The Empress Tarot Card: Upright, Reversed, & Love Meanings

The Empress Card Meaning

The Empress card in Tarot symbolizes Isis, motherhood, femininity, and fertility. The Empress is a creator of life, of romance, of art, of business, and here the idea gestates until it is ready to be born. The basic Tarot symbols for this card are the gown decorated with pomegranates, a crown of twelve six-pointed stars, a rod, a heart-shaped shield inscribed with the symbol for Venus, and a field of ripe wheat.

Upright Empress Card Meaning

When the Empress card is upright in a Tarot reading, it symbolizes action, development, accomplishment, mother/sister/wife, and evolution. This card tells you that if you want your wishes to be fulfilled, you need to exercise patience and allow things to gestate and sprout. It encourages you to get in touch with your feminine side and focus on being a good role model and nurturer to children. Unsurprisingly, it can also indicate fertility and pregnancy.

Reversed Empress Card Meaning

When the Empress card is reversed in a Tarot reading, it symbolizes inaction, lack of concentration, indecision, anxiety, and infidelity. You are not tending to your feminine side, and you're facing the consequences for such inaction. It also could be that you're not focused enough on your spiritual side. It can also mean a lack of confidence and feelings of undesirability.

The Empress Card Love Meaning

The Empress card in a Tarot love reading is excellent. If you're single, get out there and meet and greet potential suitors because it's quite possible one of them will pan out. If you're in a relationship, it means your bond will only get better and better and be filled with mutual love, respect, and deep affection.