Your Weekly Horoscope for August 14–20, 2022: The Duality of Mars

August 14, 2022

An immense hunger for revision seeps through as the determined transits on Sunday, August 14, begs for change. Stand your ground when the sun in Leo opposes Saturn retrograde in Aquarius while Mars in Taurus trines Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. 

As the domicile ego opposes the regressing modern malefic, there might be a slight alleviation of restriction. Embracing individuality is a little easier with Saturn retrograde becoming increasingly open to a new perspective of authority. Owning who you are is imperative to reap the rewards of this opposition. There is an immense responsibility to show up with authenticity! 

Meanwhile, the earthy trine between the exiled minor malefic and regressing CEO of the underworld suggests that truth is coming to light. Powerful revelations could be revealed about chemistry, sexual escapades, ambitions, and lingering frustrations. Although tiny, Pluto retrograde’s mighty presence encourages Mars to regain control of the situation through recalibration. Since Mars can be prone to laziness in Taurus, this subtle yet compelling trine could activate a desire for momentum. 

A day later, Mercury in Virgo will trine the North Node in Taurus, suggesting an earthy alignment. Critical Mercury is hyper-aware of all the details coming together as it analyzes any information involved in making a pertinent decision. Since the lunar node is in harmony with mental Mercury, thoughts of the future may come to fruition. Mulling over what you want to accomplish or how you want to strategize for success can alleviate the pressure of the future. However, analysis paralysis is probable since the trine could easily overthink the minute details of potential plans. Conversations and mental perceptions can change the course of destiny. Remain optimistic!

Shortly after, Mercury in Virgo will trine Uranus in Taurus, linking the lower and higher minds together. Mental Mercury is pulling all the strings together, giving revolutionary Uranus enough to pave the way. With these two in elemental harmony, it will feel like a communicative and mental earthquake. Deliberate yet progressive ideas will thoughtfully come to fruition. However, Uranus is sure to throw a few curveballs, so it would be wise to stay on top of where the conversation leads to or where the mind wanders. Unforeseen twists and turns are bound to happen, but it will be nothing you have not already accounted for!

By the end of the week, Venus in Leo will trine Jupiter retrograde in Aries. Luck is on your side when the two benefits link up! Fierce explosions of desire, zeal, and affections are bound to implode. As Jupiter retrograde begins to focus on one or two things will become increasingly clearer. As a result, this makes it incredibly easy for Venus to commit to a lover, style, artistic direction, or financial goal. Courage to commit comes easily, even if luck seems to turn on a dime. Be brave as you go after your heart’s desires!

Quarterly Check-in with Luna

Keep chugging along during the last quarter moon in Taurus. Even though the fixed moon may want to linger in the past, the fading lunar energy slowly but surely guides us away from whatever is not panning out as planned. Since the moon is exalted, it might feel like a logical decision to focus on moving forward.  

Mars enters Gemini

Now influenced by the cosmic messenger, there might be a forthcoming fickleness that is unlike the decisive warring planet. Mars in Gemini will entertain others’ bouts of frustration since it can be funny to tick people off. Any moments of annoyance or anger will likely be mediated through passive-aggressive communication. Unless incredibly mentally focused, Mars in Gemini might waver in committing to its ambitions. The mutable air energy of Mars is not readily passionate unless the venture is intellectually and socially stimulating. Sensual desire is similar since Mars in Gemini would prefer to learn as much as possible from various partners. 

Major Transits of the Week

8/14 – Sun in Leo opposes Saturn retrograde in Aquarius

8/14 – Mars in Taurus trines Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

8/15 – Mercury in Virgo trines the North Node in Taurus

8/16 – Mercury in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus 

8/18 – Venus in Leo trines Jupiter retrograde in Aries

8/19 – Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

8/20 – Mars enters Gemini

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Your Weekly Horoscope for August 14


Take charge of your conversations by actively seeking new information to add to your wealth of knowledge when Mars enters Gemini at the end of the week. 


By the end of the week, you might feel more mentally and communicatively assertive when going after financial stability as Mars slides into Gemini. 


How do you want to show up? Mars will enter your sign at the end of the week, igniting an immense desire to be a power player. 


Cool your jets! Do not let yourself become mentally overwhelmed when Mars enters Gemini at the end of the week. 


Chase your dreams with your friends by your side as Mars enters Gemini at the end of the week. But steer clear of any shallow connections!


Be the leader you wish to see in the world when Mars slips into Gemini. With Mars on your side, you might even surprise yourself. 


Keep an open mind as you say “yes” to new adventures far and wide, with Mars ingressing into Gemini this week. 


Mental and communicative power is sure to come out since Mars will be in Gemini by the end of the week. 


Who will you link up with? You might have a few options to consider when Mars enters your opposite sign, Gemini!


Use your communicative and restorative skills to dominate your everyday activities as Mars slides into Gemini this week.


Indulge in new adventures, sexual exploration, and learning opportunities with Mars in Gemini on your side. 


Keep the peace at home by actively addressing any issues or concerns when Mars slips into Gemini later this week.