturally embody and some that make us less than comfortable. As always, in facing ourselves in our entirety and with total acceptance, we take giant steps towards higher consciousness and spiritual development. So, when The Chariot comes for you, don’t hesitate. The world has been waiting for what you have to offer and now is the time for you to make it happen.

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