The Divine Feminine: What It Is and How to Embrace It

October 8, 2021

What Is The Divine Feminine?

As we strive to connect with the universe and unlock its secrets (and our own potential), one of the most potent concepts to work with is that of the “Divine Feminine.” Simply put, the Divine Feminine is a manifestation of feminine energy in the universe. It is a sacred power source that is both integral to the nature of the cosmos, as well as inherent in ourselves. (It’s important to note that the Divine Feminine is something that everyone, regardless of gender identity, can connect to.) The Divine Feminine is connected to fertility, birth, and the cyclical nature of life. It is present in the changing seasons of nature, and the cycles of the moon. This creative energy is not just about biological creation, but how we transform ourselves, our families, and our communities. It is the ability to appreciate the beauty of the universe, and the strength to weather its changes. 

Concepts of the Divine Feminine have been around since antiquity, and appear in religions and spiritual practices across the globe. You may be familiar with some of these ideas (the Divine Mother, or the Lover, for example), but there are many ways, both subtle and precise, to work with this energy. The Divine Feminine allows and reminds us to look within and listen to our bodies, encouraging thought, reflection, and emotional presence. 

There’s no one single way to experience it—complex and evolving, it contains multitudes. In fact, you may feel different facets of it throughout your lifetime, as you navigate experiences of family, partnership, or your own spiritual and creative journey. 

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Divine Feminine vs. Divine Masculine

The presence of the Divine Feminine of course suggests an opposing, but also complimentary, Divine Masculine. The relationship between the two could sometimes be considered a battle between the head and the heart, with the Divine Masculine representing reason, logic, and analytical thinking, while the Divine Feminine is more attuned to intuition, subtlety, creativity, and emotional inner worlds. The Divine Masculine is more external, representing conquering the physical world, while the Divine Feminine is more concerned with charting inner space. Action and assertion vs. contemplation and passivity. While the Divine Masculine tends to take charge and act alone, the Divine Feminine is more open to collaboration and communication. 

We all have things to learn by working with both of these divine energies, as a sort of Yin/Yang presence in our lives that helps us achieve balance. Whether you naturally feel more connected to the Divine Feminine or the Divine Masculine, it’s important to find ways to integrate both into your life. After all, the balance of reflection and action is a powerful dynamic that can create meaningful change. 

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divine feminine


  • Creative
  • Seductive
  • Fertile
  • Protective
  • Loving
  • Nurturing 
  • Compassionate 
  • Intuitive
  • Patient 
  • Reflective 
  • Emotional
  • Empathetic 
  • Collaborative

These are the ten planetary archetypes!


While there are many ways to experience the Divine Feminine, we can sort them into several main archetypes that help us understand the different ways this power is present in our understanding of the world and your own consciousness. 

The Maiden—Represents youth, beauty, and innocence. The Maiden is a free spirit, and often depicted as the beginning of the feminine journey, when we are open-minded and enthusiastic about life. 

The Lover—One of the most cited (and oldest) examples of the Divine Feminine, The Lover is connected to seduction, confidence, mystery, and sensuality. She is passion and beauty incarnate! 

The Priestess/The Mystic—The Priestess (also known as The Mystic) is our ability to understand and process occult knowledge. This “wise woman” archetype is often seen as we mature, and is exemplified by divination, wisdom, teaching, and inner knowledge.

The Mother—Another one of the oldest archetypes, The Mother is our ability to create, nurture, and be caregivers. She represents fertility and abundance. 

The Warrioress/Huntress—The Warrioress or The Huntress is the archetype of independence and freedom. She is wild, untamed, and fiercely protective of the ones she loves. 

The Queen—The Queen represents power, strategy, and leadership. She allows us to make decisions thoughtfully, and helps our intuition be the guide of our long-term goals. As depicted in The Empress tarot card, she allows for a sense of creation and blessings in our endeavors. 

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“The creative energy of the universe is alive within me.”

“I honor beauty wherever I see it. I share my unique beauty freely.”

“I embrace and channel the power and creativity of my ancestors.”

“The Goddess within me is sacred and honored.”

“My beauty is true and blessed.”

“I feel the beauty and power of the Divine Feminine flowing through me.”