Venusian Aspects and Practices: Learn How to Feel the Love

September 1, 2019

Planetary transits signify shifts in our energy, awareness, and life circumstance. So, obviously, it can be helpful to have tools with which to navigate the cosmic weather. There is a lot we can do daily to work consciously and holistically with planetary themes and energies, inviting these into our embodiment for growth, discovery, and self-care. The first step is knowing the nature of the transiting planet and how it is activating our chart—the better to discover how to support ourselves during these times.
[Note: This series is for entertainment and inspirational purposes only, and not intended to replace licensed medical care.]

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At a Glance
Venus Transits: 23 days/two months in each sign
Keywords: affection, connection, attraction
Movement: flow yoga, dance, massage
Meditation: focus on attraction, affection, luck, goodwill, enjoy art and beauty, self-care, metta meditation, peace and balance, embrace new relationships with self and others
Medicine: rose tea, sweet/nourishing/comforting foods; take care to not overindulge

Venus is the planet of love, luxury, attraction, and desire. Considered a yin, receptive, nocturnal planet, its influence tends to be passive and subtle, centering on and good fortune. Physically, it rules our heart, venous system, reproductive and sexual functions, as well as our kidneys and geno-urinary system. Psychologically, it rules our ability to connect in relationship along with who and what we attract and are attracted to. Our Venus sign tells us how passive or coy we may be in the dance of love (water and earth signs) or how much we may love passion and the thrill of the chase (fire and air signs). All things connected to Venus fall in the realm of sociability, pleasure, art, and beauty. Venus is connected to luck and prosperity, but not to money in an ambitious sense, as natives of her two traditional signs—Libra and Taurus—are more motivated by peace, harmony, beautiful acquisitions, and surroundings than financial gain. Beautiful things tend to be expensive, however, so luxury and affluence are often byproducts of Venus’ world.

Venus’ Transits

As a benefic planet, Venus traditionally brings lucky meetings and opportunities our way. But as she’s also a gentle, passive planet, Venus’ transits are associated with what we have attracted to us rather than happenings we had to fight or compete for (Mars) or work hard in a disciplined manner (Saturn) to gain. Venus’ transits are often associated with a development in a love relationship yet can also be associated with creative and supportive collaborations. If the transits are accompanied by difficult aspects or connections with challenging planets, Venus’ activity can be blocked or impaired during these transitions, and the ability to connect can be difficult in the manner indicated by the sign Venus is in. Venus transits are helpful and pleasurable in general, but can be associated with “too much of a good thing” in the form of overindulgence or overspending. Venus’ transits bring good things our way that are meant to be enjoyed, but it is important to not take these gifts for granted so that they are not lost in lean or challenging times.

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Venus Retrograde

Venus does not go retrograde as often as Mercury, but because of its associations with love and relationship, its retrogrades can affect us deeply. Every one-and-a-half years we may experience a time in which old relationship issues come back from the past to be healed, or our progress in connecting with a current loved one may be challenged. It’s at these times that self-care is most important, as we often have to readjust to find balance between ourselves and our loved ones. Have we given away too much in the past to hold onto love? Or do we need to learn to open up our hearts and let love in? If we practice self-love and holistic self-care informed by an understanding of Venus’ transits, we will have more love, energy, and presence to give.

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Venus’ Aspects

Conjunctions are the most direct and potent, infusing the personal planet or point with the strongest Venusian influence. Venusian conjunctions are often associated with meeting a potential partner or creative collaborator or can indicate a loving commitment being made if in conjunction with our natal descendant, Venus or Jupiter.
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Squares and Oppositions tend to catalyze Venus’ topics, and challenge us to manage an abundance of Venus’ gifts. These are times when we may need to take care to not overindulge in sweets and alcohol or to squander our resources on lifestyle choices we cannot afford. Often, these hard aspects can bring a relational topic to the surface, with more love, care, and attention needed to tend to a dispute of the heart.

Trines and Sextiles tend to be more supportive and conduct Venus’ energy in a flowing, beneficial way. It can be a highly creative or lucky time for art projects of all kinds. These aspects indicate moments in which to take advantage of opportunities and ask what we need or desire. Others are more willing to cooperate with us and to receive what is in our hearts.

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Movement: Embodying Venusian Energy

Venus, being a receptive, yin planet associated with sensuality, can be embodied in movement that expresses joy, flexibility, and rhythm. Dancing to music of all kinds can encourage circulation—and doubles as a fun way to get important cardiovascular exercise without it feeling like a chore. Dance forms that require moving with a partner, like tango, salsa, or swing can be invigorating, inspiring passion, and teaching us to work in harmony with another. Flow yoga, which focuses on flexibility, fluid movement, and graceful transitions between poses, can be a wonderful way to explore the mind-body connection in light of Venusian themes. Enjoying a massage can be a way to passively explore Venusian restoration, by relaxing to receive bodily care, releasing tension from our muscles so that we can feel at ease and move with the flow of life. Also, sex.


Most of the world’s holistic and spiritual traditions speak of the wisdom of the heart—if we nurture a heart-centered awareness we come back into balance. In a world of strife and hostility, the love and connection associated with Venus are needed more than ever, and meditating on removing the barriers we have around our hearts can open us up to connection in the world. The Buddhist metta meditation, where we visualize love for ourselves radiating outward, wishing goodwill toward the entire world, is a way to practice identifying with all beings as interconnected. This visualization keeps us connected to our hearts as the source to guide our most important decisions in life.

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Venus’ medicine and foods are often sweet, cooling, nourishing, and comforting, like fruits, honey, sugar, and liqueurs. We crave these foods when feeling depleted or sad, or when we want to celebrate a joyous occasion. They can be the most calorie-dense, giving us a needed energy boost quickly—but because they are so delicious, they can be habit-forming, leading to cravings or emotional eating when a more deep-seated lack of love may need to be tended to. Herbal remedies that include rose petals, either in tea, tincture, or syrup form can soothe and comfort feelings of heartache and promote a sense of well-being. Misting with rose water can cool inflamed skin conditions like rosacea, and lotions with fragrant rose oil can heal and restore devitalized skin. Sometimes the best medicine for the heart is beauty, so walking in a garden, or bringing fresh Venusian flowers home to beautify our surroundings can invoke Venus’ power any time it is needed. The simple act of giving flowers can magically mend hearts in many of life’s circumstances.

Art by Debbie Stapleton