Sun opposite Saturn

Sun Opposite Saturn Natal

When Saturn is opposite the sun in your natal chart, this means that determination and responsibility are important aspects of your identity. However, there is a tension you will need to work through between your core purpose and barriers that restrict manifestation. While you have the drive to become an authority in a chosen career field, you will need to be careful of a tendency to come into conflict with superiors due to having a strong internal sense of the right way to do something. However, it will ultimately be most important for you to claim the inner authority to live and work authentically rather than conforming to external expectations and conditioning. You can be your own harshest critic. Finding acceptance for your current skill level and stage of development will help you focus more on growth rather than self-criticism that hinders your expression. You also will need to be careful not to project your expectations of yourself onto others, so that you do not become overly critical.

Sun Opposite Saturn Transit

Your effectiveness and your recent performance will be under the spotlight, as well as the usefulness of the life structures you have been utilizing. When the transiting sun forms an opposition with your natal Saturn, you may need to shed, temper, rebalance, or let go of elements that have become a limitation. You may also realize situations in which you need to erect stronger personal boundaries with others. In some cases, you may need to remove yourself from negative relational dynamics. If you are critiqued by an authority figure, do your best to find something constructive within the feedback to make improvements and effective modifications. This is not the time to become mired in self-doubt or insecurity. Be careful to not become overly harsh on yourself today, maintaining compassion and acceptance for yourself is important so you do not become dragged down by excessive self-criticism. It will feel natural today to evaluate your own development. It is vital to do so in a way that increases clarity and helps you make impactful changes for your future.

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