Summer Magic: Herbs, Tips, and Tricks to Honor the Season

July 18, 2019

The dog days of summer are upon us, meaning more daylight, more adventure, and unique opportunities for magic. Interested in some seasonal witchery? This collection of herbal and elemental tips will infuse the sunniest months with an extra ounce of magic.
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Eating seasonal is the best way in enjoy fruits and vegetables when they’re at the peak of freshness, and to support local farms and agriculture to boot. The same logic applies to witchcraft and its accompanying herbs. If you use herbs in your craft for potions, protection, or kitchen magic, opt for those currently in season—beginning with these five.


Ruled by the element of fire and at its height at Midsummer, this aromatic herb is ideal for use throughout the sunniest season. Toss leaves on the floor of your home to purify and protect your space or use in spells and rituals to attract love. Embarking on a summer sojourn? Carry leaves for luck.


Leo and the sun oversee this protective plant. Add to your sage bundle when smudging. Bay can enhance psychic abilities, too—place under your pillow or create a sachet with mugwort and lavender for lucid, prophetic dreams.


This airy greenery is all positivity. Stick a few leaves in your wallet to welcome prosperity, or sprinkle on your Litha altar to welcome good spirits and assistance in manifestation. Add mint to your bath to attract luck and beauty. And when in doubt, simply mix mint leaves into ice water for a cooling, healing draught.


For cold plunges and deep sleep, rosemary is a must. Another herb ruled by the sun and fiery Leo, rosemary is ideal for ritual baths—in addition to protecting you, the smell of rosemary that lingers on your skin will boost your memory and make you more memorable, in turn. Place a sprig beneath your pillow to ward off nightmares.


The Victorians said that wild thyme was a sign of faerie folk. Lure elementals into your home and garden with this Venusian plant. For restful, healing sleep, add thyme to your under-the-pillow medley—it must be a virtual garden by now—and welcome happy dreams.


Between pools, lake trips, and beach days, water is integral to summer fun. Here are three simple ways to some magic to your aqueous activities.

Sand Sigils

Draw sigils in the sand and meditate on their meanings as the tide washes them away.

Ritual Water

Collect seawater and lake water in jars for use in spells and rituals. Ocean water is purifying and cleansing, while lake water is ideal for calling in peace and self-reflection. (Don’t drink the water, please.)

Seashell Divination

Practice seashell divination. Find two shells of the same size and toss them like dice with a question in mind. If both shells are turned upward, the answer is yes; downward, no; one of each, maybe.


As we’ve learned, the sun promotes energy, expression, creativity, confidence, and illumination. These three tricks will allow you to harness these expansive properties.

Charge It Up

Charge sacred objects in your sun. Offer crystals or other talismans an intention and let them soak up the rays before returning to your altar.

Soak It Up

Meditate in the sunlight for a few minutes each day, infusing your spirit with its abundance.

Burn It Up

Going camping? Take some bay leaves and inscribe with your sigil or something you’d like to release and toss them in the campfire.
What’s in the stars for you this month?
The days of summer are long—honor them by rising with the sun and watching as it disappears over the horizon. Begin each day with an intention and end it with gratitude.

Art by Evie Shaffer